Archive | February 15, 2021


Report: Biden Pipeline Shutdown Will Spike Food Prices

As President Biden has moved to shut down the Dakota Access Pipeline, FOX News reports there may be an unexpected consequence, which is a possible increase in food prices. President Biden shutting down the Dakota Access pipeline would result in Americans paying higher prices at the supermarket, according to experts. The Biden administration will decide […]

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Land Changes And The Future Of Cities

The “global warming” versus “global cooling” game is more political than based on actual science save for the fact that climates naturally change, going through hotter and colder periods. There is nothing political about the weather, save for what men make it. However, weather does impact politics, and changes can have consequences for the future. […]

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Eugenics Is Back As People With Learning Difficulties And COVID Given Involuntary DNRs

When one goes to the hospital, some either choose or have it chosen for them to get a DNR, or Do-Not-Resuscitate order, meaning if they start to die, don’t try to help them. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including non-eugenic reasons (for example, somebody is dying a natural death, and the […]

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