BOMBSHELL: (Major Scandal Uncovered) Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer Running An International Scam Involving Neo-Nazis, Anti-Christian Neo-Pagans, MAFIA, Thuggery And Terrorism


By Theodore Shoebat And Walid Shoebat

Much was written by Geller supporting the neo-Nazi EDL movement, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll as well as Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party (BFP) which Geller out of embarrassment had to publicly disassociate with. But what we have here dwarfs all this. For the sake of space we will provide but few examples (there is literally a book worth). We will leave the rest of our investigation to the U.S. government to deal with. We will start with the light and move into the darker side of this reality.

Our motive? We hate Nazism. We also hate Islamist terrorists. But to unite with neo-Nazis and Communists under the guise of combating Islamists is exactly what the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) or SIOA (Stop Islamization Of America) is all about. This detailed exposé where all can examine the reputable links and the primary sources for themselves to make up their own mind.


AFDI is the birth child of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. As a 501(c)3 non-profit U.S. charity AFDI’s bylaws says that the sole purpose is the “defense” of “American freedom”. Yet its global efforts is the antithesis of this claim. Its partners and its networks throughout Europe is to carry out a massive effort to spark revolution by promoting and supporting mafia style bullying, terrorists, neo-Nazis, anti-Christian neo-pagans, anti-Christian Hindu nationalists, Communists, thugs and even organized criminals. Its  chapters, AFDI, SIOA, SIOE, SIAD are under the umbrella of SION (Stop Islamization Of the Nations) and are how these are advertised by Spencer and Geller.

Donations primarily come from Jewish sources. Here are but few examples: anonymous donations are funneled through Charles Schwab donated “$56,000” to AFDI (EIN # 27-2518993) filing it under “Health & Human Services” and from the Jewish Community of San Diego for $5000. Jewish Communal Fund donated $70,000 and another $40,000 here and another $30,000 here. Donors Trust Inc, donated $10,000. Spencer runs an “Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)” under “Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations N.E.C.”

Grants also pour in from the Jewish activist, David Horowitz Freedom Center (FKA Center For Study Of Popular Culture) with an example of $30,000 donated here and $45,000 here. Donations to SIOA appear to be collected by Jihad Watch’s PayPal account and funneled back to AFDI. Spencer’s Jihad Watch (EIN# 20-0699967) contributed and funneled donations for 2013, $388,865 to Geller’s AFDI efforts.


A decade ago, Geller’s European partner, Anders Gravers wrote of how Denmark was to be the experimental laboratory to see what would work for a full-scale international movement. Under the umbrella of “Stop the Islamization of Europe” Geller’s European partner (SIOE) Anders Gravers wrote:

“We know that Denmark is such a small homogenious country, where the effects are felt quickly, much quicker than in bigger countries. Because of that we believe that Denmark is the perfect place to practice the anti-jihad actions and thereby affect the population, because we get a response right away. Then we can discover which actions will have the greatest affect on the people, and which actions can be copied to other places, USA, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe

So stemming from its initial branch formed in Europe a decade ago, called Stop Islamization of Denmark (SIAD), and setting up chapters throughout all of Europe, AFDI eventually metamorphosed into a grand experiment: Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) which covers chapters in Bulgaria, Serbia, Georgia and other European states. The umbrella organization AFDI is filed as a 501(c)3 tax exempt charity, billing itself on the 990 U.S government forms as:

“countering global jihad and Islamic supremacism, the ever-encroaching and unconstitutional power of the federal government, and the rapidly moving attempts to impose socialism and Marxism upon the American people.”


What no one has done (until now) is to investigate AFDI’s international networkings. did to only find it was littered with exactly what they claim to combat “socialism and Marxism“.

Why did we investigate Geller’s operation? As strange as it sounds, we accidentally noticed during another research the major neo-Nazi link to Geller’s massive operations. Shocked at the notice, the more we dug, the more swastikas surfaced with little Stars of David (like when Robert and Geller speak from a platform).

Before we enter the shocking reverse of AFDI’s general purpose, where you can examine all the links and reports for yourself. The sources we provide are not from leftist groups either (lest we get accused) but come from the most reputable sources and from the Facebooks of SION advocates.

SION,” sounding like “ZION” would after all appeal to Pamela and Spencer’s mostly pro-Israel donors in the U.S. In the U.S. the storefront says: “AFDI/SIOA Manhattan bus ad campaign poster” showing a photograph of Adolf Hitler with Haj Amin Al-Husseini appearing on Philadelphia transit buses with the caption “Jew Hatred: It’s in the Quran.”

But what the public is unaware of is that “Jew Hatred” is so deep in all of their chapters and directors as you will see from confirmed photos and links.


In the closed-group SIOE Facebook page (see photo below) Pamela Geller (top left) is the admin alongside several nefarious individuals. Geller’s partner, Anders Gravers Pedersen (top right), Jivko Ivanov (bottom left), and Bratislav Živkovic (Serbian Cyrillic: Братислав Живковић) (bottom right). Not included on her Facebook is another partner, the deceased high-level figure in Geller’s SIOE organization: Pavel Chernev (head of SIOE Bulgaria, deceased last year). Chernev was a violent mafia style attack thug for Volen Siderov, a virulent antisemitic political leader in Bulgaria who gained the notorious title “the Bulgarian Hitler”. Geller is the oldest of the admins as you can see (8 years ago) right after the birth of SIAD in Denmark. There is also Stefan Herre, a major eugenist who is on Geller’s board for SION.

With several years of workings and dealings with these thugs, it is difficult to believe that Geller or Spencer had not known these are some serious mobsters. Anders Gravers Pedersen (top right) has worked with neo-Nazis as did the others who have wrap sheets with thuggery, terrorism and serious crimes including armed robbers. How all this is incorporated into their 501(c)3 bylaws is a matter that should raise the eyebrow of the attorney general of New York who needs to further examine this as an obvious scandal.


Geller and Gravers (SIOE)

As it seems, Geller and Spencer wanted to do more on the international level: to partner with other anti-immigration revolutionaries that can act as the movers and shakers, groups that can make a real difference to carry out by action, not just the expulsion of Muslim immigrants, but of all undesirables who do not fit a specific gene pool.

Geller’s partner in Europe, Anders Gravers Pedersen has worked with Julius Børgesen, a known neo-Nazi terrorist. He was sentenced to 8 months in prison in 2007 for encouraging the burning alive (immolation) of the Interior Minister of Residence. Borgesen is also the former spokesperson for Danske Front. According to the Danish Security Intelligence Service, Danske Front has cooperated with several neo-Nazi groups, such as the British Nazi rock band, Blood & Honour, and the terrorist group, Combat 18, which is classified as a terrorist group by the UK government, and which literally calls for human extermination. In one song by Combat 18, they sing:

“Fighting for our nation, fighting against the scum if you see the hate in our face you should better run fighting for better nations, we want our cities clean this is the terror machine, this is combat 18.”

Here is a photo of Anders Gravers with the Nazi, Julius Borgesen:


Julius Borgeson spoke at Geller’s SIAD demonstration in Aalborg in 2007. When asked about this, Gravers did not deny it and said:

“Now Julius Børgesen’s not a member of either SIAD and SIOE. He has spoken at our demonstration”.

Another Nazi that was involved in the SIAD was Mark Jordt. According to the reputable Danish newspaper, Nordjyske,

“One of the faithful members of the Association events is a former member of the Danish People’s Party, Mark Jordt appearing on the photos from several of SIADs demonstrations in both Aalborg and Fredericia. Mark Jordt was recently forced to resign from the Danish People’s Party after the publication of photos documenting his strong Nazi sympathies. Otherwise he would have been thrown out of the party. Mark Jordt participated among others in a Rudolf Hess tribute march in August last year. Rudolf Hess was the deputy of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.”

Here is a photo of Mark Jordt (man on right side, shaved sides with sunglasses) at the Herman Hess parade, notice how the poster has a picture of Herman Hess with a promotion for the National Socialist Movement of Denmark (DNNSB)


When Gravers was asked on whether or not he cared that his demonstrations attract such people, he said:

“No, I do not care about it, and I think that on our website is keen to emphasize that we are for democracy and freedom of expression.”

Eventually the Danish Front disbanded in 2007 and formed into a new group, called Danish National Front. Its former leader, Lars Agerback, was charged with various crimes, such as unlawful possession of weapons and chemicals for the construction of bombs.”

The Danish Front and the National Front are in deep with National Socialist ideology. One of the groups that formed after the Danish Front fragmented was National Danes. One of their leading members has been Rune Lauritzen. Here is a photo of Rune at a National Socialist rock concert, standing behind Danish neo-Nazi, Jonni Hansen:

But these relations between Geller’s accomplice, Anders Gravers did not end at this. The National Danes joined Anders Graver’s Stop the Islamization of Denmark organization in a rally in Aalborg, and Rune Lauritzen was also present. Rune Lauritzen also helped form a radio show, called Radio Oasis, for the National Socialists of Denmark (Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Bevægelse or DNSB) and also produced their newspaper, Fatherland. Rune Lauritzen was also a regular participant at DNSB’s events including Solhvervsfester concerts and the annual celebration of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. On May 2nd 2013, Lauritzen wrote that year he had celebrated Adolf Hitler’s birthday with a party and cake, as he on November 12, 2012 wrote:

“I would love to see an enormous National Socialist movement with swastikas and all that”.

On May 20th, 2013, Lauritzen wrote the following:

“I’ve been playing a ton of GTA IV Lately. I love nothing better than to spend hours hunting Jews.”

Again, 2007 was the year in which the counterjihad was sparked in the European parliament building in Brussels, which was attended by Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and others. It was also the same year in which National Danes was one of several small groups that emerged in the wake of the Danish Front closure. But the two had much in common. The group was part of the network Anti-Jihad Denmark in the company of, inter alia, Pamela Geller’s SIAD, and organized a demonstration in Aalborg, in which Lauritzen also participated. The counter-jihad website, Gates of Vienna, in an article written by its founder, Baron Bodissey (who was a part of the founding of the counterjihad movement that was sparked in Brussels in 2007), praised the alliance between National Danes and Geller’s partner, Anders Gravers and their SIAD organization. The article, entitled, “The Vikings Are Stirring,” says:

“Holger Danske is not the only one starting to awaken. According to Exile, a new Danish alliance is forming around the issue of immigration and Islamification: ‘SIAD and a few other like minded groups are getting organised in Denmark. According to the SIAD Danish blog, a new alliance is being formed out of similar groups with one common theme. The counter-jihad movement. Anti-jihad Danmark (SIAD, Nationale Danskere, I Media, Frit DK og Frie Danske Nationalister) are organising their first demonstration in Aalborg in Northern Jutland on the 12th of May.’”

Geller’s appointed Pedersen, while in English denies any Nazi affiliations, here he is proudly following a neo-Nazi group called Jylland Forst:


A quick perusing of the Jylland Forst page reveals its obvious Nazi ideology.


So who exactly are Gravers recruits and partners to stop Islamization? On December 3, 2016, the reputable Danish national newspaper Berlingske Nationalt published a report revealing that Anders Gravers, “president of the association Stop Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD),” had been long-time partners with the infamous Danish Resistance and Self-defense (DMS), led by neo-Nazi Ronny Kolbirk, which bills itself as a citizens’ protection unit to “patrol at the Danish-German border.”


Anders Gravers Pedersen (left) with Ronnie and Lars.

The report recounts how Ronny Kolbirk, attended the patrol with Anders Gravers, and posted a photo of him participating in the border guarding:


Looking through Ronny Kolbirk’s Facebook page, one finds an image of him wearing the neo-pagan image of “Thor’s hammer,” something very frequently worn also by neo-Nazis:


One can even find bizarre photos of Kolbirk like this one with a knife tipped with what seems as blood held to a hooded man’s neck:

Ronny Kølbirk, in demonstration with SIAD

Ronny Kølbirk, in demonstration with SIAD (Stop Islamization of Denmark)

Another member of the Danish Resistance and Self-defense is Martin Gronmark. On his Facebook page he shows off a bladed swastika:


“Dad’s new toy now you can’t see it on the photo, but there are a lot of fine detail!! I love this form it’s made in..!!” writes Martin Gronmark

Another member of the group, Per Gutenberg, is a follower of a group called, “Support Soldiers of Odin Danmark,” an anti-immigrant, anti-Christian neo-pagan, street patrol gang, founded originally in Finland.


But these were some lightweight finds. Now we come into Pamela Geller’s SIOE partner and Administrator in Bulgaria, Jivko Ivanov, is a Bulgarian ultra-nationalist and member of a mafia called Desokupa, led by himself alongside Daniel Esteve with Ivanov as one of his henchmen. These are armed thugs with some heavy artillery and weapons intended to do terrorism.

Targeta d’empresa repartida el dia del desallotjament de Can Dimoni

In 2008, Ivanov’s gang partner Esteve was finally arrested by the Authorities as part of an operation Special Intervention Group (GEI) on charges of “kidnapping” “extortion,” “harassment,” “threats” and “conspiracy”.

Daniel Esteve

Daniel Esteve

Daniel Esteve, exmembre de Morosos Bcn, el 14 d’abril al desallotjament de Can Dimoni / Gràcia Viva
Ivanov with his armed gang

Pamela Geller’s partner in Bulgaria, Ivanov with his armed gang holding AK47s and other automatic machine-guns

Another of Ivanov’s significant gang member was Ernesto Navas, a Spanish neo-Nazi and a leading figure of Desokupa. Navas can proudly be seen with a Nazi Swastika tattooed on his bicep and the name of Hitler’s Nazi SS leader “Rudolf Hess” tattooed on his stomach:


There are even photos of Pamela Geller’s SIOE partner Jivko Ivanov with the neo-Nazi, Ernesto Navas, proudly standing together showing off Nazi tattoos:


Geller’s partner Ivanov with Navas proudly showing off his “Rudolph Hess” tattoo on his belly for TV audience



Ivanov (in blue), on the farthest right is Navas

Ivanov (in blue), on the farthest right is Navas


Navas (right)

Ivanov believes that America is “Terrorist Number 1”:

Doesn’t this go against Geller’s AFDI’s fight to “defend America”?

The wrap sheet of Pamela Geller’s partner, Ivanov, gets worse and the photos with weapons is not just for show. Ivanov and gang decided to use their weapons to carry out an armed robbery with an AK47, shotguns and pistols they used and fired causing the near killing of two innocent brothers who owned a gold business.

In the major armed robbery, Ivanov was the driver alongside three other criminals, Vasil Atanasov, Cemal Alikovo (Muslim) of Peshtera and Argentine Fernando Castro. On December 21, 2015, Alikovo, Castro,  Vasil Atanasov, with another unknown gunman, entered into the office of two brothers and businessmen, Spas Spasov and Todor Nikolov, wearing masks and armed with pistol, shotguns and AK47. They then opened fire on the two brothers. Spasov was wounded in the leg and Nikolov in the arm and leg. The thieves stole from Todor and Vasil 23,500 lev and eighty thousand lev in gold (around $50,000).  Investigators have determined that the perpetrators were armed with guns and a “Kalashnikov”. Alikovo and Castro were captured and charged with robbery accompanied with attempted murder committed in complicity.

Ivanov wanted to escape from Bulgaria, with Cemal Alikovo claiming that he could get illegal passports. The two criminals, Atanasov and Castro were arrested after being caught in Ivanov’s car. In one Bulgarian report it says,

“In court it was clear that Zhivko Ivanov testified that before the robbery Vasil Atanasov told him what they intended to commit, and later Alikovo wanted to help them cross the border because they had no identity cards.”

Ivanov was complicit in the crime. 

