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Exactly Nine Months After Lockdowns Begin, Italian Fertility Rates Plummet

Generally speaking, if one leaves a man and a woman alone long enough, barring strong, consistently applied and conscious choice, the two will try to come together in a union that can generation children. However, if there are social problems, or other unspoken issues, this may not always happen. Either way, when men and women […]

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UN Declares Hunger Situation In Tigray Is “Extremely Alarming”

The situation in Tigray is going to be critical to watch because it has the potential to morph, given the other circumstances right now in the entire Sahel region, into a second and far more severe refugee crisis than what hit Europe in 2015 and 2016. This would inevitably propel a rise in nationalism and […]

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Man-Machine Merger Continues As Human Brain Cells Are Interwoven With Microchips

In the science fiction story The Island of Dr. Moreau, written by H.G. Wells, it discusses essentially the tale of a mad doctor who using genetic therapy and what would later become the microchip, creates a race of creature on an island in the South Pacific that he rules as lord over and through which […]

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Nevada Moves To Allow Tech Companies To Function As Their Own Governments

With increasing regulation either in practice or looming for the common man from many governments, questions about the nature of freedom and the relationship of the rulers to the ruled of society abound. However, now adding to that debate is a new move from the state of Nevada, which wants to modify laws to create […]

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