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Arab Slaves Beg Their Ottoman Overlord Not To Give Them Intestinal Piercings

In a recent move reported on by Bloomberg, the leaders of both the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have reached out to Turkey and President Erdogan, hoping to usher in a new period of trade and partnership. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are holding out the possibility of better ties with Turkey […]

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Romney Moves To Outdo The Democrats With Stimulus Checks

As I said many times, money printing, once began in mass, cannot stop for political reasons. If it was to stop, it would crush what is left of the US economic machine. Therefore, unless one wans to accept blame for a major, deflationary depression, the popular (and in a sense, popu-list answer) is to print […]

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Eleven Iranians Apprehended At US-Mexican Border In Arizona

When Biden was elected, something that one could note was that border politics was ‘back on the menu ‘for discussion as a political rallying point. The border has often been used for this in modern times (and hence why no real efforts have been made to fix the situation on the border, to the detriment […]

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US Considers RICO Charges Against Capitol Protesters

The RICO, or Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act of 1970, was created in response to the rise in gang activity and was used to significantly reduce the power of Cosa Nostra and other of such groups. It is a federal law and carries major penalties with in, including asset forfeiture, so a RICO charge […]

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Biden Refuses Press Conference After Signing Executive Orders

Many heralded the Biden administration as one that would ‘unify’ the nation, but as American history shows constantly, unity is seldom achieved in peacetime, and the only real act that unifies Americans, the incredibly diverse and often times opposing thing that she is, almost every time is a war. That said, many hopes were dashed […]

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