Cemal Alikov, in court

Fernando Castro, in court

Cemal Alikov, in court

Cemal Alikov, in court

In a January 2016 the Bulgarian media reported:

Pazardzhik District Prosecutor’s Office indicted Cemal Alikovo, 31, from the city. Peshtera, and Fernando Castro, 39, born in Argentina, now a Spanish citizen, resident of the city of Barcelona, Spain. The robbery accompanied with attempted murder committed in complicity – a crime under Art. 199 par. 2 points 2 and 3 in conjunction with Art. 198 par. 1 in connection with art. 20 para. 2 of the Criminal Code. Both are in custody by order of the supervising prosecutor for 72 hours. A day Pazardzhik Regional Prosecutor’s Office to submit a request to the court for making permanent detention “in custody”.

Until now, it was found that of 21 December 2015 in the city. Pazardzhik, Alikovo and Castro in complicity with Vasil Atanasov, and another unknown person, as co-perpetrators, have taken foreign movables – mobile phone, gold ornaments and 20,000 lev from the possession of two brothers – Spas Spasov and Todor using force. The activists were armed and carrying out robberies wounded one of the brothers in the leg and the other in the arm and leg. Then the four absconding.Vasil Atanasov was arrested on December 30, 2015 in the city. Pazardzhik and January 2, 2016, the court imposed his permanent detention “in custody”. He has been convicted repeatedly. Cemal Alikovo and Fernando Castro were arrested on January 7, 2016 in Plovdiv.

Ivanov was arrested as he himself admitted:

My wife and I were arrested on 7 January in Boulevard.  …I was in Sofia and I went to see Cemal Alikovo and the Spaniard [Castro]. They got into the car and then two police vans blocked the road. We were surrounded by armed policemen with masks and we sprawled on the ground.

According to another report, Fernando Castro “managed to gain a solid criminal record” and convicted of a crime in Spain, although it has not been specified.

Pamela Geller’s comrade, Ivanov has other ‘circle of notorious friends’. Spanish neo-Nazi, Nico Fresneda Navarro, who has a giant tattoo of an SS officer, with the German words “Meine Ehre” (“My honor”):



No matter were we looked, we find Ivanov is colleague with neo-Nazi thugs. Here he is with Bulgarian biker, Geno Pimpilov.

Ivanov (middle) and on his left is Pimpilov

Ivanov (middle) and on his left is Pimpilov

Geno Pimpilov proudly posted a photo of Auschwitz with words that say “send all refugees on a trip to Auschwitz”:


Here is a photo of Geno Pimpliov, notice the pagan rune symbols tattooed onto his chest, a very common type of tattoo amongst neo-Nazis:


And it is obvious that Geno Pimpliov is an admirer of Hitler:


Geno Pimilov is a member of the biker gang, called Vagabonds MC Bulgaria. They use Nazi paraphernalia, such as the skull with the helmet: 


Here is a photo from the official Vagabonds MC Bulgaria Facebook page, in which a Vagabond biker is wearing the Nazi Swastika:


Another person on the photo with Pimpliov is Angel Stoilov (Ангел Стоилов). On his Facebook you will find lots of imagery promoting neo-paganism and crime. For example here is an image of a pagan rune symbol:


Here is a photo published by Stoilov of the Mexican neo-pagan Santa Muerte, part of the death cult amongst Mexican narco gangs:


Geller partnered with more than just Gravers and Ivanov. Pavel Chernev was also head of Geller’s SIOE in Bulgaria. Ivanov also partnered and was intimately working with Chernev, the Bulgarian nationalist, bouncer, and political leader of the group, Orthodox Dawn which mimics Greece’s Golden Dawn’s racist activities, indiscriminate harassment of immigrants as the IBTimes revealed. Chernev was Gravers main liaison in Bulgaria.

Chernev was also the deputy and the right hand man for the famed “Bulgaria’s Hitler,” Volen Siderov, leader of the Bulgarian ultranationalist Ataka (Attack) party.


Volen Siderov

According to one Bulgarian report, Chernev was the right-hand man for Siderov. Ivailo Dachov and Adriana Miteva, two MPs in Bulgaria, split from Siderov’s Ataka. They decided to do an interview in the studio for SKAT TV. As they walked out, Geller’s partner, Pavel Chernev, Siderov’s hitman, and two other assailants ambushed them. Two of the men held Ivailo (male) and Chernev gave him a brutal beating, knocking a tooth out and breaking his ribs. Adriana Miteva (female) screamed for help, but two more thugs showed up and told her to silence or they would “rip her open”. 

Pamela Geller’s primary associate in SIOE, Anders Gravers, was also very close to Chernov, and worked with him in expanding his SIOE organization in eastern Europe. Gravers appointed Chernov to be the leader of the SIOE branch for Bulgaria (Stop the Islamization of Europe).

In 2002, Chernev boss, “Bulgaria’s Hitler” Volen Siderov attended a conference in Moscow called “Global problems in the modern history” in which the topic was: “the demystification of the Jewish lies that prevail in the contemporary historical science”. A description of the conference recounts the talk as such:

“that there is no evidence of any slaughter of the Jews in concentration camps, as well as political statements to the effect that the Jews control the government, the media and the economy of the United States; that Western politicians are nothing more than Jewish puppets”; that the Jews blackmailed Switzerland for the money they had lost in Swiss banks during the Second World War, and so forth”  (See Igor Novakovic, The Rise of Political Extremism in Bulgaria — the Political Party “Ataka”)

The strange partnering of Jew hate brings in strange bedfellows, which in the long run, defeats Geller’s and Spencer’s supposed goals, claiming to combat the Islamists. This was the case when neo-Nazis and Islamists culminated with strange partnerships. The organizers of the event were Muslim intellectual and holocaust denier, founder of Radio Islam, Ahmed Rami (who was investigated in Sweden for hate crimes), David Duke, Gerald Frederic Tolben, Jurgen Graf and ReneLouis Berclaz. Siderov’s Ataka party, just like the Nazis, conducts nightly processions with torches:


Even the conservative Israeli Artuz Sheva exposes Ataka:

“Espousing a mix of populist and fiery nationalistic policies, Ataka has branded foreign companies operating in Bulgaria as ‘robbers’, called for the re-nationalization of some sectors of the economy and has vilified Bulgaria’s sizeable Romany community,” reported

According to reports, Ataka party members wear shirts with swastikas and make Nazi salutes at rallies.

Ataka’s success follows the rise of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party in neighboring Greece, and Jobbik in Hungary—both of which espouse neo-Nazi ideologies imbued with anti-Semitism and a desire for “racial purity.”

In 2008, five people carried banners bearing Swastikas on the streets of Plovdiv. They were arrested, but one of them — a 15 year old boy — was let go because of his age. Before the other four could be released, a mob of 150 people, led by Chernev’s boss, Volen Siderov, attacked the police station, in defense of the Swastika bearers.

Until 2009, Siderov’s Attack Party was supported by the nationalist TV station, SKAT, but it withdrew its support for reasons having nothing to do with Siderov’s Nazi ideas. SKAT is actually extremely antisemitic and hosts Dr. Emil Antonov, whose anti-Jewish notoriety gave him the title of “the Bulgarian Hitler.” He is the author of numerous books, such as “The Diary of a Jew,” “How Zionists Killed Stalin,” “The End of the World and the New Global Order of the Third Israel,” and “Their Struggle — how Jews Conquered the World.”  But the book that really shows that Antonov is an open Nazi, is one entitled, “Foundations of National Socialism,” for which he was fined 500 lev by the Bulgarian government on charges of spreading fascism and religious hatred. (See Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011, vol. II— Europe and Eurasia, Near East and Africa, Report Submitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations US Senate, p. 1227) 

Volen Siderov

Volen Siderov

After SIOE leader, Pavel Chernev, died of a heart attack in 2015, Gravers appointed Serbian nationalist, Bratislav Zivkovich, to be the leader of the Serbian branch for SIOE. These Geller partner and associates came with the works: heavy machine guns and rocket launchers.


Bratislav Zivkovich with his armed militia carrying AK47, heavy machine-gun and rocket launcher

In fact, there is a letter, written by Anders Gravers, in which he affirms his closeness to the deceased Pavel Chernev, and he appoints in his place, Bratislav Zivkovich as the leader for Geller’s SIOE in Serbia:


Here is a photo of Geller’s terrorist gang linking the full circle: Pavel Chernev, Jivko Ivanov and Bratislav Živkovic, proudly holding up Geller’s SIOE poster, and notice on the side Geller’s partner, Anders Gravers praising them:


In this photo, if you look on the side, you will notice that Zivkovich posts up an image entitled “This is Europa,” with pagan symbols including the Slavic Swastikas and neopagan images:


To comprehend the dark dream of “This is Europa” its dark side of horror and disgust, see here:

Anders Gravers even “liked” the photo of the Swastika and pagan symbols as one can see here:


In this photo, if you look to the side, you will see that Zivkovic posts an article in defense of the pagan Swastika: 


Geller’s partner, Bratislav Zivkovic even made a video in which he praisingly presents the kolovrat, or the Slavic Swastika:


The kolovrat, or Slavic Swastika, is the black sun disk that was used by the Nazis, and it is the same image used by Slavc ne0-Nazis:


The Nazi black sun on the ground floor of the SS “Obergruppenführersaal”

The Nazi black sun on the ground floor of the SS “Obergruppenführersaal”

Kolovrat Neo nazi tattoo, with rune symbols

Kolovrat Neo nazi tattoo, with rune symbols

The same type of Swastikas that both Zivkovic and Anders Gravers admire, are the same ones worn by Slavic neo-Nazis. Here are some examples:




There is even a neo-Nazi music group called “kolovrat,” that praises the Slavs who fought for the Nazis for “Aryan blood cleanness”:

Here is a video made by a Belarusian Nazi music group, in which they put a Kolovrat right in the beginning:

In the article, posted by Bratislav, one will find an image of the Swastika used by the Nazis:


Under the photo it reads: “Earliest swastika found in Mezine, Ukraine.” And above the photo it reads:

“Swastika or Kolovrat symbolized infinite values in our culture for example from mythological aspect the spinning wheel symbolized the infinity and repeating the cycle (the fight between Slavic Gods Perun and Veles) in fight between Good and Evil. Kolovrat and Swastika also beside the never ending cycle symbolized the sun, that grants us life and warmth. Just as among other Indo-European cultures as Germanic, Latin, Celtic, Vedic (Indian) and Iranic, among Slavs some of the oldest examples of Slavic Kolovrat Swastikas have been found in Ukraine.”

At the end of the article it reads of how the Kolovrat Swastika is popular amongst neo-pagan Slavic groups:

“Today there Kolvorat as a symbol is gaining large popularity among neo-pagan Slavic groups holding Kolovrat as the symbol of their identity.”

The article is written by Wilk Vatroslawski, a pagan ethnocentric writer obsessed with Slavic paganism. In one article he boasts of how the “Mayan calendar has its source in the Slavic calendar”; he writes of “Pagan Masks in Slavic folklore”; he also writes of the “Rituals of remembrance of ancestors in the spring date back to ancient Slavic ideas that spring awakening of nature also wake up the dead ancestors  from winter sleep and return them to the places where they used to live, to live to see their relatives and descendants.” And he decries how the Church “tried to ban this festivity and tradition due to it’s pagan roots.” He writes, in sadness, of how:

“the true religion of Russian (Slavic) people that was destroyed by early Russian Christian church 1000 years ago”

And he writes of how Christians in Russia:

“don’t like the raising awareness of pagan traditions, so when they see these idols built somewhere in their proximity they get in a very destructive mood.”

Geller’s partner, Bratislav Zivkovic runs his anti-immigrant gang, attacking migrant vendors selling food on the streets, much like the Golden Dawn in Greece. There is a video showing this, made by Zivkovic himself, and at the end of the video he shows supposed Serbian police brutality, with the words “Fuck the police.” It is obvious that Zivkovic is trying his own mafia, his own police force, which is something done usually by subversive groups:

Zivkovic works with Marin Marinov, another Bulgarian nationalist and pagan who reveres the Bulgarian sun disk, very popular amongst Slavic neo-pagans. He even has it tattooed on his body:


According to one Bulgarian website,

Runes in the outer circle are the signs of the fifth known planets in the ancient time together with the Sun and the Moon: Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. … The most famous Bulgarian rune symbol- IYI is carved on the back of the rosette. This is the symbol of the Sun and expresses the religious ideas of protobulgarians.” 

Marinov is big with Geller’s SIOE, as can be seen here in this picture, with SIOE leader Chernov:


Marinov, second to the left

Here is a photo of Zivkovich holding up his “Orthodox Dawn” flag, with Jivko Ivanov and neo-Nazi Mario Tankov (farthest on the right):


Here is a photo of Mario Tankov who proudly wears a t-shirt with the German Nazi Swastika:


Zivkovich is partnering with the “Balkan Guerrilla” and communist Zak Novak (middle), alongside the neo-pagan Ivan Ivanov:


Here is a photo of Zak Novak with a banner of Maoist communist, Che Guevara:


Shouldn’t Geller, who on her 990 U.S government forms “counters” “socialism and Marxism“, be exposing instead of having her ‘associates’ associate with these?

Here is a photo of Zak Novak with the Che Guevara flag, alongside one of his comrades holding up the official flag for Bratislav Zivkovich’s “Jovan Shevich” militia:


Here is another photo with Zak Novak proudly wearing a communist T shirt:


How is all this compatible with AFDI’s “combating” “socialism and Marxism”?

As for Ivan Ivanov (the other person on the photo with Zivkovich), a quick look at Ivan Ivanov will show that he is an anti-Christian neo-pagan. His Facebook page is full of rune symbols, Slavic idols and swastikas. Here is but an example of a 6 pointed swastika (two swastikas overlaying each other) on the forehead as mark of allegiance:




(FROM RIGHT TO LEFT) Tommy Robinson, Pamela Geller, Anders Gravers

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller with Anders Gravers

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller with Anders Gravers

Lars Hedegaard is a Danish open marxist. President of the Danish Free Press Society, he is also a high ranking figure within the SIOE circle alongside Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Anders Gravers. In an interview with conservative radio host Dennis Prager he was asked: “Do you still call yourself a Marxist?” Lars responded with: “Yes, to some extent. I don’t believe in the desirability or inevitability of revolution or socialism. But some of the analytical terms of Marxism I still use to the great amazement of my friends, who think I’m an idiot. But I stick to that.”

In a 2008 interview with Danish publication, Information, Lars said:

“Marxism is a tool, not a promise of paradise on earth … I know very well that people think I’m an idiot when I say I use a Marxist analysis. And those I work with today, they shrug when I say that. But it must be so be.”


Lars Hedegaard

How does this jive with Geller’s AFDI statement of faith to combat “Socialism and Marxism”?


Internationally, Spencer and Geller will partner with anyone, not just communists and neo-Nazis, but even with an anti-Christian extremist Hindu, Babu Suseelan. This goes contrary to Geller’s and Spencer’s own religious claimed backgrounds and the bylaws they supposedly proclaim on their 990 forms. According to a piece posted up by Robert Spencer, one of the members of the “Board of Advisors for SION,” is “the Hindu human rights activist Babu Suseelan” from India. But, when we did research on Babu Suseelan, we found that he is a vehement hater of Christians. In one article, Baby Suseelan states:

“The goals of Freed Trade and globalization include: endless accumulation of profits; the commercialization of everything; introduction of extreme, capitalist, Christian culture  They are supplanting the primacy of our nation, destroy our social fabric and tradition, promote religious conversion, and introducing western Christian values.”

Babu Suseelan calls for a Hindu revolution against Christians, writing:

“For hundreds of years, Christian missionaries have been selling fake paradise in India. …Let all Hindus join to be free to create, and let a Hindu spiritual revolution be born.”

