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Islamic Terrorists Slaughter Sixteen Christians, Burn Down A Catholic Church In The Congo

As the trend of violence continues to rise in Africa amid a series of tensions, another tragedy took place in the Congo, where sixteen Christians were murdered and a Catholic Church was burned by what the Christian Post reports so far have been identified as Muslim rebels. A suspected Islamic extremist group raid resulted in […]

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Weekly Jobless Claims Almost 100,000 Higher Than Expected

When Trump was in office, one heard constant complaints about the state of the economy and how troubling things were for the average man. A lot of this was blamed on Trump, and while Trump played his role, it was not his fault solely, just as the current state of affairs is not solely Biden’s […]

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New Chip Can Detect Stress Levels In Human Skin

As nanotechnology becomes smaller and more comprehensive, it has come to take on a shape not of something that represents a bright future, but a “brave new world” imagined by Huxley, where the average man is watched all of the time, for everything he does, and is judge constantly on them. This is the concept […]

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Corporations And Police Work Together To Stop Hungry People From Exercising Their Right To Eat Trash

Homeless people are known for eating trash, sometimes referred to by them as “ground scoring”. Most trash id disgusting, but some of it is really good because the food itself is fine but had to be thrown away because of highly questionable corporate policies aimed and prioritizing theoretical profits over humanity and the common good […]

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Oh No, Joe! Biden Remarks On National Television Casually Ignored

President Biden has already developed a proclivity for gaffes in speaking. However, his most recent Town Hall event in Wisconsin may be his most gaffe-riddled speech ever, for as Twitter snips of video from the event show, Biden managed to make questionable statements about many issues on society and race. Now, in fairness to Biden, […]

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There Was Never A Golden Age Of Christendom. The Entire History Of Christendom Is Warfare Against Satanic Forces That Wish To Destroy Her

The life of Christendom was a life of ceaseless struggle. It was a ruthless struggle, a struggle that never abated nor calmed, but like a hoard of abysmal demons that never rest from tormenting the earth, the enemies of Christendom never stopped with their siege of the government fortress that was to hear the teachings […]

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