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The Government Of Turkey Transfers 2500 ISIS Terrorists From Syria Into Libya

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey has transferre 2500 ISIS terrorists from Syria into Libya, according to a recent report from AlalamTV: The opposition Syrian Observatory said that over the past few months, Turkish intelligence transferred 2,500 members of the Wahhabi “ISIS” group who hold Tunisian nationality and transferred them from Syrian soil to Libyan territory. The […]

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Massive Heat Wave Hits Siberia

When one thinks of places that are almost always very cold, Siberia often comes to mind for many. The great land mass of Russia east of the Urals in Asia, sparsely populated and filled with previous minerals as well as historical crossing routes is the secret to Russia’s power and influence in the world. But […]

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Christian Refugee Migration To The US Drops 90% Since 2015

Trump promised during his presidential campaign to help persecuted Christians. He has repeated such during his time in office. This has earned him a lot of support from Christians, especially the American Evangelical bloc. However, his talk has not measured up to his actions. This has been noted in a recent report from the Christian […]

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If You Believe That Parler Is An Actual “Free Speech” Alternative Social Media Platform, Not Only Are You Deceived, You Just May Find Yourself In Legal Trouble

There is a lot of complaining from right-wing online media about ‘bias’ in social media, and while this is true, there are few real alternatives. However, some people believe they have found a new social media savior in the Parler platform, which Zero Hedge by way of Alt-Market reports is a ‘conservative-friendly’ free speech platform. […]

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BLM, White Supremacists, And A Troll Between Them: A Case Study In The Strategy Of Tension

It is rare to find a very clear case of explicit behavior illustrating the dichotomy between the false left-right paradigm and how it is used as a strategy of tension because those who put together such operations invest considerable amounts of time and resources into making sure as best as possible that the general public […]

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