Babu Suseelan called for Hindus to vote for Hindu fanatic party, Baharatiya Janata Party and their leader, Narandra Modi, not simply as a nationalist, but as a means to purge India of any Christian influence:

“At the center and in several states, the government is controlled by a classically constructed ruling elite that are completely alienated from Hindu culture and deeply absorbed into a rootless and self-serving clique of Muslims, Christians, and mafia gang that seeks power for its own sake.    The powerful elite want to destroy our sacred Hindu culture receive generous help from the Islamic and Christian world. … To ensure safety, security, social development, and good government as well as to ensure freedom for our children, we have to join together and vote for BJP.” 

In 2014, Babu Suseelan wrote:

“The brilliant MODI, the creative, innovative and integrating leader could bring all Indian citizens to glory and is capable of leading us to change and reform. MODI is destined to have a profound impact on  the thinking and discussing of paradox and dilemma in India….  I endorse MODI and his BJP team.  They  are capable and willing with imaginative and creative forces  take India into its greatness. Indians under MODI can walk as a freeman with self-esteem and pride as a HINDU.”

In 2013, Baby Suseelan scolded an Indian man for converting to Christianity, writing:

Evangelists and our enemies will give you enough beef to go against eternal  Dharma. You will be abandoned later, and float like a parasite without any anchor. As a converted Christian you can murder any animal of your choice and eat whatever decaying flesh until you are satisfied.”


So what is a Jew like Geller doing with neo-Nazis and what do neo-Nazis have to do with a Jewess like Geller? What is an Amalekite Catholic Christian like Spencer doing with anti-Christian neo-pagans and what do anti-Chritstian neo-Pagans have to do with Spencer?

This might be mystifying to some, yet it is a fact etched in both of these histories heading on the path of self-destruction.

But mystery should not be the case once we examine who is influencing all this at the top: the German eugenist Thilo Sarrazin. It is this connect that will reveal motive and evidence of knowledge of culpability. On November 23rd, 2015, Spencer wrote:

“Particularly infuriating has been the attempt by Muslims and apologists for Islam to label the many Germans now mobilizing and marching against Muslim immigration as “neo-Nazi.” What makes a member of Pegida, disturbed at the Muslim flood, and watching as, in Thilo Sarrazin’s memorable phrase, “Germany undoes itself,” a “neo-Nazi”?

On September 1, 2011, Spencer expressed gratitude towards Rene Stadtkewitz for accepting “the invitation from the organization ‘Stop Islamization of America’ (SIOA) and the well-known political activist Pamela Geller,” and shows how Stadtkewitz references Thilo Sarrazin’s social-Darwinist book. Its not as if Spencer does not know of Sarrazin’s thoughts and ideology. On February 20th, 2016 Spencer published an article written by Hugh Fitzgerald that explicitly praised Thilo Sarrazin’s eugenist book fully understanding its racism and lamenting its failure:

“In Germany, a politician, writer, and Bundesbank officer, Thilo Sarrazin, wrote Deutschland schafft sich ab — ‘Germany Does Away With Itself.’ This book, warning Germans about the effect on the national I.Q. level of large numbers of Muslim immigrants, became an instant bestseller. Of course, Sarrazin’s study was largely ignored by the political and cultural elite of Germany: it would not do to praise a thesis that even hinted at ‘racism,’ and any discussion of comparative I.Q.s does not just hint at but for many people hollers ‘racism.’

It is about racism and eugenics. That Thilo’s book was ignored is not true, for it helped in the formation of the Alternative for Deutschland party, now the third most influential party in Germany. Spencer likes to play the victim while playing with the big boys.

Therefore, there is a conflict. Spencer’s claims to adhere to the Christian faith, claiming to be Amalekite Catholic, are therefore questionable and doubtful. He is clearly a socialist which confirms the original background. Spencer has worked for communist cult leader Bob Avakian in the early seventies.

Avakian became involved with the Students for a Democratic Society at Berkeley, the Free Speech Movement which is similar to AFDI’s call to protect and defend “free speech”. Spencer never renounced his service for the Avakian cult. According to an August 2010 New York Magazine article, Spencer’s father also worked at the Voice of America during the Cold War. Despite his current ideological leanings, Spencer:

“spent part of his youth working at Revolution Books, which is run by the Revolutionary Communist Party (and its cultish leader Bob Avakian), a hard-line Maoist group most sixties-style radicals, like, say, Bill Ayers, would consider beyond the pale.”

Maoists are hardline communists who openly advocate for genocide and mass extermination.

These activities with SIOA confirms beyond doubt that this is still the status quo of Spencer’s spiritual and ideological aspirations.

As to Pamela Geller’s motives, it wasn’t as if she did not know. There is evidence of knowledge of culpability. On May 19th, 2015, Pamela Geller wrote, “Anders Gravers, our colleague and SION board member, plans on showing the Mohammed drawings at the political festival on the island of Bornholm next month. There are many of us who won’t be cowed, won’t submit and won’t abridge our freedoms so as not to offend savages.” Lets see who is hosting and organizing this event in Bornholm. The Danes’ Party. In the very post published by Pamela Geller, it says:

“After the uproar surrounding the invitation to Dutch politician and prominent Islam critic Geert Wilders, it was announced that a host of European nationalists will attend at the invitation of the far-right Danes’ Party (Danskernes Parti).”

There is no excuse. The official website of the Danes’ Party is a click of a mouse. That is all it takes to see their open Nazi sentiments. On their official site, the DPP affirms that they — like the Nazis and like Margaret Sanger — want to control the propagation of children, and to determine who can have children, and who cannot:

“Couple on the labor market must be able to support the family, even if only one parent is active in business. Those who can be characterized as particularly suitable parents should be encouraged to have children, and preferably more than average, by being given various rewards.

“Individuals who because of unhealthy lifestyles or hereditary disease may be categorized as unfit to procreate, be humanely prevented from making children victims of their own misfortune.”

And here we have Anders Gravers of Geller’s SION, being a major participant in an event organized by a Nazi party.

Now we come to Stefan Herre, who is on Geller’s board for SION, and who fixates much of his writing on genetics, and like Spencer, uses Thilo Sarrazin as his reference. In one post, Stefan Herre writes on how Jews have genes that differentiate from the rest of the society, and mocks liberal Jews for making charges of racism on the statement:

According to Thilo Sarrazin, the bearers of the German indignation gene are turning on the wheel, Jews bearing genetic traits that distinguish them from other people. The WORLD believed that it was a “crude theses” of the success author, and Guido Westerwelle suddenly claims to know what is a gene and there is the “anti-Semitism alarm” – and Stephan Kramer joins in. They are all wrong and Sarrazin is right. It is indeed scientifically proven that Jews, like, of course, other groups of people of common origin, carry clear traces in their genome. This is not a “cruel thesis” of Sarrazin, nor a hypocrisy of national socialist racial theory, as the German Foreign Minister, as well as all German journalists and politicians presume, but the result of scientific research by American and Israeli researchers.


Robert Spencer with Stefan Herre

In another post, entitled, “Germany can not be accused of Nazi crimes,” Stefan Herre proudly cheers that the International Court of Justice won’t take anymore cases blaming Nazis as it’s been 60 years since the fall of the Reich, writing:

More than sixty years after the end of the war, new individual victims had always been brought abroad before the courts, and they wanted money from Germany for some injustice, decades after state treaties had settled everything.

In another post, Stefan Herre posts up an extensive piece of writing by Thilo Sarrazin, in which it says that people of a genetically inferior intelligence have more children than those of a higher genetic intelligence:

the number of children decreases with the level of education of their parents and vice versa. This is exactly what we have been observing for several decades in Germany, and this is becoming quite embarrassing when, for example, the Federal Institute for Population Research writes: “Part of the German low-fertility situation can be explained by the low birth rate among the highly qualified .”

It follows that if high-qualification is also partly interrelated with the genotypic, inherited intelligence, a permanently lower birth rate of the highly qualified can not be without impact on the average genotypic intelligence. This is a purely logical truth, in which one can argue at best about the extent and the practical meaning in the shorter term.

But how does this “low fertility” links to blame this on Muslim immigrants? This is the scapegoat of the west’s own failure and the lack of following Christian ethics. Herre’s eugenist beliefs come straight from Charles Darwin, as the rest of the post states:

Since Charles Darwin published his work The Origin of Species in 1859, and Johann Gregor Mendel, 1865, his essay “Experiments on plant hybrids “, it is clear that the animated nature – and thus also the human being – is fundamentally influenced by selection mechanisms and the inheritance of Properties. Hereditary traits also include the abilities of the brain.

Herre promotes the work of the Turkish atheist, the foulmouthed Akif Pirincci. In one article by Akif, published onto Herre’s website, Akif utilizes social-Darwinist ideology and describes the struggle between Muslims and Germans as a Darwinian and evolutionary struggle, writing in a very disgusting way:

What does all this have to do with evolution? You will be asking yourself now. Quite simply, this is about improving the opportunities for reproduction. These are most easily achieved by forming groups and by giving other groups that oppose the goal to destruction. As I said, this is not going to happen, you simply do it and wait. Normally, the opposing group makes a fierce resistance or offers a compromise with which everyone can live. But even in evolution it is very rare that she just lets herself be fucked, and she also kisses the cock of the rapist. And certainly not lick the tail of the one who has murdered his own son. For this one must have a very special species of tit, and belongs to the institution. Apropos fuck: The (German) women are as mentioned at the beginning not brought, but mostly raped. Most rapists are now Muslims in Europe. The evolutionary model demands that women have to stay alive, whether or not they are born or not. Evolution is now a blind, stupid program, but extremely effective.

Herre pushes the work of Martin Sellner, the Austrian activist and face of the German “Identitarian Movement”. Sellner was a member of a neo-Nazi gang, and claims to have broken from his Nazi past. But, if he truly did break away from his Nazi past, then why did he all of a sudden become a head advocate for identitarianism? which is simply another title of ethnocentric ideology. 

Therefore, believing in eugenics, is not some monopoly held by only German neo-Nazis. It is not a divide between Jew and Gentile. Eugenics at times unifies evil Jews and evil Gentiles, regardless of their racial heritage or national stock. It is the case just as good unifies Jew with Gentile in our efforts to preserve humanity and allow everyone to reproduce as a God given right for freedom and the pursuit of happiness as the U.S Constitution upholds. Spencer’s and Geller’s bylaws are a sham, a front, a scam meant to deceive innocent donors in contributing for a nefarious outfit called the AFDI: American Freedom Defense Initiative. What is on the 990 forms is all fictitious.

Having written all this so far brings an issue we at need to learn and repent from. What we have experienced and done throughout the years, while we tried to do good, we have neglected the outcome of our doings and there is much to repent from and apologize for. We regret not realizing whom we were at times collaborating with. We should have investigated further prior to us engaging with Spencer and Geller. We have also said things at many instances in haphazard ways without realizing that our words could inflict much harm and damage on innocent people. Therefore, we ask forgiveness from many whom we might have inadvertently harmed or offended. Righteousness can go beyond what a person is affiliated with as their religion, be they Jew, Christian, Muslim or even an atheist.

We should have followed better examples. An Arab Muslim named Haj Eissa El Kourdieh, saved a group of 33 Jews after he insisted for them to hide in his cellar. There they waited with a “deadly fear” for the trouble to pass, worrying that the “murderers outside would hear [the little children who kept crying].” From the cellar, they heard cries of “today is a day that is holy to Mohammed. Anyone who does not kill Jews is a sinner.” Meanwhile, several Arab women, stood guard outside, repeatedly challenging the claims of the screaming mob that they were sheltering Jews. Yonah Molchadsky gave birth while taking refuge in an Arab basement. Molchadsky later related that when the mob demanded for the Arabs to give up any Jews they were hiding, her host told them “we have already killed our Jews,” whereupon the mob departed. The Muslim family of Abu Id Zaitoun rescued Zmira Mani and other Jews by hiding them in their cellar and protecting them with their swords. They later found policeman to escort them safely to the police station at Beit Romano. (Zmira Mani “What I saw in Hebron”, Haaretz, Sep 12, 1929).

The case of Spencer and Geller is therefore simple to explain. To these it is not about our duty as humans to be human and love our fellow man, be they whatever religion they are, Jew, Muslim or Christian. They are not motivated by Judaism or by Christianity. They are motivated by pure and unadulterated hatred of foreigners for they believe that these do not contribute to a select superior gene pool. This is an ideology that one finds in common with hardline eugenists and hardline evolutionists. As we say in Bethlehem: “Each village has its dumpster,” and dumpsters uncovered produce much stench and much disease.

  • infowolf1

    stopping to comment when I saw Combat 18 mentioned – this group must be very serious trouble more than just firepower but perhaps connections that could be embarrassing to politicians and respectables. Because a serious effort was made back in the 1990s or 2000s to pretend it didn’t exist.

  • I haven’t finished reading as I’m getting ready to hit the road but I am deeply disturbed by what has been disclosed so far.

    • What we are truly witnessing is the rise of enthno-nationalism not ultra nationalism.

      Here is an excellent primer on entho-nationalism by Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America- – and it is painfully clear that history is repeating itself as once again christianity are in the crosshairs.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Well, in the days of the Ottoman Empire’s Yoke, the peoples of the Balkans tended to think of themselves as “Roman Orthodox”, not ‘Hellenes’ or ‘Greeks’ or whatever, but for a number of reasons this sense of unity was obscured, by the spread of Masonic revolutionary ideas hearkening back to a worldly and pre-Christian period of Nationalism in line with the French Revolution. So, as they began to liberate from the Turks, they formed secular regimes that wanted local Orthodox synods to have a National jurisdiction, where previously the Patriarchate of Constantinople had spiritual authority.

        Divide and conquer schemes, so they can be absorbed into a Greater Germany as an economic colony, or later, the ‘European Union’

        • And it is collapsing before our eyes but they will have one final hurrah.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            And what a hurrah it will be!

        • Juan

          Greek nationalism, Bulgarian nationalism and even Russian nationalism are dangerous because nationalism is a masonic ideology. We are all descents of Roman Empire (East and West) and may the Lord will unite us all in Orthodoxy!

          • I am beginning to believe your right Juan.

          • Juan

            We advance all together towards Jesus, Walid. I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas.

          • Same to you too Juan.

          • Dominus

            Merry Christmas to You and your family Mr. Shoebat. Thanks for continued hard work you do to inform and teach us all, and guide us on the right path, at least those who care or are wise to listen.

          • Dominus

            Merry Christmass to you too, Juan and your family, aswell as every goodwilling person on this board too. My thoughts are with you all, especially persecuted Christians, bothers and sisters around the world, aswell.

          • Juan

            Sretan Bozic, brother, for you, your family and everybody on this board!

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Amen to that brother, Amen!

      • mspip

        some germans are still nazis. this is obvious. they will try to rise again and might succeed. totally evil.

      • Christendom

        Trevor, to be more precise, what we are seeing is the rise of ethnocentric ultra-nationalism.

        Hope you enjoyed your Christmas with the family good friend.

        God Bless

  • Phil aka Felipe

    “We have also said things at many instances in haphazard ways without realizing that our words could inflict much harm and damage on innocent people. Therefore, we ask forgiveness from many whom we might have inadvertently harmed or offended. Righteousness can go beyond what a person is affiliated with as their religion, be they Jew, Christian, Muslim or even an atheist.”

    Well said. We all need to do the same. Thanks. Forgiveness restores fellowship. If God forgives, who am I not to.

    God bless you and to all I wish a very Merry Christmas, For unto us a child is born in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Is 9:6, Luke 2:11

    • Finally a soothing message. Felipe. Now thats a great name. Merry Christmas to you too Felipe.

    • Kamau41

      AMEN!! Beautifully said Phil.

      • Phil aka Felipe

        Thank you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

        • Kamau41

          Same to you Phil. We will have a very interesting year ahead us.

