Archive | February 3, 2021


GM Moves To Stop Making Gas-Powered Cars By 2035

Time passes quickly, and while 2035 may seem as though it is a long ways away, it is not. GM, the automobile giant, has according to Axios made a quiet move in her business model, in that by 2035, the company plans to stop producing gas-powered vehicles. General Motors is setting a worldwide target to […]

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Once You Print You Just Can’t Stop- Third Stimulus Check In The Works

I have said many times that the money printing that began with Trump is not just a simple question of whether or not he would do it- it is that it had to be done because of the nature of the money system and political consequences. Either the US was heading for a deflationary, decades-long […]

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More Migrants Attempting To Cross From Mexico

As soon as Biden won the presidency, the news cycle seemed as though it began to report above average attempts and illegally crossing the US border. However, upon industry data reported by the trucking magazine The Trucker and citing reports from US Border Patrol, this seems to bear out, as the border patrol has seen […]

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