Archive | February 7, 2021


Biden Promises To Promote LGBT Around The World

Trump was not fundamentally different in terms of his approach, but nominally speaking, he did not do as much openly to support the proliferation of the LGBT (although under his administration it certainly increased). Now according to AFP by way of MSN News, the Biden administration is pushing a renewed attempt at conforming the world […]

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As The FBI Investigates The Capitol Protests, Antifa Protesters Threaten To “Burn Down” DC

One of the interesting ironies of the January 6th protests was not merely how evidence suggests strongly, as I have pointed out, that the “storming” of the Capitol was directly encouraged by government officials, but that considering how little action actually took place in comparison to what could have, the FBI is taking a very […]

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Bundeswehr Gives Contract To Rheinmetall, Begins Developing New “Laser Gun”

One of the companies I have said to watch is Rheinmetall, for given their size, relationship with the German government, the diversity of products they make, and how Germany is showing all signs o remilitarizing, that they could become the next IG Farben. According to an article from Jane’s intelligence, the Bundeswehr has given a […]

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