Archive | February 21, 2021


Climate Refugees Are The Next Trend?

The talk about “climate change” on the left or right is almost always political. Weather patterns change whether or not people like it, but the emphasis on ‘disaster’ is often just a poor excuse for other and far more dangerous or destructive policies, such as eugenics. Noting this, it is interesting that with the recent […]

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France Proposes Transforming Office Buildings Into Low Income Housing

With many office building and business real estate in cities left vacant, in debt, or potentially unused in large part for the future, France24 reports that in order to address homelessness, these buildings could be transformed into low income housing. Covid-19 has emptied office buildings and business districts, and with working from home expected to […]

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UK Tribunal Discriminates Against Christian Actress For Private Opposition To Sodom

A Christian actress in the UK, who auditioned for and took a part in a pay about homosexuality, was fired after her employer discovered she personally has expressed in the past opposition to the LGBT. She took her case to the loca employment tribunal in the UK, who ruled against her. The actress Seyi Omooba […]

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