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MSN News Replaces Dozens Of Human Staffers With AI Programs

If COVID-19 was not troubling enough in how it has been used to annihilate the job market, it is even more interesting that MSN News according to the AP is replacing dozens of human staffers with AI programs. Microsoft cut dozens of full-time staffers from its MSN news service, continuing an initiative to move away […]

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In The Midst Of Heavy Tensions Between Armenia And Azerbaijan, German Vehicles And Israeli Weapons Are Found In The Azerbaijani Military

By Theodore Shoebat Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan has broken out yet again over one of the most disputed territories on earth: Nagorno-Karabach. Over the weekend shelling was fired from both countries. Eleven Azeri soldiers and one Azeri civilian was killed, while Armenia is reporting that four of their soldiers were killed. However, officials from […]

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‘UK Student And Writer’ Who Accused People Of Being Terrorists Exposed As Deepfake, Non-Existent Person

Reuters reported on a fascinating story about an “Oliver Taylor”, a man who claimed to be a student and wrote numerous articles for various newspapers has since been exposed by them alongside an Israeli deepfake detection company as being a deepfake, with the real identity of the person who made the original posts still unknown […]

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Massive Drop In Children Being Born Is Upon The World

There is a lot of malthusian talk about the dangers of ‘overpopulation’ and how the human population needs to be ‘reduced’ as though man were just a race of mindless animals meandering through life to satisfy basic needs. But this has never been true, for not only can the world sustain far more people than […]

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