  • Then start refuting. You can’t and you won’t 100% guaranteed.

    • Kamau41

      He already lost the battle.

  • Brenda

    Seriously, I almost threw up becasue of that picture of the tattoo’d guy sticking his tongue out and fingers up, Even beheading videos haven’t done that to me.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    “Spencer’s claims to adhere to the Christian faith, claiming to be Amalekite Catholic, are therefore questionable and doubtful….Spencer’s and Geller’s bylaws are a sham, a front, a scam meant to deceive innocent donors in contributing for a nefarious outfit called the AFDI: American Freedom Defense Initiative. What is on the 990 forms is all fictitious.”

    “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight!…” Isaiah 5:20-21

    Amen tag team, “Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to the family of faith.” Galatians 6:9-10

  • I’ve heard this view before, that prosperity lowers birth rates. I’ve not heard it connected to higher intelligence. It would seem to me the birth rate in the west is falling because of materialism. We have been lured by the god of mammon. We want all the shiny, new things and that requires lots of hours at work. It isn’t worth it. I was so excited as a little boy to get my first bike, a used two wheeler with solid rubber tires. I didn’t care that it was not new. The prosperity we chase is a trap. It has nothing to do with intellect or being superior. We in the west have been lured and nudged into a life of suicide. We could have had a more simple, self sufficient life with children. It takes effort. We chose the glitter. Now we face the influx of people who do not share our views and wish to dominate us. It is all so stupid.

    • Brenda

      Sometimes the shiny new object is a person too, I recall the county life being close to my friends through thick or thin, Soon as I lived in the city you got dumped on over the stupidest things. Trust and intimacy doesn’t get a chance to develop with potential partners either because their might be something better. Things can come and go, funny now less is more anyhow, Less stuff to clean and keep track of is more and more appealing.

      • mspip

        i can relate to that. lived in rural area, farm family. went to chicago which is very big city. made many errors in young life. yes, more is better than too much.

    • Ceirwyn

      Materialism is a scapegoat; the fact is, we don’t need as many people to do things anymore. We have computers and machines doing lots of jobs that used to be done by humans. That means less jobs, more poverty.

      I’m not convinced this is a such a horrible thing, as we really don’t need the giant population of lust babies that has existed up till now. I’d rather have fewer kids born to families that can afford them, raise them with proper moral standards, and actually value them.

      Almost all the Boomer generation got married and had kids, even though they were one of the richest generations that ever existed in the world. Their kids aren’t, and the kids are a *lot* poorer.

      Globally, people are figuring out that having tons of kids keeps you poor, and birth rates in most countries are dropping rapidly (check out the CIA world fact book on birthrates; it’s fascinating how many unexpected countries are below replacement level).

      • There is a lot more to say on this than I care to devote on Christmas evening. Having large families doesn’t necessarily lead to poverty. Not in a normal world. Rural folks needed the extra hands to take care of the many responsibilities of farm life. By not having children an entire nation will disappear. Or in the current mess, be over run by Islam.
        It is true machines are doing a lot of jobs and this is going to get much worse. I can think of one example. General Motors. With wages and benefits a worker on an assembly line was making over $70 per hour. Seriously! Worker greed and corporate greed says this won’t work. So, they started using robots and off shoring. These stinking trade deals did exactly what Ross Perot said they would do: that giant sucking sound is all the jobs leaving the west. These giant corporations and their owners don’t care about people. They care about monopoly power and control. They want their slaves. Working a trade is a persons best bet. I doubt they will ever have robots that can run a plumbing business, a flooring business, electricans business, or home building and renovations. Having children is not making jobs go away. This is being done by evil ones on purpose.

        • mspip

          you make lots of sense!!

          • You said in a comment to someone else that you grew up rural and I think you said on a farm. I bet you have lots of stories and experience to share. My grandmother was one of 13 children from England. She didn’t come from a wealthy family. But I never heard her mention being poverty stricken. Of course, their values were different and they tended to be thankful for what they had, not wasteful and hard working. Likewise, my grandparents raised 5 during the great depression. My grandfather was the only ‘bread winner’ working at Taylor Safes which was eventually bought by Chubb. They got by. It isn’t having children that is the problem. It is the dismantling of the economy by bankers, industrialists with the help of the bought and paid for politicians which has sabotaged peoples lives. Easy example: California. Ongoing drought? They have water. The government won’t give it to the farmers. They flush it inot the ocean. They (the government of Jerry Brown) are driving them out. What we are facing isn’t just bad times. This is manufactured destruction.

          • mspip

            i agree. it is not going to get much or perhaps any better tho trump may try to fix things. he is a smart man and it will be interesting to see how it goes. agree that the times we are in is manufactured destruction. dad was a farmer, the early years he farmed with horses and briefly tried mules, he did not keep the mules very long.

        • Ceirwyn

          Farm life isn’t viable in modern nations thanks to big aggro, and this will progress to all nations resulting in the same effect. The only reason small farming is still is around at all is government funding; the vast majority can’t survive on their own, and even the good ones are one bad year away from being wiped out.

          There is literally no benefit to having a ton of kids today, and this is the underlying problem: employers don’t need kids, individuals scraping by can’t afford them and are stressed to the max already, governments only want slaves and don’t support their own people having kids.

          Machines and computers have really changed things alot, and will continue killing old jobs that people rely on; we really need some sort of solution to this before we start having wars over it. Actually, this is why the elite would love a controlled WW3: kill off the angry poor, so they can keep their power. You’re dead on about them wanting slaves, as free trade and globalization are just slavery 2.0. Wages need to go up for society to continue, or we really, really need some major offsets and wealth changes to support the average citizens.

  • Very wise common indeed.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Well now, that is an eye opener. I would have never guessed Geller had those kind of associates. My take away; face value means next to nothing nowadays. To bad really.

    Once again Walid you have added another data point to why I keep coming back here. This kind of stuff, rarely if ever would make it into the public’s consciousness.

    I commend you for your honesty of being deceived and in that process you cleared away my deceptions about this matter. For that I thank and forgive you.

  • Dominus

    Hehe, your idols got caught with their hands deep in honey jar, and yet you just cover your eyes and ears, and cry foul because they got exposed, with no counter-argument to support you and defend your stance on the issue presented.

    That’s usually what happens, when someone or something gets exposed for what it really is, and you don’t like it, so you resort to this ad-hominnem attack without solid ground to stand on.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Digging lots of trenches in the woods, lots of trenches, for Hitlerite and Jihadi scum to place themselves into….

    Only half kidding.

    What is needed is strong genuine Christian spiritual leadership, like those Orthodox Christian clergy who rejected the recent Cretan pseudo-council and attempts at ‘modernizing’ their Church to conform with the secular liberal world.

    Men such as these or better, they can lead people out there between the two threats, as those who steered the rational flock between the opposite heresies of Nestorianism and Monophysitism back in the day.

    In Christ a sinner,


    • Juan

      The recent Cretan pseudo-concile has been a failure (thanks be to God). The Russians have done the right thing don’t attending it.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Sometimes their instinct is better than their intellects in sniffing BS in the air, can’t try and hang noodles on their ears:-)

    • Kamau41

      Merry Christmas OA. Beautiful icon of our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary and Her Son.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Yes, the Incarnation Icon, terror of the demons:-)

        • Kamau41


  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Radical Zionists had made agreements with Hitlerites before, back in the 30’s and 40’s, willing to cooperate with the Third Reich to get Jews to the Holy Land and to fight the British Mandate occupation by any means fair or foul.

    Without Christ there is only lies, darkness and mutual deception and fraud, dirty alliances based on hatred of a third party, like the friendship of Pilate and Herod that formed after Our Lord’s death.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Walid, the word play of “Amalekite Catholic” is ironic indeed:
    Spencer (like Esau) has sold his birthright for expediency (carnal life – $).
    Very unfortunate…

    sidenote commentary on Amalekite ban failed by Saul.

    • I think its the Judas factor. There are Judases and then there are the 30 pieces of silver.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        It always seems to come down to Mammon or Christ in this world, mr. Shoebat.

        Funny how the Fascists always come running like prostitutes to the Rich Oligarchs they pretend to despise, to thuggishly uphold the Plutocratic corrupt social order and do the bidding of the Elites.

        Judas Iscariot; from Apostle of Jesus Christ to errand boy of the Temple Establishment….

        • Kevin Nicholson

          “3For we also once were foolish ourselves, disobedient, deceived, enslaved to various lusts and pleasures, spending our life in malice and envy, hateful, hating one another. 4But when the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared, 5He saved us,…”
          Titus 3:3-5a

          Yes, verse 3 is hell on earth. Verse 4 is why we celebrate.

          Merry Christmas OrthodoxChristianAmerican.

  • Phil aka Felipe

    There you go again, Walid; slaughtering more sacred cows. 😉

  • A worthy comment show quotes while an unworthy comment makes assertions on what the author said. We simply documented from the links who Spencer and Geller are linked to. Thats all. It is therefore up to you to decide. What I have noticed in life is this: few seek the facts and most seek their prejudiced presupposition and you are no exception to this reality.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      And for Geller to point out these facts about Adolph and Al-Husseini, isn’t exactly a condemnation of them either.

      Pointing out that being so Anti-Islamic that some miss the very real evil ones in alliance with them, goes over certain people’s heads.

      • Kamau41

        Well said OA.

        • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

          Thanks Kamau, may you and yours have a blessed Western Nativity

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    He did not do nothing at all, that’s for sure, wouldn’t you say?

    • Стефан Евгений
      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Always beautiful music from them; I pray also for that other Choir, the Red Army Choir, that is now in Heaven singing there.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    That’s the usual story, even way back in the 1920’s, that these people are ‘needed’ to do the dirty work against certain enemies….. Didn’t turn out too well, even for the Fascists.

    Ditto for their blood brothers the Jihadi Islamofascists, who were ‘needed’ in Afghanistan against the Soviets, and ‘needed’ in Libya and Syria too…

  • Kkdgrace

    Wow….what an exposition. Hard to believe both Geller AND Spencer could turn blind eyes to all of this. I am highly disappointed AND disturbed. They are such “revered” Defenders against Islamic incursion in all areas (in general), but absolutely NONE of the background and associations come through on either main or alternative media. They remain “heros”. Thx for the info and insight. I always come away from this site with an adjustment to the lens in which I view the world and world events.

    • mspip

      there is a lot of information on this site that is found no where else.

  • susan

    Lots of rotten fruit of his tree.

    • Paul

      Susan, once again Whalid has deleted my reply to you.
      He is a Jesuit liar.

      • Can you go and do all your anti-Catholic moaning somewhere else? We’re trying to listen to Christmas carols.

    • Kamau41

      Absolutely. A fact that cannot be refuted no matter what these may say.

  • TopAssistant

    I would like to see BOTH Gellar and Spencer speak out on this! This is very disturbing to say the least!

  • susan

    “Spencer’s and Geller’s bylaws are a sham, a front, a scam meant to deceive innocent donors in contributing for a nefarious outfit called the AFDI: American Freedom Defense Initiative. What is on the 990 forms is all fictitious.”

    It’s one thing to give my money to a tv preacher who spends it on alligator boots, a plane and expensive cigars (for himself)…..and quite another thing…to give it to an outfit like Spencer and Geller’s who spend it promoting and supporting antichrist ideologies and factions. What a minefield of deception!

    Thank you for sharing your repentance list. I need to add to mine too. Repentance….it’s wonderful for the soul…the joy I feel after leaving the confessional booth…it’s the one thing that never gets old. 🙂

    Merry Christmas! 😀

    • Your welcome Susan. Merry Christmas.

    • Taurnil Oronar

      A mine field? You bet and packed so tightly that a toe barely fits between them, oh and tripwires everywhere.

      Hmm, I think it’s related to the narrow gate part Jesus spoke of.

  • Renato Steri

    Doesn’t surprise me. The rotten stays always rotten. You recognise the tree by the fruit said the Lord.

  • Kamau41

    Very disturbing and troubling by far….This is exactly what you both have faithfully and consistently been trying to warn us about. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s very deep and wide connections to the whole rising n*zism, national socialist and eugenics ideology, under the disguise of the counter-jihad movement is far more deceptive and dangerous than what most here in the west realize. The pictures, videos you have posted, including twitter comments and Facebook, shows the concrete evidences(absolutely non refutable) beyond reasonable doubt that they clearly have a total different agenda, which is incredibly sinister and wicked.

    As always, many thanks to you brother Walid and Theodore for putting immense amount of time, energy in this block buster research and investigative report. A job well done exposing the truth about how truly wicked and evil these people really are. We pray that many who read this will finally be fully aware of what is going on around us and that their eyes and hears will be open to reality.

    May you and your whole family have a very Blessed, Safe and Merry Christmas!!

  • What are you moaning about now? Like an old milkless goat in heat.

    • Стефан Евгений

      Let moaning Myrtle moan…. Have a listen and forget about the schome. Happy Christmas!

      • Same to you Стефан Евгений. Do you have people who moan that much in Russia or is this only here?

        Merry Christmas to you too Стефан Евгений.

        • Стефан Евгений

          Moaners come in all lands, in Russia they get beat up buy some Ivan(JOE) that had too much vodka.

          • I guess we need more Joes with Vodka 😉

          • Taurnil Oronar

            I’d rather have a cup of Joe, of the cappuccino variety, gave up on booze around eight years ago.

      • Kamau41

        We know there are too many moaners and complainers around here. Nothing new.

        Hope you have a very Blessed Christmas.

        • Стефан Евгений

          And you too my you and your’s have a blessed Christmas

  • Juan

    Why do people think is strange to see Jews with Nazis, Muslims with Nazis or Jews with Muslims? Do anyone of them believe in Jesuchrist as Son of God and Savior?

    All these combinations happened before in History, therefore it isn’t strange all this antichristian people can cooperate again.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    and these self proclaimed experts are just stealing your money and laughing about it. …

    So either you are an expert, or pretending to be one. Which is it so I can decide if your words require heeding.

  • Стефан Евгений

    Oh go on, Moaning Myrtle…. It’s Christmas Eve for the West. I happen not to agree on what most Catholics belivie, but i don’t Piss on their Christmas. Stop moaning and enjoy.

  • Great, what is your problem then? The clicks didn’t work in the article? The facts busted a bubble? What part of Pamela’s associates do you agree or disagree with? Enlighten us with your “western flaming patriotism”? Christian militarism doesn’t suit your fancy? Anti-crusaders? Anti-Sir-Robert Anderson and more pro-Robert Spencer?

  • Its Christmas. Do you always moan on Christmas?

  • “What do you suggest be done to combat the spread of Islamism in the west?”

    Pure Christian militarism. Crusader style.

    • Taurnil Oronar

      At some point in order for those 10 kings from “terrible nations”, you know the ones mentioned in Revelation, have to “clean themselves” up to meet with Christ in the middle east?

    • mspip

      something must be done about it or we will all go down the tubes. i don’t know what the best course of action might be. but this cannot go on or we will be done for.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Sure, they were a cult of death posing as a government.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Well I think you fall down with this: “… We have to Pick our poison and…”.

    Um, no I don’t. You are basing that on the presumption I have to choose one or the other offerings from satan.

    I choose neither.

  • AnthonyM

    I’ll have to read this again when I can think about it. Geller, Spencer, and Tommy Robinson seemed to be on the right side. Now I don’t know what to think. Possibly they don’t know who they are dealing with?
    Did they have any comments on the article? Though it would be hard for them to explain the facts presented here.

    But wishing you a Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year.

    • Just click on the links Anthony.

      • AnthonyM

        Will do so.

