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Notorious ‘Preacher’ Who Has Been Repeatedly Accused Of License And Sodomy Back In Ministry Because ‘God Called [Him]’

Many Evangelicals and Protestants like to claim the authority of God, but not those which God has given to men through Sacred Scripture and Tradition and has been evidenced by history. The results is that in the name of claiming obedience to God, instead of religion, God is used as an indirect source to deflect […]

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Mutant COVID And The Killing Of The World’s Economies

Axios reports, as it has been noted by many other news outlets, that with ‘regular COVID’ now on the sunset, there is arising a new threat, that of ‘mutant COVID’ that is deadlier and may require the further imposition of masks and other protective measures. Mutated versions of the coronavirus threaten to prolong the pandemic, […]

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Lincoln Project In Shambles After Founder Caught Sending Lewd Comments To Young Men has relentlessly emphasized that the inclinations towards all things sodom among the Democrat party is not and cannot be understood as a uniquely Democrat ‘thing’, but is also a Republican problem, as many in the very GOP that will criticize sodomite behavior either participate in or when forced to take a stand, will capitulate […]

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One-Third Of America Is So Stressed They Are In A Concussion-Like State

As economic and political problems continue to afflict the US, it is taking a physical toll on the people. I have covered this before on in other forms, such as with moral decline and the spread of STDs. However, this time, a new study from Studyfinds reveals another interesting change, which is that due […]

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