Archive | February 27, 2021


The Trump False Prophets Scatter To The Winds

Years ago, I wrote that the Trump movement had become a cult of personality, where people began to elevate Trump and praise him in ways that ignored his flaws and exaggerated his strengths, with the effect being that an unhealthy picture of him was formed. He became in a sense a false political idol onto […]

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Will A Global Internet Tax Be Implemented?

It is said that only death and taxes are two assured things in life. While death is unavoidable, taxes are sometimes so, as taxation precedes political control in a historical sense. It is with interest then that according to AFP and reported on by Yahoo! News, the US has dropped opposition to a key procedure […]

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Study: Most Zoomers Believe In Moral Relativism

Each successive generation of Americans is as a general rule found to come out less religious and more indifferent than the previous one. It does not matter the race or time, as this is a consistent pattern that can be seen. In the case of the Zoomers, the Barna Group has published a recent study […]

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