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Open Your Wallets, The BidenBux And KamalaKash Are Coming As Way For A Third Stimulus Check Is Cleared

Last year, I talked about the danger of the “Trump Stack”, or the COVID stimulus checks that Trump signed into law and that as I warned, likely he U.S. Senate early Friday morning approved a budget resolution that will allow passage of President Joe Biden’s coronavirus stimulus bill and also agreed that it would restrict […]

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The Beginning Of Anti-Clerical Violence And The Gradual Death Of Christendom

In the present article, we discuss the rise of anti-Catholic ideology in the midst of a growing trend towards occultism within the late medieval period of the 14th century. In our inquiry of the death of Christendom, we look into the early stages of statist ideologies which promoted the idea of the Church being subordinate […]

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Ford Motor Company Moves To Merge Vehicles More With Tech Industry

One of the trends I discussed recently was what seems to be the merging of the technology sector with the industrial sector. In the past it was the “military-industrial” complex, but this term, dated and relevant at the same time it is, not just adds data as a separate bloc into itself, but shows increasingly […]

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Report: COVID Spread Won’t End Until About 2027

The COVID pandemic that began in 2019 has been causing economic chaos around the world, and it is not getting better. Without speculating or discussing the details of the pandemic, the fact is that as long as ‘preventative’ measures against the pandemic remain in effect that call for massive economic restrictions, it is going to […]

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