Archive | February 23, 2021


Western Countries Now Repeatedly Sending Ships Into South China Sea

As the trend of isolation of and conflict with China builds, there will likely be more attempts at power plays and another forms of “dominance asserting” if one can call it that by other nations. The US is the main provocateur, but as I have pointed out, because of historical interests in southeast Asia, the […]

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Thailand Seeks To Turn Pot Into A Cash Crop

One of the trends that I have noted on that is going to be important to watch is the legalization and legitimization of marijuana consumption, possibly to the point of smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol. This is not just limited to the US, but is a global trend with potentially major economic consequences. According […]

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Open Your Wallets, More “Stimulus” Is Coming Because If It Doesn’t There Will Be Massive Homelessness

Ready for buck from President Biden? Open your wallets, because the bill that would permit for a third stimulus check has just cleared another major hurdle and the chances of it passing are going to significantly increase. I will go further and say that there almost a guarantee this bill is going to pass, because […]

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Germany Pushes EU For Sanctions Against Russia

One of the most important geopolitical questions in the world right now is the path which Germany chooses to take. If Germany stays in NATO and allies with the US, there is a strong possibility that Russia may fall, as her weakened state would most likely be unable to fend off an attack. However, if […]

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