Archive | July 27, 2020


Homeless Summer Is Beginning

I have warned that given the economic destabilization taking place because of COVID-19, there would likely be an increase in homelessness. has reported on this, saying that people with money are buying homes as fast as they can, while the poor are finding it increasingly hard to survive and are struggling more than ever. […]

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US Conservatism Continues To Die Out

While there are many people who promote dangerous and racialist ideologies who say that “demographics is destiny”, when the racial animosity is removed from it, it is absolutely true because all societies are made of people, and societies change with the kinds of people who are in them. this is a fact that applies regardless […]

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AP Move Elects To Capitalize “Black” And Not “white”

There is a lot of talk about racism right now, and it is coming from both ends of the political spectrum. According to a recent story from the AP, the AP itself has decided to capitalize “Black” and not “white”, claiming that “white people” have no shared culture. After changing its usage rules last month […]

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