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Turkey Plans Multi-Billion Dollar Oil Investment Into Black Sea

The regions from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea and the surrounding parts are some of the most oil-rich areas in the world and have been for centuries. According to World Oil from Bloomberg, the Turkish government is considering making a multi-billion dollar investment into Black Sea oil production. Turkey’s state-owned oil and gas […]

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Massacre In Mexico: Migrants Murdered And Their Bodies Charred And Burned, And It Turns Out That Members Of Mexican Police Took Part In The Killings

By Theodore Shoebat There was a massacre in Mexico recently. Migrants from Guatemala were shot and burned. Their charred bodies were discovered, and another thing that has been revealed is that Mexican police officers were involved. According to the Daily Sabah: Adozen state police officers have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the deaths […]

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Violent Anger In Israel Against Ultra-Orthodox Grows Over COVID

From the beginning of the COVID crisis, many ultra-orthodox Jewish communities around the world made a clear point that they were not interested and would not assist local or regional governments in following safety protocols to stop or slow the spread of COVID. Regardless of what one thinks or does not think of COVID, the […]

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Is Central Africa On The Edge Of A Major Famine?

Currently there are four political crises and one environmental crisis taking place in Africa. In the Western Sahel region, fighting with Islamic troops has brought about population displacement has causes millions to spill over into Burkina Faso and Mali, potentially destabilizing those regions. In East Africa, there is the horrible crisis in Tigray, which has […]

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Report: Migrants To Germany Make Shift To Political Right

In the US, one can see how the changing nature of political discourse and demographics are working together. This is most evidenced through the Hispanic populations, which has seen a consistent rise in support for the political right with each year. Since they are the most consistent bloc in terms of fertility rates, a lot […]

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Louisiana Attorney General Sues Reporter Over Freedom Of Information Request

One of the most important tools for a journalist is to make requests from something called the “Freedom of Information Act” (FOA), which is an act passed in 1967 that ensures that public records are open to the public for inspection upon request. It is not a crime to request such records. In fact, not […]

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