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American Trucking Industry Crashes As Truck Orders Significantly Decline

When people talk about “American heroes”, the first people that should be thought of are truckers because it is truckers who run the country, quite in the literal sense. If the wheels on the trucks driven by often overworked, underpaid, mistreated drivers stopped, the country would shut down in about seventy-two hours. It is they […]

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US Senator Who Promoted Fear Of Islamic Terrorists Crossing The US Border From Mexico Now Stands Against Muslim Persecution In China has never supported Islam, but at the same time, we do not support genocide or the abuse of people, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, since it is the imperative of being a Christian to desire the good-will and salvation of all men. As a part of this, we have noted that the Uyghur […]

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National Institute Of Health Reports That Melatonin Can Help With COVID-19

Part of the ongoing coverage of COVID-19 is not just to sort through the morass of articles arguing needlessly over whether the disease is a threat or not, but instead to actually deal with the nature of the disease and how it can be treated or prevented. This is the realm of scientists and people […]

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Bahamas Close Due To COVID-19 Spread

The Bahamas are considered by many to be a Caribbean tropical paradise, but COVID-19 has also found her way there and is affecting people the same as it is in other countries. As the number of cases of infected continues to increase, the country has declared a ban on most international flights, saying that the […]

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Dutch Police Arrest Six After Finding Torture Chamber Hidden Inside Shipping Container

Beneath the world of “normal life” there are often a lot of very questionable, or just plain evil things that happen but are usually the real explanations as to why certain things are “the way they are”. For example, one may hear about “government overspending” and “pork barrel bills” where arguably hundreds of dollars are […]

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