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Islamic Terrorists Behead Ten People. They Take An Elderly Man And Slice His Head Completely Off As Part Of Public Execution

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in the al-Hol camp displacement camp in Syria beheaded ten people, one of whom was an elderly man who was decapitated in public view. As we read in the Telegraph: Twenty people were killed in a Syrian displacement camp in January – including 10 who were beheaded – with guards suspecting […]

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Just As We Told You, The ‘Super Battery’ Is Now Here

One of the trends we identified at was the emergence of ‘super batteries’, mostly coming from the AI and technology sector that seem to overlap with military research projects. Our assessment was that given the rise of robotics and drones as tools of war, even to the replacement of the common soldier, they would […]

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He Said It- Tom Brady Is So Successful Because His Wife Is A Witch

The Superbowl pulled in significantly below average ratings, which is part of a trend that is expected to continue due to generational shifts in entertainment tastes. But many still watched, and one of the noted comments from many is the performance of football star Tom Brady, who showed himself to be very successful on the […]

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Study: Last Decade Show Major US Fertility Drop, Hispanics Hit Hardest

The political right in recent years is fond of saying “demographics are destiny”, and in the objective sense, this is absolutely true, because societies come from people, and if the people change or disappear, the society changes or disappears because societies are made by men for men to reflect their values and organization of how […]

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