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Why Would Anybody Buy Old Food When They Can Buy New Food?

Right now, there is another controversy brewing between the US and China, which Zero Hedge reports is over China not purchasing large quantities of US grain products such as corn or soy. Around the same time President Trump and National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow were pumping jobs, stocks, and the V-shaped recovery on national […]

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Five Policemen Arrested In Connection With Murdering Two Christian Men In India

The persecution and murder of Christians in India has been a growing problem for years. India has grown to become one of the top ten nations most dangerous for Christians, and with the rise of Hindu nationalism, those numbers are expected to worsen as parties such as the BJP and affiliate political movements such as […]

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Pimp Logic: How People Justify Evil By Pointing To Their Good Deeds

By Theodore Shoebat Over the years I have noticed the effective method justifying evil by point out one’s good deeds. This is what I call Pimp Logic. It has permeated all walks of life, from individuals to religious institutions, to organizations, to governments:

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Indian Equivalent Of Transportation Minister Bars Collaboration With Chinese Companies For Road Work

Nitin Gakdari is the Indian equivalent of the Minister or Transportation for his country. He has been written about briefly on as it concerns a statement made in 2017 when he verbally attacked Indian Christians for being ‘obstructions’, ‘anti-Indian’, a ‘microscopic minority’ and an ‘obstruction to progress.’ He is also a member of the […]

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USA Does It Again, Breaks More COVID-19 Infection Records

In response to the continually increasing infection numbers amid the recent pandemic, yesterday I asked if the infection rate could get any higher, citing the famous late 1990s and early 2000s band Creed’s song “Can you take me higher?”. Apparently this is still possible, as Turkish TRT News reports that the US has broken the […]

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The Yugoslav Wars Of The 1990s Are A Reminder That War In Europe Will Happen Again

By the Shoebats “…speaking oppression and revolt” (Isaiah 59:13) “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Proverbs 14:12) So many are herded these days by armchair revolutionaries without heading the Ultimate Guide: “My people, your guides lead you astray …” (Isaiah 3:12). If […]

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