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Trump Administration Re-Routes COVID-19 Data To Itself Before Going To The CDC

Propaganda is a part of all governments, and while it can in certain cases serve a constructive purpose, it often has a negative association with attempting to force a lie to be accepted as a “truth”, and there are many ways that one can do this. Thus it is with interest that the Trump administration […]

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Every Son And Daugther Of The Irish- In America And Ireland -Needs Reparations

Asheville is to North Carolina what San Francisco is to California, Austin is to Texas, or Provincetown is to Massachusetts- it is a very liberal and generally ‘strange’ place with a lot of strange or extreme idea of the far-left variety. according to an article from the Asheville Citizen Times, the city council has recently […]

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Egyptian Military Equipment Spotted In Libya As Talk Of War Between Turkey And Egypt Intensifies

By Theodore Shoebat The parliament of Tobruk in Libya just approved a motion authorizing Egypt to make a direct military intervention into Libya’s civil war if the Egyptian military is needed to war against the Turkish backed Government of National Accord (GNA). The Egyptians are backing Khalifa Haftar, a Libyan general who until recently controlled […]

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European Court Rules Against US Companies In Possible Trans-Atlantic Trade War

Economics always precedes politics, and as such trade wars often precede ‘hot wars’ with soldiers and guns. With data being the currency of the twenty-first century and the free flow of data vital to economic interchange, the Associated Press reports in a major ruling from the European Court of Justice that the current arrangement for […]

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