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Migrant Criminal To France Murders Immigration Official After Being Told He Must Go Back

There are a lot of migrants to Europe who are genuinely escaping persecution. There are also a lot of people involved in criminal activity. According to Deutsche Welle, a migrant to France set to be deported amid a litany of crimes, upon being told of his deportation, murdered the immigration officer who delivered him the […]

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Thousands Rally In Yerevan Demanding Removal Of Armenian PM Pashinian

The recent Armenian-Azeri war was a major victory for Azerbaijan and Turkey and a disastrous loss for Armenia. There is a lot of tension on both sides, and people are upset. While the world is consumed with other news, right now RFERL reports that thousands of Armenians have descended on the capitol of Yerevan, demanding […]

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Now Their Turn- Southern Baptists Divided Over The Sin That Cries To Heaven For Vengeance

There has always been a problem in the Catholic Church with bad priests or people who have a serious interest in very bad sins. This is to be expected- if the Church is a hospital for all sinners, founded by Christ Himself to touch every race of man, and the whole world is to be […]

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Male Infertility On The Rise

When on thinks of infertility, it is many times associated with women, although it is not nor ever has been exclusively so. Female infertility has been on the rise for a long time owing to the fact of artificial, chemical contraception that interrupts fertility cycles sometimes to the point that they cannot be recovered ever, […]

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Christian Self Professed Moral Activists, As Usual, Are A Day Too Late And A Dollar Short

According to the Christian Post, Christian anti-adult content activists are expressing concern about dealing with the effects of adult content on their children. Due to the ubiquity of smartphones, the up-and-coming generation has been “raised on hardcore porn to a level that’s never been seen before,” and there will be a massive “reckoning” within the […]

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