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“Ottomans In Space” As Turkey Creates Her Own Space Program

If one thought that the Ottoman Empire would be limited to the realm of Earth, one may need to think again, for as Turkey is working on reviving the Ottoman Empire, she has set her sights on the cosmos, as according to the Daily Sabah, Turkey is creating a space agency and preparing to send […]

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Major Late Protestant Evangelist Found To Have Been A Serial Sex Abuser

For years, has reported based on the words of Billy Graham’s grandson, Boz Tchividjian, that there is a sexual abuse epidemic as bad and worse in Protestant churches than in the Catholic Church. In the case of the Catholic Churcha, while it is bad, the statistics from decades of studies clearly show that it […]

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Conflict Worsens In Tigray Amid Accusations Of Aid Cutoff, Mass Rapes

Although the fighting as subsided, France24 reports that a humanitarian catastrophe looms in East Africa in the northernmost region of Tigray in Ethiopia, as it says that amid aid cutoffs, millions of people are at risk of starvation. The Ethiopian Red Cross said Wednesday that 80 percent of the country’s conflict-hit Tigray region was cut […]

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MMT In Action As Us Budget Debts For 2021- Even Before BidenBux And KamalaKash -Hits $2.3 Trillion

BidenBux and KamalaKash are my particular terms which I use to refer to the obscene levels of spending from the government on COVID impact payments, which arguably is just direct welfare in the form of an IRS rebate. This based off of something called MMT, or “Modern Monetary Theory”, and is summarized by the Reaganesque […]

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Students, Not Faculty, Are Driving University Censorship

There has been a lot of talk and complaining for years about universities censoring speech or Christian groups from speaking. However, according to the Christian Post, there has been a change where the majority of this push is not coming from faculty members, but students, who are demanding censorship. Threats to free speech on public […]

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