  • richinnameonly

    The closest I can get my mind to all these people and groups is that I also think we can get very limited positive results from multiculturalism in todays world. Of course they go way beyond that. I remember the expose that Ted wrote a little while ago about Geller and Spencer and there was some subsequent back and forth. I would think there will be some kind of rebuttal from them about this article. It remains to be seen if they will take a relatively high road and try to refute with facts and honest platforms, or a low road and sling unsubstantiated mud.
    I’m hoping for a happy and peaceful Christmas to the whole Shoebat family, the rest of the team, and also for all of the readers and commenters here.

    • susan

      Merry Christmas to you and your family Rich. :). May God be with you!

      • richinnameonly

        Thank you, Susan. Wishing the same for you!

  • susan

    Joe, are you ok? To me, it seems from your comments that you’re a bit jaded. Jesus didn’t go with the flow. He exposed hypocrisy and fraud. He was truth eternal….mercy and justice. “God is in control.” Is God in control of your life? Or do you do as you please? There is both God’s perfect will and God’s permissive will. One leads to purgatory and heaven. The other to hell.
    Have a Merry Christmas Joe. 🙂

    • Christendom

      Susan, I especially like that you instinctively wrote mercy first and justice second here. It is God’s will that all men be saved…

      The … of course infers that not all men will be saved. I agree with Jim Caviezal minus his other theological errors (see:, in that each of us ultimately choose our eternal fate, heaven or hell. God has given us freewill but it’s not void of justice. There is a real and eternal choice to be had and it is a choice we all must make within one lifetime.

      God Bless

      • susan

        Thank you for the video. :). I’ll try and watch it soon. The other time I find terrifying is the protests of those who could cast out demons in Jesus’ name. They were crying about their judgment.
        I hope you had a Merry Christmas. 🙂

  • Stop yakking and find problems with the links we provided. Not interested in opinion I want you to refute the facts and the LINKS. Merry Christmas.

  • Lidia

    Merry Christmas Walid and Ted and to all my friends here!

    The word Swastika comes from India because it’s a Sanskrit word and the symbol, the Kolovrat, might have come from India too. The earliest swastika ever found was uncovered in Mezine, Ukraine, carved on an ivory figurine, which is 12,000 years old. One of the earliest cultures that are known to have used the Swastika was a Neolithic culture in southern Europe, in the area that is now Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, known as the Vinca Culture, which dates back around 8,000 years.

    The Star of David is also a Hindu symbol found in Hindu temples. Why is there a Hindu symbol on the flag of Israel, shouldn’t it be the Menorah? Supposedly it was given to the Jews by the Visigoths. The Visigoths were the western tribe of the Goths (a Germanic people) who settled west of the Black Sea sometime in the 3rd century CE. When the Huns invaded the area, the Visigoths appealed to the Roman Emperor Valens for sanctuary in the Roman Empire. Valens consented and the Visigoths settled in an area near the Danube. Mistreatment by provincial Roman governors soon led to widespread discontent among the Visigoths and, by 376 CE, open rebellion had broken out. The Visigoths plundered the neighbouring Roman towns, growing in power and wealth as they went.
    Aren’t all Europeans Aryans (Aryan, a Sanskrit word) and/or Indo-European because we share a common history and language-Sanskrit-with India, especially the Slavs? Even the Gaelic/Irish language has Sanskrit words.

    Too bad the old N*zis and the neo-N*zis ruined the word Aryan and Swastika and the symbols that went along with it. It’s part of our history and interesting to know where our ancestors came from. Should we attack the Star of David, it’s a pagan symbol too!?

    Sorry Walid, I’m very invested in the Vinca culture since my family comes from there.

  • Kamau41

    Well, can you prove otherwise?

  • Kamau41

    You need to take your anti-catholic rant somewhere else. Besides, there are people who are enjoying Christmas here on this ship.

  • Michelle Therese


  • Kevin Nicholson
  • Is there an article, a link, evidence …. anything you have refuted? Truly you’re a son of a bitch.

  • Indeed Renato, practitioners of Taqiyya are not only Muslims. It is practiced by infiltrating homosexuals, Eugenists and the rest of the Judas type. These are a dime a dozen.

    • Ratliff

      Did you wrap and tape your hands before you posted this article? I could barely see to read it for all the fur flying…

      • Yes Ratliff. What say you about all this?

        • Ratliff

          Well done, Shoebats. I liked Geller previously because she fearlessly exposed the cancer that is islam, and was strong in a debate situation. However, one can’t ignore such ties and affiliations. Seems she and Spencer are neck deep. Too bad.

          Merry Christmas, brother. Christ is born!

    • Grace Ziem

      Wasting money there, Walid. 🙂

  • Thank you pfbonney. Indeed, the links and photos do not lie.

  • Juan,

    You make a good case for nationalism going too far. I live and learn daily from the few wise that do their homework. Thank you for your wise instruction. I recon you are Orthodox. Right?

    • Juan

      I am not Orthodox, Walid. I remain Roman Catholic even thinking that Filioque and Papism are heresies. I think that theologically the Orthodox Church is right but I also think that Papacy (being just a first among equals regarding another patriarchs) will have a decisive importance to establish a Unite Christendom. I have serious doubts about what to do: to convert to Orthodoxy or to remain Roman Catholic. I remember that once I suffered a sudden health problem in France while I was driving my car and had to stop to seek help, the first people I ask urgently were a Russian couple and they reacted so cold and with absolute indifference, like if I was not human (I don’t think they acted this way because xenophobia but just because absolute selfishness); after this I run towards a truck and the driver helped me in the appropriate and Christian way and the truck driver was precisely from Rome. Of course I could have met a charitable and Christian Russian and a Roman selfish but was the other way. I am not sure if this can be considered a signal or just a casual issue. I have also visited Fatima a lot of times and feel attached to Roman Catholicism from heart. I consider that we are wrong just like Egyptian Copts are also wrong but I think that Roman Catholic Church or Coptic Church are Apostolic Churches that, even having some doctrinal heresies, have valid Sacraments. I have so much more thoughts about these issue and the Unity of Christendom.
      I ask Jesuchrist to help to discern the most appropriate not guided by my own passions and thoughts but by His Will. I am putting this on Jesus hands and waiting. I am going to do a monastic retirement next days in order to discern with quiet mind about this issue.
      I am sorry for my long story and I also will be so thankful if you give me some advice about it.
      God Bless

      • I see.You are a Catholic in search for answers which you struggle with. The further we get closer to the end the further will you struggle. I wouldn’t. I let popes do what popes do and let the sheep focus on God in obedience to authority as demanded by God. Render unto caesar what is caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.

        • Juan

          Thank you so much, Walid.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Juan, I shall pray for you; it took me a long time to get where i’m at now, from traditional Roman Catholic to Orthodox Christian. Nobody makes a change responsibly without counting the cost and weighing things out. Lots of prayer and fasting, honest scriptural reading and reading of the Fathers, and being patient.

            Christ bless you!


          • Juan

            Thank you so much for your advice and prayers, OA. Christ bless you too, brother!

      • Christendom


        Can you please explain to this, to borrow your own words, “Roman circus clown” why Christ would choose to name Peter ‘first’ if the title essentially means nothing practice?

        Communists teach us everyone is equal. Catholicism teaches us we are all equal in dignity, not authority.

        Christ named Peter first. This is not debatable.

        God Bless (I’m using God’s name in vain here according to you being the omniscient mind reader, theologian and historian that you are).

        😉 😉 Nudge. Nudge.

      • Christendom

        Juan, thank you for sharing this intimate and personal story. One thing you should know about me is that I’m an Australian. In traditional Australian culture, a culture that is dying today, we mock our friends and those we care about, as an expression of endearment. (Our ancestors were largely convicts after all). I stated it before, and I’ll state it again: I do not dislike you Juan. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Your sincerity I have never for a moment questioned. Your logic at times, I do (not that you care either way. Just saying…) 🙂

        What Walid stated was true, your faith will be tested for the foreseeable future. Read:

        The Church’s ultimate trial

        675 Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.

        676 The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgment. The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the “intrinsically perverse” political form of a secular messianism.

        677 The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God’s victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven. God’s triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgment after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world.

        God bless you.

    • Christendom

      Walid, below is an excellent article from the Catholic Encyclopedia titled, ‘Civil Allegiance.’ it clearly and concisely defines what patriotism means in a Catholic context and outlines the ideal relationship between Church and State and its challenges:

      Thanks for all the work and sacrifices you have made for the kingdom of God this year.

      God bless you and yours.

  • susan

    Tell us your name so we may believe your defense of the wicked.

  • Thomas

    Dearest Sarah, hate is not the problem. Evil is the problem, and if you see it and do not hate it, then you have a problem. Sorry to say.

  • dude, seriously. Jack Chick already died. Give it a rest already and maybe read some real history. You will be surprised, I can assure you.

  • There is neither Jew nor Gentile. This is a fact will remain no matter what your evil ways do. Your evil ways brought nothing but death and genocide. You will someday perish along with your evil ways. Depart from here.

    • Ragg muff

      OK. Thanks for the Debate. I look forward to More of your Articles.

      • Can’t say am looking forward for your lousy comments.

  • Renato Steri

    You mix race and religion. Which one decides for you? I will not even start the discussion about the term of “Aryanism” because it is clear to me that you haven’t done your homework well and you are not informed on its meaning and origins. Mixing together terms that are of different category does not make much sense, therefore it doesn’t give much fruit trying to analyze and refute your theories. As of the reason that you are so proud of, following the Faith in Christ makes more sense than your pro-gay and pro-Nazi babbling.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    The Germans ‘fought’ harmless Jews and Slavs and Gypsies and myriads of other civilians and invaded Russia and a great deal of Europe altogether, being ruled BY a ‘Cult of Death’.

    • Ragg muff

      If the Jews Had Guns in Germany, Hitler and the SS would not have had their way. When Guns are Removed from the Citizens Tyranny Thrives. Hence the Middle East and Europe under Current conditions. The wave of Nationalism swarming the Planet is Humanity taking back the Power and its Right to Survive. “Cults” are only allowed to Survive only if the People allow it.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        in the 20’s and 30’s, there was not exactly a lack of guns. What there was was a lack of Anti-NSDAP unity

      • “The wave of Nationalism swarming the Planet is Humanity taking back the Power and its Right to Survive.”

      • Grace Ziem

        So, are you defending right wing cults: yes or no? If so, you are on the wrong site and not fooling anyone! And guns don’t solve problems; they have no ethics but follow the morals of those who use them! Don’t waste your time recruiting here!

      • Taurnil Oronar

        Yes and if my grandma had wheels she would be a wagon, as such was then the Jews, Slavs and all the others had varying means to resist, guns or not. Using the “if” conditional statement does not give any solidness since the past cannot be changed though mankind does a good job of repeating it.

        As is with all tyrannies the general populace must be disarmed and there are many ways of disarmament, not just of the physical kind. The condemned one, satan takes great delight in the disarmament of the mind, that is to say, to divert one from God. Using any method he thinks will work. Sadly pride works a good deal of the time and is an easy trap to obscure there is not Jew, there is no Gentile.

        While I get the concern about a nation falling through the subverting of its society via the methods used since the days of muhammad, it is important to keep one’s eyes on one’s path. I think that is the main gist Walid is attempting to make.

        We have seen how all tyrannies have fell, how all of them started off with good intentions and on their march to their fall many perish along that path. I think it is too much of a generalization to infer “this time” will be different. It won’t in the long run.

        The world has been in this situation before (many times). As was said in another piece on, God has reset the world’s clock and we are once again at the beginnings of WWII, WWI, or name your preferred war, conflict, etal, except this time it is happening on a much larger scale.

  • Why go too far? If we warn about racism, we are accused of condemning nationalism? Or is this always the nature of most. Pretty soon, maybe we are still Muslim? Trump is good. He will probably fix what you need when it comes to the economy. But will he obliterate homosexuality? No.

    It is about Christ and what He is all about and it is not about your current aspirations. We are not of this world.

    • Kamau41

      Right on brother Walid. It is utterly amazing to watch how so many like lemarie remains so blind to the evidences/facts presented here.

      • “It is utterly amazing to watch how so many like lemarie remains so blind”

        I will put it another way. It is utterly amazing to watch how so few (like you) can see.

        • Kamau41

          As you well already know, we are living in the age of so much deception. It’s by God’s grace and mercy that He has helped me to keep my eyes and hears open to truth and seeking righteousness as I continue on rowing.

  • There it comes. The slander. the nature of the human sinner at its best. Who said that “white people are racist”? There are Black Lives Matter. They are racist. There are Nazis. They are racist. Then there are true Christians who do not see a difference between Jew or Gentile.

    Choose and choose wisely.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      Racism is a hard thing to uproot out of any people or individual, because fear and hatred of the ‘other’ is precisely one of the ways the Devil finds an opening in our hearts.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    There is much I could say in criticism, but I’ll just settle for a question and a comment; what do you know about Socialism that you should tar all Socialists with the same brush of militant atheism and materialism? There are good and evil Socialists out there, and evil Capitalists too, like Ayn Rand and her rotten Objectivist ideology of Hypercapitalism

  • mspip

    protestants are not without faults…..

  • Lemarie1,

    If all what you say is the case tell us then after you click on the links, whats that all about? Who are these neo-Nazis? Why are they her administrators on her facebook? I mean give us some serious investigative reporting.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Socialism relates to Socio-Economic ideas and theories, race based Nationalism is a horse of a different color, it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    That’s far too simplistic a belief, I’m sure she has a broader worldview, one that a Christian might find antipathetic to Christianity, such as her support for Pedo-Fags.

  • Kevin Nicholson
  • Islamism supports homosexuality:

    Here you can see how easily refuted is Spencer:

    You’ve been lied to.

    Look. We report the facts. We get all the shit. We know that. We expect it. We rarely get serious refute with homework.

    But the comment section is not a place where you educate yourself. It is to discuss with evidence. You so far are providing none. All you provide is your suspicions. These come a dime a dozen.

  • Kamau41

    You have already proven that you are the son of the devil.

  • Christendom


    The universal Magesterium reveals to us that the Church is both visible and invisible, human and divine. Re:


    770 The Church is in history, but at the same time she transcends it. It is only “with the eyes of faith”183 that one can see her in her visible reality and at the same time in her spiritual reality as bearer of divine life.

    The Church – both visible and spiritual

    771 “The one mediator, Christ, established and ever sustains here on earth his holy Church, the community of faith, hope, and charity, as a visible organization through which he communicates truth and grace to all men.”184 The Church is at the same time:

    – a “society structured with hierarchical organs and the mystical body of Christ;

    – the visible society and the spiritual community;

    – the earthly Church and the Church endowed with heavenly riches.”185

    These dimensions together constitute “one complex reality which comes together from a human and a divine element”:186

    The Church is essentially both human and divine, visible but endowed with invisible realities, zealous in action and dedicated to contemplation, present in the world, but as a pilgrim, so constituted that in her the human is directed toward and subordinated to the divine, the visible to the invisible, action to contemplation, and this present world to that city yet to come, the object of our quest.187

    O humility! O sublimity! Both tabernacle of cedar and sanctuary of God; earthly dwelling and celestial palace; house of clay and royal hall; body of death and temple of light; and at last both object of scorn to the proud and bride of Christ! She is black but beautiful, O daughters of Jerusalem, for even if the labor and pain of her long exile may have discolored her, yet heaven’s beauty has adorned her.188


  • peakpower

    It is only a deep commitment to the cause of The Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that will defeat this evil. Islam and Nazism, as well as leftism, are only permutations of Demonic fascism. The enemy is Satan himself. Reach as many of the enemy to free them from their spiritual bondage. And the ones that lust for power from the evil. They have sealed their fate.

