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Germany Wants Europe To Be Independent Of American Tech Giants. This Is Yet Another Sign Of The Gradual Breakdown Of The Global Order

By Theodore Shoebat Germany and France are cooperating in the creation of a new cloud computing ecosystem in order to life Europe’s dependence on major American Silicon Valley powerhouses like Microsoft, Amazon and Google. This new system is being called Gaia-X, named after the mother earth goddess of ancient Greece. The reasons for Gaia-X — […]

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Half Of The US Is Cooking Amid A Heat Wave

The weather is always hot in the summer, but this summer is particularly hot, for not only are there many interesting, strange, or just crazy events taking place, but according to Accuweather, half of the country is under a heat wave with soaring temperatures cooking the population, setting records and straining power grids that run […]

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Florida Sets Latest COVID-19 Case Infection Record

COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise without stopping, setting new records every day. This past Sunday according to the Associate Press another record for infections was set, this time in Florida. With the United States grappling with the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world, Florida hit a grim milestone Sunday, shattering the national record for […]

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Four Percent Of Absentee Ballots May Be Thrown Out In New York Primary Election Because Of Postmarking Issues

In an interesting story out of New York state, thousands of absentee ballots may be thrown out because of “postmarking” issues according to New York 1. After more than two weeks since the New York Primary, the city Board of Elections on Wednesday finally began tallying absentee ballots. But the process does not come without […]

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