Archive | February 19, 2021


Copper, Lithium Prices Explode, Signaling Economic Trouble

Copper is said to be the only metal that has a “PhD in economics” because due to the extensive use of copper as an industrial metal crossing into all areas including technology, copper price fluxuations, especially severe ones, often indicate economic troubles. It is thus with great interest, noting all of the troubles in the […]

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You Think Texas Is Bad? Tigray Now Suffering From Blackouts

I don’t want to say that Texas is not suffering. However, in all honestly, things are really not that bad, and I am being serious. Yes, being out electricity is not fun, or rolling blackout. Water problems are also difficult to deal with. It is unfortunate by American standards, but really, it’s not all that […]

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Not A Joke- Biden Plays Mario Kart With Granddaughter At Camp David While Kamala Takes Calls From “World Leaders”

There are many feelings about Biden on all political sides. My view has been that it seems, in my opinion, that Biden is an elderly man with clear health problems who needs to be at home with his grandchildren enjoying what time he has, but instead is being abused in that his cognitive decline is […]

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