The People Complaining About The Kate Steinle Verdict, Do Not Give A Damn About Kate Steinle

By Theodore Shoebat

The people complaining about Kate Steinle, do not give a damn about Kate Steinle. Here is the reality: If Zarate was not the one who had that pistol that went off and fired that bullet that struck and killed Steinle, and if it were just some average joe American, NO ONE would have given a damn about this story.

The only reason why people care is because the story can be politicized to fit the narrative of DEES ILLEGALZ R INVAYDING US, that people have become so obsessed over.

You know how I know that they don’t give a damn about Kate Steinle? Because they don’t give a damn about any of the horror stories that are happening in your own neighborhoods, being done by American people. Let me give you some examples….

A woman was stabbed fifty times and her body was burned:

A Philadelphia man has been accused of stabbing a 15-year-old girl more than 50 times and burning her body after they met on social media.

Police said Thursday that 23-year-old Cole Swaringer-Herring was charged with murder, arson and abuse of a corpse in the death of Sabriya McLean.

Homicide Capt. Jack Ryan says Swaringer-Herring attempted to conceal the murder by burning the Delaware girl’s body and burying it under a pile of leaves.

A man murdered and dismembered his own parents:

The man charged in the stabbing death and dismemberment of his parents last November will face trial later next year.

Knox County Judge Bobby McGee set the trail of 28-year-old Joel Guy Jr. for Sept. 10, 2018. Guy Jr.’s defense team has until June 20, 2018 to file a notice of mental health defense.

Guy Jr. is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the death of his parents Lisa and Joel Guy Sr.

Guy Jr. is also charged with two counts of abusing a corpse and one count of felony murder.

FBI agents arrested Guy Jr. on Nov. 29, 2016 at his apartment complex in Baton Rouge, La. Authorities believe Guy Jr. murdered his parents between Nov. 25 and 26 in 2016 at their West Knox County home.

Both Lisa and Joel Guy Sr. suffered vicious stab wounds and dismemberment. Authorities discovered their remains in multiple rooms of their home. Guy Jr. placed portions of their remains in an acid-based solution in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

Man and woman starve their own child to death:

 A father and step-mother who are charged with starving their six-year-old boy to death pleaded not guilty Monday. Residents of Jerseyville, where the boy’s family lives, are still stunned and saddened over the death and they are demanding justice

Prosecutors says that six-year old Liam Roberts was murdered by starvation and weighed just 17 pounds when he died. Earlier this month, his father took him from the home to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The father, 42-year-old Michael Roberts, and the boy’s stepmother 42-year-old Georgena Roberts both pleaded not guilty before a Jersey County Circuit Court judge.

Outside the Roberts’ home in Jerseyville, a memorial to Liam is growing with signs, teddy bears, and candles. A group of women who went to high school with the stepmother say they are shocked to hear she was accused of withholding food from her children as a form of punishment.  Those old classmates agreed to do an interview but did not want to be identified.  They emphasized they are not in support of Georgena.

The former friends told Dan, “At first we were all in disbelief. We thought she was being railroaded. We started to doubt that…how could our friend do this. Every time it comes back to a six-year-old that weighed 17 pounds. You can’t dispute that fact and she looked at that baby every day.”

Another added, “17 pounds at six years old…that’s being starved and you can’t dispute that.She was the one at home all day. And even if she was the one home all day, Mike did come home at night. He should have seen it. So they’re both guilty.”

​Both Georgena and Michael Roberts are due back in court January 10, 2018, for pretrial hearings. They are being held in the Jersey County jail.

Liam’s seven-year-old brother was hospitalized suffering from malnourishment but is now out of the hospital and said to be gaining weight and doing okay. All the couple’s surviving children were taken into protective custody.

Mike and Georgina Roberts

Man murders three year old girl:

The body of a missing North Carolina toddler was found in a creek just hours after her mother’s live-in boyfriend was charged for allegedly hiding her body.

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller said divers recovered Mariah Woods’ body at 5:30 p.m. Saturday from the Pender County Creek, 25 miles from the toddler’s home.

Police did not reveal any other details about the case.

Mariah, 3, was reported missing from her bed on Monday by her mother, Kristy Woods, who claimed she last saw her daughter when she put her to bed on Sunday night.

Police issued an Amber Alert and Woods made emotion-filled pleas for the child’s safe return.

On Friday, however, police had determined the 3-year-old was dead and Saturday police arrested Woods’ boyfriend, 32-year-old Earl Kimrey, in connection with her disappearance.

Kimrey’s arrest warrant said that Mariah’s body was moved from where she died and that he allegedly knew she did not die of natural causes, ABC News reported. The warrant, however, did not say how the girl was killed.

“It was too late to save Mariah the moment the 911 call came in,” FBI agent Stanley Meador. “The arrest warrants are public record and the records speaks for themselves. We will not discuss any details related to the homicide investigation.”

Mariah’s biological father, Alex Woods, expressed suspicion about what Mariah’s mother said happened during the search for his daughter.

“Somebody just walks right in there, grabs a 3-year-old out of the bed, she didn’t cry, she didn’t scream?” he told WTVR. “Nobody heard nothing? Four people in the house, two adults and two babies and somebody just comes, snatches the baby up and walks out?”

Kimrey, 32, has been charged with obstruction of justice, second-degree burglary, felony larceny and possession of stolen property.


