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Trump Blames His Failing Presidential Campaign On “Woke Jared”

President Trump presented himself for decades as a successful businessman who possesses a superior intellect and incredible negotiating skills, not to mention an above-average acumen for understanding the difficulties and complexities of life. However, the reality has been the opposite, which is that he is just a rich playboy who uses government bailouts to cover […]

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If The People Destroying Statues Really Cared About Fighting Racism, Then Why Haven’t They Called For The Removal Of The Statue Of Charles Darwin?

By Theodore Shoebat The United States is in the midst of a torrent of vicious and insatiable hatred against statues, a demonstration of Left-wing iconoclastic fury that knows no reason nor bounds. Of course, they are attacking statues that represent American culture and heritage, and want to keep and erect images that symbolize their own […]

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In 2016 It Was “Build The Wall”, Now It’s ‘Save The Statues’

In 2016, President Trump boldly proclaimed among many things that he would “Build the wall” to finally resolve the migration and border issues that have been such a serious political issue for so many. Instead, and regardless of what one holds about the matter, the fact is that Trump did nothing about the situation, as […]

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Greeks And Russians Voice Protests As Sultan Aspirant Erdogan Moves To Turn Hagia Sophia Back Into A Mosque

The place where the Hagia Sophia is located has been used as a church since 360, but after the construction of the particular church in 537, for over 900 years it was used as a church until the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453, at which point it was turned and used as a mosque […]

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While The World Burns And Scandals Are About, White House Prepares To Anger Millions Of Teens With Threats To Ban TikTok

TikTok is a popular Chinese-made app that allows people to make short videos. One may think of it as a more impulsive version of YouTube (which says a lot in itself). Now there are threats from the White House as reported by Zero Hedge from multiple sources that the app may be banned because of […]

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