  • Grace Ziem

    Sometimes I have sensed hatred among some of our commenters toward people, whom God forbids us to hate, (Muslims) and not just toward hateful belief systems, which God wants us to have nothing to do with (Islam).. Our treatment of Islam must never be blurred with how we see people, or WE WOULD FALL INTO A SIMILAR TRAP, one we clearly need to avoid. I can’t verify if or how much this makes Spencer untrustworthy, but earthly alliances must NEVER be in violation of God’s Word. I have not picked up this “people hatred” from Spencer, but will be watchful.

  • Grace Ziem

    You hatred-spewing fits poorly here, to put it kindly. You SERIOUSLY need to read the Bible, your stuff is ALL coming from your ego, and has NOTHING to do with Christ!

  • Grace Ziem

    Sir, you don’t know who Christ really is, so how could you possibly know you are NOT following Him, but are following your own ego? If you care about your eternal soul, it is important to study the Bible; if you ever did, you have forgotten much!

  • Grace Ziem

    Hell is coming, sir, get ready!

  • Grace Ziem

    She may try, but we won’t hold our breath!

  • Taurnil Oronar

    That sounds a lot like the same things the Pharisees and Sadducees would have, or may have said about the first Apostles. Everyone was something not so great and even great threat to the life of another before turning to Jesus for salvation, else there would have been little to any point for God to send us His Son to redeem us all.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Maybe you can have that at the beginning but it seems to me all those paths eventually, sooner or later, one way or another will turn into a murderous cult.

  • I am totally confused now, l was thinking that Islam and Communism was almost if not the same .. both are wanting to control the world and will kill anyone going against their ideology . As in the NWO and one ruler telling all nations to get in line or there will be war against them. so are the wars really islam wanting more control then over the communism .. either or, they are both in my eye evil.

  • Great then stop yakking and start refuting the links.

  • Meeting and listening to speakers means nothing. I would love you see a refutation of all the links provided in the article. These do not lie.

    To say the enemy of my enemy is my friend is to follow Islamic tactics.

    • Sara Bridge Reinhardt

      you can be sued you know for your false ties and claims

      • Now you really sound like CAIR. Sue away. But until then, get lost. You sound like an old female dog that barks but doesn’t bite.

  • No there is an honest American. Nazis for hire. fascists for hire. Communist for hire. Pimps in disguise.

  • I love it when everything is diverted to “Catholic”.

    Start refuting the links instead of yakking.

  • No one pulled your comment Wendy. Its just we approve the unworthy comments every now and then since they are mostly empty opinions we’re not interested in since they do not quote anything from the article and neither do they refute the solid links we provide.

  • The true Israel of God.

  • I was right . You are an old yakker with gossip and zero evidence. Try refuting links and photos or go find a bigot to yak with.

  • Then refute the links instead of following British Taqiyya.

  • Then join the pagans, the Nazis and defend away.

  • Kamau41

    “While I admire your work Mr. Shoebat I find this hard to believe.” How can you deny the evidences and facts that he and his son presented to the table?

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Pride? Mmmm, I think otherwise since that is one of things God hates and as described in the Old Testament the reason of Lucifer’s fall.

    I rather think it has more to do with when God said if nations turned to Him then they will be blessed.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    My point just to be clear is that even though Walid has the background that he does isn’t necessarily a disqualifier or a reason to dismiss.

    Is he perfect in all that he presents? Nope. Neither are we, however the research in his pieces go in my opinion far beyond what you would normally or rarely find even from well respected journalists, etal.

    What I appreciate is his honesty, willingness to say, oops I made a booboo, correct himself, repeatedly tell us readers to go and verify themselves <— (that's the important part), etc, etc.

    • “Is he perfect in all that he presents? Nope. ”

      SHOOT. Someone finally exposes the truth about me which makes all sense.

      • Taurnil Oronar

        Well I hope you don’t interpret that to mean I was shooting the messenger 🙂

        • Hardly. You are making common sense. The question is why most people you interact with cannot use the same common sense you are using.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Well as Ronald Reagan was wont to say; trust but verify. Oh wait, Walid has said over and over, go verify yourself.

    Quite honestly I had not heard of Geller until a while back her little kerfuffle down in Texas. At that time, yeah sure, her words were like ear candy. It was nice to hear someone taking such a strong stand on the hypocrisy concerning islam. How you can say anything disparaging about Jesus and Christians but heavens no, draw a cartoon of muhammad, shame on you. Many responded positively.

    However, as we all should know by now, it is way too easy to step onto the slippery slope of pride and nationalism. So if you (Geller) steps onto that platform it is important for the rest of us to know who she associates with or have and where her support money comes from. Maybe she was/is um, uninformed about those associates but it is still good to know information.

    How has he borne false witness? Did you not follow the sources he provided? For crying out loud woman, some of those associates are on her board and have questionable intentions.

    For those using the argument since nazis and muslims were pals during WWII and as such would never “go to war” with each other. Just exactly what do you think is happening in Germany right now? Or is those muslim immigrants playing footsie while raping German women, children and causing general mayhem? They may not be “at war” with the government of Germany but they sure are at war with it’s people. Jesus made mention of principalities and powers and where the war would be.

    Finally, if as you say they and I presume you refer to Gellers associates not found on neo-nazis, then why have they adopted the symbolism and trappings of nazis? From my view it makes little to no difference when tagged with “neo”. Such taggings was a popular thing in the 60s by all the drug addled ones to justify their moral decay. You know, flower power and all that of which I won’t rehash.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Really? That’s odd, if could find nothing in the Constitution about whites. Unless I misread the first sentence and it really reads as;

    “We the honkeys…”.

  • boucle

    Walid, aren’t you a wayward muslim? Pam Geller is a brave intelligent woman whose agenda may save your life someday after you publicly left that deadly religion.
    I’ve seen white supremacy groups in action in CA and they are not savage like the jihadists. They avoid harm to minority kids and most don’t usually start the violence, only react to it. They certainly won’t strap a bomb to a child.
    If the Crusaders didn’t get tough, there would be no more Europe or USA for people like you to escape to.

    • “Walid, aren’t you a wayward muslim?”


      “I’ve seen white supremacy groups in action in CA and they are not savage like the jihadists.”

      Great. Then join the Nazis breeding program. You could be put to use to breed Super Race Children so start getting busy girl.

    • Taurnil Oronar

      So you would categorize “most of them” as non-radicalized supremacists. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Which is exactly the end effect of “non-radicalized” islamists, let others of their ilk do the heavy lifting.

      Just a quick Google and these non-instigating supremists seem to have a predicliction of starting their own violence and people end up dead and children molested. Don’t take that as an exhaustive list.

      Not to paint your pals with a broad brush the simple point is this; when you are founded on separatism along with a sense of elitism and really that is their issue (in part) it flies in the face of God, Jesus saying there is no difference between Jew and Gentile.

      • boucle

        Jesus never said there is no difference between Jihadists and the Crusaders. Thank God for the latter.

  • Defeat Sharia

    I respect the work of Shoebat, but this work is a HUGE stretch, not sure your motives. This is a shotty mirage of guilt & labeling by association which isn’t fair or accurate. Words like BOMBSHELL & labeling Geller and Spencer as Neo-nazi International scam criminals doesn’t fly here. Sorry. What is the motive here?

    • Had the article been about Khizr Khan (which we did the same exact type of investigation) you would not be commenting, trust me.

      Just refute the links instead of asking us for “motives”.

  • Strange how “this piece, written by the genocidal Shoebats” provides zero links or references to prove we are “genocidal”, yet you want us to pay attention to your complaint? Take a hike.

    “from the same people who have called for the killing of homosexuals?”

    So our whole purpose in life is to defend homosexuals? Had you examined U.S. history it too had punishments against homosexuality. We believe in that. This is not “genocidal” you dolt.

    And where is anything written in the article that relates to homosexuality? Nothing.

    Take a hike.

  • “Read the bible and you will see that true Christians are no part of this world…and should not lift the sword. ”

    Common now, there is a limit. If someone breaks into your home you will lift a shotgun guaranteed.

  • Oh holy mackerel it is Samson. Didn’t recognize you there. Send Janice my best regards and make sure she does not give you a haircut or else you will lose your strength.

    • Holy mackerel? lol, hahahaha. My grandmother used that expression all the time along with ‘holy Toledo’. Thanks for the remembrance! Put a smile on my face and you are the only other person I’ve ever heard use that expression.

      • Raph Sebastian

        Did you know why the term holy mackerel was used? It was in relation to the Italian and Portuguese tradition of eating seven different kinds of fish at Christmas Eve dinner. It was also made into a pejorative term describing Catholics who eat fish on Fridays.

        Cheers and God’s blessings be upon you and your household.

        • Thanks for explaining that bit of trivia Raph. I enjoy learning little tid bits like that.
          And may the Lord lead and keep you in the coming year. It’s going to be a little bit ‘interesting’.

          • Raph Sebastian

            And may the LORD also keep you and your household in the coming year.

  • Keith Davies

    I own the website I am a Jew
    I suppose I am one of those evil Jewish Bankers

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Yeah, so a group of white guys sat down to write a document to govern a nation to which the document itself is benign of gender, race, etc in accordance with God’s laws.

    So you point is what? They used to the Constitution to warp God’s word?

  • Kristian,

    Never seen your face here before until now. Why does your kind always think that I am dying to have you read or receive my emails? You requested the emails yourself. Did I force you? So why act like some rape victim?

    And what “tactics of the left” did I resort to? The links are conservative that back up the evidence. And when did you think I have an ego to care whom you think is higher than who? Now you either refute or take a serious hike to your infowars lala land where you belong.

  • Grace Ziem

    You need to know Christ’s teachings, which are in scripture; you seem not to care and be under the illusion that you can create your own path to eternity: this is false: He is God; you are not. Matt 7:14 Christ says, “Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it”. Christ alone can tell you how to find it, sir.

  • ” I’m sure that Geller & Spencer have garnered support from extreme-right individuals, probably unwittingly.”

    Fair enough. You make your conclusions I make mine. The links are what they are and we simply report the facts.

  • So what are you waiting for, run to the trough of your choice. But before you run answer please. Jones believes that a pan-global cabal of the super-rich, with its origins in a century-old cult called the Illuminati, is conspiring to exterminate most of the world’s population and enslave the rest.

    Do you have proof?

    Among the tools of this so-called New World Order: mind control, water fluoridation, the global warming “hoax,” eugenics, the World Bank and the IMF, flu vaccines, FEMA, the Gates Foundation and psyscho-active drugs, both legal and illegal.

    Do you have proof of this?

    He believes the recent mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado, and Tucson, Arizona, were the work of perpetrators who’d been programmed by the government as part of a plot to deprive Americans of their guns. He believes Sen. Paul Wellstone was killed by a microwave gun and dead before his plane crashed. He believes the federal government engineered the Oklahoma City bombing as a coded reminder of the way it had crushed the Branch Davidians in Waco a year earlier.

    You believe all that crap?

    Apparently you do subscribe to all this believing you are a government rape victim.

    Enjoy the trough. Nice day and good bye.

  • “What a load of rubbish, i bet you are a migrant be honest.. your anti white hatred is showing massively. ”

    So to be anti-Nazi is being anti-White?

    Asshole, my mother is Scottish American white and my father is Arab Muslim. I took my mother’s side in the end because of Christianity where there is neither Jew nor Gentile. Your Cain analogy doesn’t even fit for Abel honored God you idiot, not the white of black race. The hell with Nazi Germany. Now bugger off and go kill your own turd, your filled with it.

  • Dan

    Sorry Walid this is old news and Gellers already talked about being associated with these groups and besides like I’ve told you before get rid of Islamic extremism and the swastikas will go back in their holes.

    The problem is the governments in Europe are still holding on to the idea that globalization is a good thing and are not addressing the threat of Islamic extremism fast enough. As long as the Islamic threat is there the people will support groups that will in fact kill Muslims. The nazi’s are not interested in the Jews or the Christians because if they were the people wouldn’t support them. Once the issue of Islamic extremism is handled I would bet the nazi’s would be neutralized just as quickly.

    I would again ask why every single Muslim cleric is not sounding the alarm against Muslim extremism? I mean by now we should be seeing Muslim cleric after cleric coming out against Jihad. Instead we see stories that tell us communities are being sued by mosques because the Muslims believe the communities should have to listen to their 5 X’s call to prayer noise.

    And you wonder why people are not worried about the nazi’s
    People are tired of Islam Walid and things may get worse solely because of it.

    If you hear from Pamella Geller please let us know.

  • Well the article is not rubbish (not same person as sybarite but i thought i would put it here).

    “Here’s however the problem. First an error i saw when reading it first time, you conflate dpp (which is in government) with dp a party that wants to be establish itself as an official party and needs votes to do so. These are NOT the same party.. and DPP is not a nazi party. The website you link to is that of DP (danish party) and not DPP danish people party or in danish “dansk folkeparti” which is called DF”

    Great. Thank you for that. The error arose from translation problem. We corrected it. In fact, your request to correct makes the case even better because Pamela and Co.besides being in bed with the DDP is in bed with the DP as well. So the argument remains valid.

    Remember, we only scratched the surface.

    “That these neo nazi groups exist is no secret but the push against mass migration is because there’s a very real threat of ethnic displacement of original europeans with the massive influx of migrants that was started since the 60-70’s or so into europe.”

    This is always the general bullshit arguments one hears. It does NOT justify anything.

    “We are not interested in mass migration …”

    Neither am I.

    “It is so bad in germany that unless something is done germany will be islamic nation by 2050 and within 15 years native germans will be minority in their own countries.”

    Completely unrelated to our subject of Geller’s Nazi ties. She is either linked or unlinked. No excuses. The case is clear that she is.

    “The few neo nazi groups ofcourse ride the populist wave”

    This is nonsense. It is the same argument we hear from Muslims who say that extremists hijacked Islam. We have seen this in Tahrir Square and now we see it in Germany. If indeed these extremists are trying to hijack what is good, the good will expel them. Fact is, its European Taqiiya and you are practicing it full scale.

    ” and try to hijack it”

    Ya, there is that word again. Islam was “hijacked” and the populists were “hijacked”.

    Muruna, Taqiyya and Kittman.

    “similarly as for instance the KKK in the US”

    There you go again. In the U.S. the hatred of the KKK is obvious.

    Where are your Pegeda vs. Nazi wars?

    “The actual nazi’s the few that are, are getting aggressive and is a response to the antifa groups mostly consisting of migrants who assault anyone speaking out against mass migration and try to label them racist and nazi. Which is a far bigger danger to peace and stability than the few nazi groups that are generally not condoned by people.”

    We find eugenist material from AfD to Pegida to all the rest. White supremacist Nazis (moderate + extremists).

    “There’s no hate for people for other countries about this populist movement simply we want to exist as a people in our own nations as they deserve to exist as a people in theirs”

    So Christian Copts should leave Europe? The should go back to Egypt? Just answer this one and it will prove you are a moderate supremacist Turd Slayer.

  • We lost you? Thats just great. But why do feel it necessary to tell us instead of simply doing what you came to tell us you want to do which is to “get lost”.

    So do us a favor. Don’t tell us that you want to get lost. Just get lost. Okay?

  • “So today i learned that walid thinks that if europeans don’t want unlimited mass migration and being ethnically displaced in their own nations …”

    Now you are becoming a complete asshole. Where did I ever say what you write of me here? Can you use quotes? Do you know how to use exact quotes? Or are you an armchair gossiper? I am anti-immigration of Islamists to Europe. Always been. But I also like to shove my boots up the arses of all these Nazi bastards.

    • Turdslayer

      Some different comments some are pending and some you deleted perhaps it doesn’t matter.. I had a few comments that are perhaps pending. With regards to nazi breeding programme, just do search on page, i did a response to one of your comments.. The other was from dialogue we had further down. where one of my comments are perhaps still pending.

