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Virgin Islands Begins Formal Probe Of Assets Belonging To Epstein

The case against the notorious pedophile and pimp for the rich and powerful Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell has attracted international attention, and with that investigators are beginning to pry into more details about Epstein’s life, even after considerable attempts to bury discussion of the case. In a story from ABC News, the veil of […]

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One-Third Of Restaurants Face Permanent Closure

I have been reporting on how small businesses have been severely impacted by the fallout from COVID-19. One of these industries that has been affected in the restaurant industry, for the industry is overbuilt because it is one of the last industries in the US where it is possible to make a profit, and with […]

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Eurozone Economically Collapses During COVID-19

America is suffering loudly from the COVID-19 induced economic problems, but Europe is also doing terrible, as AP News reports that the Eurozone has practically collapsed as a result of the pandemic, meaning major problems for the German economy, which has suffered tremendous losses. The economy of the 19-country eurozone shrank by a devastating 12.1% […]

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Couple Takes Down NORWEGIAN Flag From Business After Americans Complain, Mistake It For Confederate Battle Flag

When people speak of the “Confederate flag”, most of them refer to the flag of the Second Confederate Navy, known as the “stars and bars”. However, as a note of historical importance, there were actually three basic versions of the flag for the CSA, and eleven independent variants used during the Civil War. Something also […]

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COVID-19 Causes Massive Disruptions To Hajj And The Entire Muslim World

While tourism is down worldwide, and governments and citizens alike try to deal with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has had considerable effects on the Hajj, which is the one-in-a-lifetime-required pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims make during the month on the Islamic lunar calendar of Ramadan. While millions of people usually come each […]

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Turkey Tells Facebook And Twitter: Give Us The Data For Your Followers Or We Will Punish You With $1.5 Million Fines

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Turkey wants to put severe restrictions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, such as providing the government with the data of Turkish citizens under the threat of $1.5 million fines. A we read in a report from CNN: Turkey’s parliament passed a bill on Wednesday that regulates […]

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New Report Reveals That Turkey Pressured Libyan Government To Allow Turkish Military To Invade Libya For Resources

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey was given rights over natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean on the Libyan coast, causing great concerns for Greece, Israel and Egypt  who fear Turkish encroachment. Now it turns out that Turkey pressured the Libyan government by being its only support against Khalifa Haftar (who is backed by Egypt, Russia and […]

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