      You made a big fuss about you being half arab half scottish and something something about nazi’s when i was simply pointing out the very anti white statement, the anti white hatred amongst migrants is very real, i actually have conversation with turkish muslim woman who is leaving islam partly because i talk to her about it, and i also explained to her my position atleast that we do not hate migrants but if we become minority and they push their culture and there comes millions of them when we have very few kids in comparison because we focus much on career and these things and live in more equilibrium with our ressources and don’t have 10 kids if we can’t feed one.. then this is problem.. And she also acknowledged that she never really thought about it that way, she only saw her position from her side where migrants gang up on the ethnic majority afraid of being oppressed.. But she also ofcourse understood (this particular one living in germany) that if german culture is to stay how it is, you could not practice islam and deny everything of german culture or values, but she had to practice islam or feign to practice it or her dad would get pissed off. But could see what this would mean for germany in future.

      The problem is many who are anti immigration and who espouse nazi quickly become told that we are nazis and racists.. it’s the fallback approach to try to discredit any notion to stop migration particularly if it is muslim migration.

      Even now they setup muslim enclaves with local sharia law leading to much similar situation that lead to islamic revolution in iran against shah, or the islamic revolution in lebanon against the lebanese christians which you are ofcourse very familiar with. They segregate and in danish documentary mosques behind the veil they teach in koran schools how “don’t be friends with danes they are like pigs or extrement/unclean”.. parallel society and this is ofcourse happening all over europe and what you have also been warning about.

      They setup a nation within a nation and when they get enough numbers it’s going to mean bad things in the streets if nothing is done.. Non muslim migrants is another matter that is of ethnic displacement and of less severity because it’s less confrontational but still very erosive of our culture and values. And both needs to be addressed, and both can be addressed without wanting to be nazi or any such sort of a thing.

      I have much respect for all cultures and people, but it is best if they are majority in their nations and we are majority in ours, if we become minority in ours, we are going to lose it..


        NO WHERE.


  • See you did exactly what I wanted you to do.

    Now this is very interesting. You condemn liberal media and then you use the same liberal media when it only serves your purpose in condemning us.

    Yet you still do not show the quotes.

    Under Christian based governing, these people would be put to death. So you are condemning history. We do not have a Christian government. So we cannot put to death heretics and homosexuals.

    Historically speaking that is what happens to these people. Call it “genocide” and go write articles condemning the whole of Christian history because when it boils down to it, this is exactly what all you people are about no different than the liberals you espouse to fight.

    However, having said all this, I still cannot see you refuting a single line from the article. So are you going to step forward or crawl into your cubbyhole?

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Broad interpretation? You seem to have a beef with the phrase, one said by Jesus regarding salvation and the treatment of our fellow men. Any beef and you should take it to Him.

    You know phrenology was once popular and considered a useful tool for the discernment of where a person should stand in their position of life and society.

    The DNA, genetic “reason” while based on a different part of the body is just another line of reasoning useful for those who wish to use something, anything as a dictatorial tool for the enforcement of a person’s station in life just like the believers of phrenology.

    That’s the same mental gymnastics nazis used against, Jews, and well anyone not German, Assyrian. Islam is of the same reasoning, or desire only they use “religion”, all the rest of their actions, muslim, nazis, etal use the same remaining tools be those economic, cultural, threats of violence, etc.

    That’s OK.

    The believers of science just might wake up one day to find themselves in a place they’d rather not be because of one extra bump on the head, or their DNA wasn’t quite right or your “purity” is now soiled because four generations ago grandpa sowed something more than oats with someone the family history kinda “forgot about”.

  • You wrote:

    “simply we want to exist as a people in our own nations as they deserve to exist as a people in theirs”

    In other words, Arabs in Arabia, Tunisians in Tunisia, Egyptians in Egypt.

    This says NOTHING about religion and neither is your movement religious. It is mostly populist eugenists racists.

    And now you say:

    “Absolutely not, europe is christian culture and they fit right in”

    Europe is hardly Christian culture. Show me where are these churches filled with Jesus worshippers? Show me the crucifixes?

    “and we need to be safe haven for them we can’t do that if our ethnicity that preserved christian culture for centuries is erased or become minority, then we will be the ones trying to seek refuge somewhere ALONG WITH THE COPTS that we should protect!”

    You already erased and eradicated your Christian culture. You clipped your balls and had your women take the pill and you wanted Muslims to do the dirty work because you had no kids and instead they collected welfare. Now you are crying “dear God, have mercy?”

    You hated and abandoned Christianity. Now live with Islam and suffer the consequences. I look at all this and say let clay crack and crush clay until the real metal shows up. Until then, I will expose all assholes.

  • Much appreciated Dafydd. Thank you.

  • No.

  • “May he [Trump] enact laws that will put sodomites to death.”

    ENACT LAWS. Some want to enact laws to put pedophiles to death and bestiality to death.

    To sit there and quote our belief on punishments on moral issues with issues on Geller and Spencer’s affiliation with Nazis is a disconnect.

    The click you sent doesn’t work for me. At any rate, stop the nitpicking. A valid arguments sounds like this:

    Walid, I clicked on the links, they are mostly valid except here and here and here … I found a problem here ….

    This would be a fair argument, but you are really wasting my time with the typical “let me find something to dismiss everything” tactic. I have many people who act as if they are smart and investigative when they are simply flapping their tongue. You are obviously NOT a reasonable person and I’d rather refrain from reasoning with unreasonable people. We are not your punching bag the Nazis should be. Go find better things to do. Good day.

  • Sara Bridge Reinhardt

    I checked with the people you cite and they say they never even heard of
    these people you say they are supposed to support and agree with. The idea that Geller, a
    proud Jew and Zionist, would have anything at all to do with neo-Nazis
    is as ridiculous as it is libelous

    • You sound like a Muslim who called CAIR and got their view about what someone wrote about them. Are you practicing Taqiyya? Any proof we photoshopped anything? No. Any proof that the links do not speak for themselves? No. It is just your claim you spoke with these people. Bring them on and have us interview them and debate them and you, Robert and Geller included. Until then please produce your proof or vanish. I did my homework now go do yours.

  • Sara Bridge Reinhardt

    I checked with the people shoebat cites and they say they never even heard of
    these people he says they are supposed to support and agree with. The idea that Geller, a
    proud Jew and Zionist, would have anything at all to do with neo-Nazis
    is as ridiculous as it is libelous

  • Sure he might not be Maoist and he might be. I am simply trying to find the possible motive. But I do not need to. It is not my responsibility but the facts remain, the links and the associates are evil. And since you want to defend the man, maybe you can explain:

    1) Are these connections accurate?
    2) Why is he making these connections?

    Okay Mr. Spencer’s defense lawyer? I am the district attorney on this one. I bring the charges with evidence, you refute.

    Now this is the last time I am myself clear. So unless you respond with valid points, please do not waste my time.

    • livingengine

      Well, I am telling the esteemed district attorney that he is engaging in libel. He has no case to call Spencer a Maoist.
      My apologies for getting in the way of your smear piece, but I was under the impression there was a 100% guarantee that you would defend yourself.

      There are about 80 occurrences of “Geller” on this page, but there is very little information about her. Instead, what we find is Shoebat associating her name with phrases like “Geller’s accomplice”, “Pamela Geller’s comrade”, and so on. This attack is more about other people than it is about Spencer/Geller. This is guilt by association, and rushing to judgement. You don’t really know what is going on, and you didn’t even bother to consult with her before you went public. And, this is after having said Pamela Geller deserves to be killed. Clearly, this is a biased hit piece.

      • “Instead, what we find is Shoebat associating her name with phrases like “Geller’s accomplice”, “Pamela Geller’s comrade”, and so on. ”

        And so? These are her partners in SIOA and SIOE.

        “This attack is more about other people than it is about Spencer/Geller. This is guilt by association”.

        Dummy. Guilt by association is to say that Geller is guilty of a shooting because she knew the shooter.

        That would be “guilt by association”.

        Geller is associated with the driver who carried the shooters to commit their crime. She is in partnership with this man in SIOE and not in the actual shooting. This is not guilt by association, it IS ASSOCIATION WITH A CRIMINAL.

        Now I don’t have time for dummies who probably never served a day on jury duty. I have been in court several times and know what I am talking about. I am done with you. So get lost. Bugger off dummy.

  • Raph Sebastian

    Go see a psychiatrist. Quick…!

  • Renato Steri

    If one reads the blogs of Spencer and Geller, one has to notice their duplicity, or ambiguousness: They are, but they aren’t in many aspects. For example, Spencer is Catholic, but not Roman; his rabid anti-Pope remarks can be easily traced. I do not agree with many of the Pope’s statements, but the Church of Jesus is one, and going against it does not make you better than the current Pope. Geller believes in God (if at all), but not in Jesus. Spencer is well aware that moderate Muslims will not save us from the plague of Islam, but insists on calling real believing Muslims whose acts of terror copy their prophet “radical”. From my own experience I saw Geller back off from the topics that were throwing bad light on her even when the people involved were doing the right thing, she just let them fall. In the same time, they keep lot of troubling contacts. This is my private opinion, for me their ambiguousness is too much to be trusted, i saw them abandon the truth and justice to join certain circles of power and i guess their are ready to do it again to advance themselves and not the truth.

  • I completely understand Mr. Jim Falconer. The investigator gets all the photos that your wife was not only sleeping with the pest control guy, but the grass mower, the cable guy and both the UPS and postman and it gets so frustrating that you are angry at the investigator for showing you all the photos.

  • I completely understand your frustration Miip. The investigator gets all the photos that your spouse was not only sleeping with the pest control guy, but the grass mower, the cable guy and both the UPS and postman and it gets so frustrating that you are angry at the investigator for showing you all the photos.

  • “walid for some reason seemed to share this view either because of his sensitive position or because of his past or some other reason.”

    I share a balanced view that one could find many evils committed by Jews and many evils committed by gentiles. Choosing one bone over the other is the cause of all the problems.

    Enjoyed your writ here. You have said many truths, but I do not grab a bone of contention over other bones of contentions.

  • Okay, you found a lightweight, what about the rest? All “lightweights”? I think not. Would like to read a thorough search (as we did) into each and every one of these bastards.

  • I read you Assyrian argument. I tend to see that you have a point that it could be symbolic. I am not an island. I was just warning to always be balanced when it comes to the Jews. I will do a whole study on this just for you Isha and you are welcome to disagree or agree. Would like to hear your view.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    Eh? “So you know when we die that is it?

    So then I take it you have been dead and came back to tell us all about it then. Or are you saying it’s the science of it that tells you this “truth”.

  • susan

    You’re an atheist? Since there is no God in tha atheist mindset and no one set of morals in which to believe…then how can you claim to know what is evil and what is good? Who’s claims shall we listen to? Isis? Yours? You believe you arose from a swampy cesspool and somehow “evolved” over time. It’s survival of the fittest. It’s all about breeding. And fags don’t produce. They’re a waste of resources. So even in your atheistic world they’re condemned to die. But enough of that. Back to your own “moral” supremacy argument. Where did we get our sense of right and wrong? Have you read Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis? It’s a good read. You might even learn something about your own belief system.

  • You hit the nail on the head Christendom. Now if everyone believes what you stated, the world will be fixed. What you wrote is a key missing in most. I will be doing a report on this.

    • Christendom


      I look forward to that article Walid.

      God bless you.

    • Christendom



      Both the Catechism and the Holy Bible explicitly state this truth.

      The Catholic Catechism (note the references to the mark of the world also being on the church):

      671 Though already present in his Church, Christ’s reign is nevertheless yet to be fulfilled “with power and great glory” by the king’s return to earth. This reign is still under attack by the evil powers, even though they have been defeated definitively by Christ’s Passover. Until everything is subject to him, “until there be realized new heavens and a new earth in which justice dwells, the pilgrim Church, in her sacraments and institutions, which belong to this present age, carries the mark of this world which will pass, and she herself takes her place among the creatures which groan and travail yet and await the revelation of the sons of God.” That is why Christians pray, above all in the Eucharist, to hasten Christ’s return by saying to him: Marana tha! “Our Lord, come!”

      Before his Ascension Christ affirmed that the hour had not yet come for the glorious establishment of the messianic kingdom awaited by Israel which, according to the prophets, was to bring all men the definitive order of justice, love, and peace. According to the Lord, the present time is the time of the Spirit and of witness, but also a time still marked by “distress” and the trial of evil which does not spare the Church [563] and ushers in the struggles of the last days. It is a time of waiting and watching.

      Matthew 13:24-30

      Tares among Wheat

      24 Jesus presented another parable to them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven [a]may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed [b]tares among the wheat, and went away. 26 But when the [c]wheat sprouted and bore grain, then the tares became evident also. 27 The slaves of the landowner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? [d]How then does it have tares?’ 28 And he said to them, ‘An [e]enemy has done this!’ The slaves *said to him, ‘Do you want us, then, to go and gather them up?’ 29 But he *said, ‘No; for while you are gathering:: up the tares, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30 -Allow both to grow together until the harvest; and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather up the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them up; but gather the wheat into my barn.”’”

  • Fair enough Paul. I liked reading your writ here because you are finally getting it: argue with substance.

    While I disagree with you that I am anti-Protestant. I am not. I expose Luther, but this does not mean that “all Lutherans are evil”. This is a problem with most who judge that if someone critiques Judaism, they are labeled as “anti-semitic” or if they stand with the Jews they are labeled as “anti-Christian” so on and so forth. You are not responsible for Luther’s works. However, you do adhere to Luther’s Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura which we disagree with, but you need to recognize that this you inherited strictly from Luther.

  • “Premise 1: Person A knows Person B. Premise 2: Person A and Person B are in a photo together. Conclusion: Therefore Person A shares Person B’s political views.”

    I am not sure why you wrote all of this nonsense. Person A partners with Person B under the same umbrella SION, SIOE … these Person A and Person have a photo together with SION. Conclusion: Person A shares Person B’s political views. Indeed.
    100% guilt by PARTNERSHIP not ASSOCIATION.

    “The problem with your article is that it tries repeatedly to link people who may have known one another in some way, and ideas. Obviously, different people can know one another in various ways, and not share any ideas about anything.”

    “know one another in someway” has never been in my arguments. The article shows the direct PARTNERS with Geller. These partners and their partners as well to make the case clear: this is a linked ideology.

    When you refute, you NEED TO SHOW EXACT QUOTES IN FULL CONTEXT and then APPLY your theory. What you have here is a general OPINION which is worthless without quotes.

    Example. You wrote:

    “Pamela Geller has associated herself with a lot of people over the years, including Elisabeth Sabaditch-Wolff and Geert Wilders. Does it necessarily follow that ESW and Geert Wilders are neo-Nazis? Of course not.”

    Geert Wilders is not in the article. Your argument is as if one says Geller is innocent for her association with Geert and therefore her connections with neo-Nazis must be false.

    You would make a lousy jury duty. Your arguments is the reason why the world is screwed up.

  • You are welcome Paul.

  • No big deal Isha. No worries. I never heard that these guys claim that the “Assyrians invented terrorism”.

    However, I could not find the statements made by Cahn or Missler.

  • Strange how not a single assertion you make has any valid quote, link or backup. Just assertions. I warned you to stop doing this but I know one cannot change the nature of slanderers.

  • Raph Sebastian

    Still, you need to see a psychiatrist…double quick time now..

  • John,

    We agree that Islam is evil.

    ” Why equate nationalism for naziism?”

    Search “nationalism” “Nazism” and “Shoebat” and have at it by commenting on each article by quoting us and your argument. Have at it. It will take you years to refute and you will fail 100% guaranteed.

    So please, do not try a generalized comment. It doesn’t hold water. Please do not waste our time.

    “Stop labeling mr shoebat CALL Iislam for what it is”

    Chucklehead. I have labeled Islam when you were on diapers and have done thousands of articles speaking engagements, TV interviews and an international arena exposing Islam before you came along. So put a sock in it.

  • Watched the video. This Cahn is nuts to say that terrorism is exclusively Assyrian. He knows nothing about history and is selling rubbish.

  • Raph Sebastian

    You are insane, quickly get some help…

  • Raph Sebastian

    If that is what she wants, as in to “experience and see” then it is up to you dear brother to show her your faith through practice. I know things are not as easy as it may seem, but you have to try. Let her experience the love of God through your actions, words and deeds. There is no greater experience than Christian love, that is the perfect unconditional love that God showed us.

    I will pray for you dear brother, for now, you need to focus on you and your family, nothing else matters.

    Protect what is yours and your loved ones, whatever the evil powers that be want to inflict upon us, may or may not happen, we have to believe the LORD is with us and the LORD will show us a way. Keep the faith dear brother, and I will be praying for you.

    • Thank you brother Raph in calling me to a higher level. I am really trying on that. I can be very passionate and outspoken but I’ve been sitting back and quiet and just trying to help her when she asks. She seems schizophrenic, showing appreciation in one moment to treating me like I’m something to scrape off ones shoe in the next.
      I have a feeling God is working to fix me as much as her. It is all so serious in my mind. I pray His work will be done and produce fertile seeds. God bless you and your family and bless you with peace.

  • Raph Sebastian

    Still nuttier than squirrel poop..even your reply is nuts…get help quick.

  • susan

    I’m glad you’re fine Joe :).

  • John,

    You write a litany of things which had nothing to do with the article whatsoever:

    “How were you before you met Jesus?”

    What does that have to do with the article? What were you insinuating?

    “Judge not lest you be judged.”

    Does that mean when we find Geller’s associations with neo-Nazis that we be silent?

    “Who else in europe is standing against islam?”

    Many. But what does that have to do with the article in any way shape or form?

    “Why equate nationalism for naziism?”

    Where did I say that “nationalism=Nazism”? Never.

    “How about in sweden where muslims are a rape epidemic, and they are not isis!”

    We have written about rape in Sweden often. It is the third highest rape in Europe but the first nation with a rape epidemic is India. We therefore should also address the Hindus as well.

    Who is standing against islam in sweden? Where are the catholics at in europe? Why are they not standing up against the islamic invasion of europe? Maybe it just took a JEWISH WOMAN from America to say to the men of Europe “you better stand and fight against islam or loose the country that you love along with your culture, children and women!”

    “Stop labeling mr shoebat CALL Iislam for what it is A FALSE RELIGION CREATED BY A FALSE PROPHET”

    Why are you lecturing me with this? Do we not call Islam a false religion? This is not an insult? Especially that you stated you read you would know that.

    And then you continue with:

    “stop with your insults.”

    Who started nagging at who? Your comment was a long nagging at us for no reason. You did not address a single fact we addressed. You were welcome to refute them. Instead you nagged.

    And then this:

    “I have given to you foundation in the past”

    And what does that have to do with any of these discussions we are having? Why do people when they get frustrated always bring up their donations? Sir, donations to help Christian suffering simply goes to Christian suffering. We ask for donations to help your brethren not me. Now if you can convince everyone else to stop donating that would be great. I will finally retire. But to come in here acting as if you are doing me the favor is an insult. Now send me your full name and I will be glad to return to you every cent.

    “but i guess it was a mistake.”

    If helping your suffering brethren is a mistake that would be you decision sir. But I am not you doormat.

    “I have followed shoebat for years and i probably won’t anymore.”

    You think I do what I do to have followers? I volunteer my time to help not just combat Islam, but all evil. Homosexuality is evil and your friend Geller says that homosexuals are the greatest fighters against Islam.

    “The reason is as follower of THE CHRIST i have learned to speak in meekness and in truth.”

    You think you are meek? Have at it. But your words and statements are hardly “meek”. You post comments of insult.

    “You seem to be a wolf in sheeps clothing”

    So anyone who upsets John is a wolf in sheep clothing? I wonder who in the world is this John? Are you St. John perhaps? People have to kiss your behind in order to be meek and Christian?

    “I follow Jesus not mary and not a pope.”

    And I only follow Mary and the Pope and not Jesus? I have written articles critiquing the Pope and i do not worship Mary.

    “I will stand with Pam Geller”

    Go stand with the devil if you like. DO you have to notify me about it? Why must I know that you want to follow Geller? Why must you tell me you donate? Why do your type always lets the left hand know what the right hand is doing? Why do you people dangle “donations” as if it is a carrot we are begging for?

    “because SHE IS FIGHTING islam with every available resource.”

    Great. I fight more than just Islam. I fight evil and if I see someone joining evil I will expose them. Now you are welcome to refute the facts. Have at it or else stop your slanders.

    “My fight is against islam not against you”

    It sure doesn’t seem so. You ragged at topics that have nothing to do with the article at hand and you insulted us as if we are Muslim in disguise.

    “good day Mr. shoebat.”

    Strange how you people say “you are not Christian” slandering then wish us “good day”?

    Are you for real?

  • You are talking about Kristian Kahrs the COMMENTER?

    Now I see. For a while I was puzzled.

    Wow. Why is he commenting here?

  • O look what we have here. A drug addict Nazi bastard.

    Kristian Kahrs family background is Christen conservative (his father was a vicar in the the Norweigan Evangelical State Church) close relatives fought on german side as SS waffen officers on the east front. The most famous of them was Sophus Kahrs, SS major (Sturmannfuhrer) in the SS Ski Jäger Battalion “Norwegen. He also served with the Norwegian volunteer unit SS-Freiwilligen-Legion Norwegen at the Siege of Leningrad.

    In the end of the WWII he was put in charge of Vidkun Quislings bodyguard, known as the Førergarde.

    Sophus Kahrs was imprisoned in Espeland prison camp for treason after WWII. Sophus Kahrs managed to escape with other top Nazis in Norway with help from Odessa, with the ship «Solbris» to Argentina. Before the Norwegian authorities managed to send an international warrant for these gangsters, they had an short stop in England. The British Customs was baffled over the huge amount of gold, fur and values they had. It is quite apparent these values was from looting of Norwegian Jews.

    So back to the point, Kristian Kahrs, has a background from an environment where these ideas was stead bounded. Yesterday Kristian Kahrs twittered following message: «I haven’t been to Canada for a while, but things seems to be completely crazy there where the only racists seems…» With a youtube clip about Canada not a country for white men.

    He had also day before following twitter message:

    «We need transparency about racism, and anti-white racism is a problem that we need to conscious about. When..»

    Kristian Kahrs views are not in any way mainstream, and it is quite obvious that he is occupied with the «survival of the white race», and the logic behind it is quite similar to Sophus Kahrs who was interwied in Argentina. «I was fighting against the Judeo-Bolshevism for protecting of the white race».

    Norway was the occupied country with strong infest of nazism. The Norwegian Nazi Party (NS) had over 60 000 members and over 8000 Norwegian volunteered to fight for the Germans in SS at the East front. The German SS was in shock over the Norwegian brutality.

    Today we see more and more in Norwegian media and in the public sphere that the descendants of Nazis are getting back in media, right wings parties but also far left. Then the agenda is also anti-Semitism and the «eternal» fight against Israel and the Jews.

    Kristian Kahrs, you should be aware of that he is fighting for a pan slavic unity. He is a native norwegian, with german ancestory, that has gone so far to ask for meeting with the Russian embassy 2nd secretary for a “coffemeeting”. Not as a private person, but as information leader in a right wing political party Demokratene in Norway. He used email servers belonging to this party to get in touch with Russian intelligence. This email has been public in social media.
    Some calls him the “Norwegian Philby”.

    He lives with his mommy in a age of 44 year. Lives in the addict with a serbian flagg in the ceiling, and hopes for the collapse of NATO, and pray every night for Putin to rescue Norway military.

    He has a hard time holding a job. If you check his Curriculum Vitae you will see that he had more jobs in 5 years than ordinary people have in a lifetime. He is quite ambitious. He has his own website called He has since he was nine years old hoped to be the future prime minister of Norway (I assume he has given up that dream, but hopes for a green uniform with FSB insignia).

    He tapes all meeting and phone calls he participates in and use them against individuals. This guy is also known for instigating a political coup in Demokratene i Norge. The Norwegian Board of Political Parties (PLN) has in a rule decided that the the Board of the Directors in Demokratene i Norge can not be acknowledged by the Kingdom of Norway.

    So he is a political lightweight that lives in a world of conspiracies, which often links to obscure websites.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    There’s no ‘mask’ with me, pal; I certainly believe in a more Communitarian society, and if that’s ‘Socialism’ or even ‘Communism’, I see no essential problem with that and my Christian faith.

    Make of that what you will, I have a nuanced but developed worldview.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    You’re right; she stands with her hand resting on, like so many, on the thin reed of secular tolerance.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    She’s not pushing ‘Socialism’, I can tell you that much, but she in fact is not really standing for so much as standing against something.

    Reactionaries never solve problems, they are just dead inertia, necessary perhaps but no solutions offered.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    I’m a ‘former’ something too, what’s your point? You know what my point is? I can smell you from a mile away.

  • Jon,

    What you are doing is fascinating. If you are up to it we would like to interview with you to get your take on the ultra-nationalists movements and get your opinions to have our American audience educated. Will you be up to it?

  • Apart from Sodom and Gomarrah, this type of utter destruction has never been seen in any other city, including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “After her destruction, Babylon will merely be a home for demons, evil spirits, and scavenging desert creatures” (Revelation 18:1-2).

    This is in line with the ancient Eastern perception that desolate desert wastelands were the dwelling place of demons and unclean spirits. The point being emphasized is that after Babylon is destroyed, there will be absolutely no human life ever found there again. Jeremiah agrees; he describes this:

    So desert creatures and hyenas will live there, and there the owl will dwell. It will never again be inhabited or lived in from generation to generation” (Jeremiah 50:39). Isaiah confirms a similar fate: “It shall be a habitation of jackals” (Isaiah 34:14).

  • Hey, I like what Putin did. But why bring that up?

    “But why bother?”

    Well, its all up to you. You are the one who laid the accusation against us. It was not us who laid the accusation against you. We were speaking on Geller and you laid the claim that we were wrong, yet you never backed up your claim with any substantial data. I try to be reasonable, but as you stated “why bother”.

    The ball is in your court. Is what the reporter said about you correct?

    Happy new year.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Politics should inform one’s politics, and a Christian society should have the Church and the State working in harmony together for the people’s spiritual and temporal good, as we ask the Father that; “His will be done ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”.

    Christ came to destroy the works of the Devil, while your cowardly and un-christian attitude would leave the world and thus people’s souls in the ‘Prince of this world’s’ hands.

    To see evil in the world, and to do nothing collectively or individually, is to agree with that evil. Your sickening effeminacy is exactly what is destroying the faith of millions of simple souls and driving millions more out of Christianity altogether.

    You adore Buddha, or Tolstoy’s false ‘Christ’, who is Antichrist ‘who through peace shall destroy many’….

  • “1.Well how were you before you met Jesus has everything to do with your article. Well how were you? I have a feeling since you worshiped satan you were just as guilty as the people that you are associating with Ms.Geller.”

    So? When I was worshipping Allah in the past, you had all right to have exposed me.

    “2. Judge not lest you be judged, What that means is I could write VOLUMES about the cult of worshiping mary which you have promoted on your website. False worship, never in scripture are we to pray to mary FACT but yet you glorify mary. Mary IS BLESSED. You are worshiping the creature more than the CREATOR. Like I said I could write VOLUMES about the cult of worshiping mary.”

    Go to the articles that deal with Mary and address all this their after you refute what is said in these articles. The article is not about Mary. It is about Geller.

    “3. Her, Pamella Geller, AFDI is about freedom of speech whether we agree with it or not.”

    Who is addressing here her freedom of speech?

    “If neonazi have a platform for their speech through association with Ms. Geller then that proves what she is trying to make happen with freedom of speech is working. When the constitution garuntees free speech and the KKK have a rally because they are constitutionally protected, does that mean the constitution is racist?”

    So what you are saying is that Geller is fighting for neo-Nazi right of free speech. Well thats just great. Why don’t you then do the same?

    “4. Many is very generalized term when referring to people who are standing against islam”

    So if Nazis fight Islam, will you join them? Yes or No?


    They are nowhere to be found. Neither are Evangelicals. All the counter Jihad movement is a bunch of atheists and neopagans.

    “Well when you have people who are standing against islam in Germany being labeled neonazi it has alot to do with your article.”

    But they are neo-Nazi, disprove the material we write and stop this dribble.

    ” What i see in media is associating NATIONALISM with neonazism that is why i initially wrote that.”

    Great, then start refuting our writings, dispute them, destroy the arguments, show the faulty quotes and quit wasting time.

  • When you say that she gets donations from neo-Nazi, do you have proof?

  • The easiest way to comprehend why Geller and Spencer work with neo-Nazis and neo-Pagans is simple. I explain this on my Sunday specials I have a part I done, but I will be coming up with three more parts each and every Sunday.

    These will explain the serious problem. It is much bigger than one thinks. But here is the first part:

    “I just don’t get it!”

    WARNING: you will and once you do, it will change your life dramatically 😉

  • Kamau41

    Walid/Ted has been faithfully, consistently and deligently warning you people of what is really happening…..You will get the message soon enough.

  • susan

    My goodness Paul! I don’t know where to begin… First of all, why do you slander Theo and Walid? Because they write articles? They are well known public figures. They write and comment about current events and news articles they read from news sources all over the world. Paul, I’m going to link a video. I hope you’ll listen. If you get nothing else out of it…there are several funny jokes. :D. We are at the end of Christendom. I’m sorry you left the Catholic faith. Protestantism is only a splinter. Why would you leave the Eucharist? Why abandon the sacraments? Especially the sacrament of reconciliation? Why neglect the rosary? The intercession of Mary and all the Saints? I’m still new in the faith and have experienced first hand some of the corruption and worldliness which has infested the purity of our Lord’s church and His body. I have also witnessed adultery and affairs and suspected pedophilia in Protestant churches. These incidents are covered up as well…with ministers and choir directors moving from place to place and even from domination to domination. Or starting their own church.
    I went in search of the body and blood of Jesus Christ. He commanded us to eat His body and drink His blood. He said to do this in memory of Him. There are no Protestant churches that believe this. I knew I had to confess my sins so they could be forgiven. There are no Protestant churches that do this. Jesus breathed on His disciples and gave them His authority to forgive sins…or not. Why did Jesus do this? If all I need is to confess my sins privately so no one but God can hear…why did Jesus give this particular authority to them? Jesus said if we love him we will keep His commandments. I think pride, shame and an unwillingness to change prevents people from looking too hard at these few lines of scripture. In the bible there are MANY who walked away from Jesus when He said we must eat His body and drink His blood. Were they “saved”?From what I see today, nothing has changed. Here is the video I promised. 🙂

  • “Hmm at times it takes a thug 2 take out a thug”

    Sure it does, until the thug takes you out and then you come in here crying like a pussy. Go to your InfoWars and Breitbart and find a pacifier to suck on. Rosenthal … thats a Jewish name last I checked and now he is swimming with water infested Nazis. Good luck.

    Lets see that stupid comment again:

    “Hmm at times it takes a thug 2 take out a thug”

    Thats what the stupid U.S. government thought and they aided the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and the Taliban was born as a result. They did the same thing in Syria and ISIS was born.

    P.S: Please, whatever you do, don’t reply. I don’t have time to deal with stupid people.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Much foolish multiplication of words, when we are called to do as Our Lord Himself does through us; “destroy the works of the Devil”

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    Fighting heretics and arrogant blasphemers like you, is what i’m ‘active’ in.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    I stand by what I said heretic, and i’ll avoid you as the spawn of the Devil you are hereafter.