Earl Kimrey


Mother and son murder four people:


A mother and son, who were wanted in connection with four murders in Louisiana, have been arrested in West Alabama. Sumter County authorities were on the lookout for the two early Monday. Both were ultimately captured shortly after 10 AM by Tuscaloosa police. The 57-year-old mother was the first to be arrested. Belinda Hamilton Folse was taken into custody around 10:15 during a traffic stop on Interstate 20/59 at the 62 mile marker. Her 36-year-old son, Taurus Ike Hamilton, was arrested about 30 minutes later in the 4200 block of Hargrove Road in Tuscaloosa. The Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Department assisted with the arrests.

Both suspects are from Louisiana. Hamilton is facing four murder charges. At least one of those is out of Baton Rouge. His mother is charged with accessory after the fact. Both are set to be extradited back to Louisiana.

Taurus Ike David Hamilton and Belinda Hamilton Folse

Man murdered his own parents:

A jury deliberated Monday for less than two-and-a-half hours before finding Thomas J. Snow guilty of two murder counts in the killings four years ago of his parents, Clifford and Joyce Snow.

The decision came at the end of a more than two-week trial, where deputy prosecutors argued Snow bludgeoned and strangled the 68-year-old retired shop teacher and his 66-year-old wife in September of 2013.

The bodies rotted in the family’s home in West Creek Township for several weeks, wrapped in tarps and carpets, until police made the gruesome discovery Oct. 18, 2013.

Thomas J. Snow


These horror stories, and those like them, are happening in your own country, being done not by illegals, but by Americans. How come these are not headlines or heavily fixated on stories? Because they do not involve people — such as illegals — who can be used for political leverage for particular organizations and institutions. Now you have people saying that sanctuary cities should be under martial law. Would such people say that San Francisco should be purged of sodomites? No. But they would not mind seeing martial law being done on illegals. Its because these nationalists types do not mind sodomites, in fact, they will work with sodomites, and many of these eugenist types are sons of sodom themselves.

The sodomite is now seen as above the Mexican who is here illegally, and this is because society puts both trends and laws — only when it suits the collective desires — above humanity. People worship legality, only when it suits their lawlessness.

Sodomites are enemies of humanity, yet I don’t see any of these right wingers saying this. They would rather make enemies of Mexicans, because this suits their anti-human agenda of advancing eugenics.

To reference Yanis Varoufakis, nothing gets a people to accept despotism more easily than the feeling of defeat. With the verdict of Kate Steinle not pleasing many people, these very angry persons feel defeated, and thus their anger can breed favor for all sorts of sick ideas, such as Darwinism or eugenics.

The fact is, if Kate Steinle was killed by an accidental firing of a gun held in the hands of an average American, nobody would care. Since the only reason why they care about this story is because an illegal was involved, it tells me that they only focus on it because of its politicization,  and that they really don’t give a damn about Kate Steinle.

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  • 1Bobby8

    Sodomites should be purged from society, abortion should be illegal, eugenics is pure evil, sanctuary cities is treasonous and Kate Steinlie’s murderer had no right in this country and should have been convicted of her murder.

  • Ceirwyn

    This case was pushed by MSM, which is only reason anyone knows about it at all. America is a very big place, and it’s impossible to know everything going on in it.

  • 1Bobby8

    If an average American had killed Kate Steinlie, you know as well a I know Theodore, he would’ve been convicted of 1st degree murder…Theodore I usually agree with you on almost everything you say, but you lost me on this one.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

    I have to say that I agree with you on this one Theo, as terrible as what happened to that Kate Steinle girl was, and as bad as Illegal Immigration is, you’re right. This is a case of selective legality in a society that is falling apart

  • filomena seiffert

    I feel the way you do but I am from other country so I can see the things the way they are as I am not brain washed by fallacies of exceptionalism and pride.

  • jmaggief

    The point is if we protected our borders and enforced our laws this guy would not have been here and so she would not have died as she did. So you are mocking people for that? And you mentioned ‘right wingers’. What is a ‘right winger’?

  • magaforever

    I complain no matter what the ethnicity of the killers or victim is..the steile verdict was made by evil jurors who deserve to die at the hands of an illegal who also get away scot free by saying “whoopsies accident” just as those demons let this one free

  • Taurnil Oronar

    I get what you are saying Theodore. The media are just following the whims of the principalities and powers. I get what’s going on here is the same upheavals and societal monkey wrenches going on in Europe regarding immigration.

    I get there are many in my government from local municipalities all the way to the federal level more than willing to ignore or bend our laws concerning immigration or even to use the parlance; call evil good and good evil and enact at the minimum policies to that end.

    And so here we are even when our laws are enforced, this guy was sent back multiple times and that is not uncommon with others that are returned. Did Jesus not say (paraphrased) we should observe and follow the laws of where we live? Sans of course those that would violate God’s laws.

    Having said all that, let me ask; What does a nation do or how should they respond when flooded by people who’s first act is to violate its laws just to get there?

  • magaforever

    An inventor in the netherlands has created the new self assisted 3d printed suicide capsule/coffin that will usher in a silent genocide… Check it out..

    • susan

      I was reading that earlier on zerohedge. I didn’t like the looks of it. And then when I read what it was–it REALLY creeped me out. It looks like some insectopod dump.

      • Taurnil Oronar

        So “reality” has caught up with suicide booths from Futurama.

        • susan

          Apparently so. 🙁

      • magaforever

        The detachable pods are a nice touch..Next stop.. the soylent green factory for processing.

  • Paul Doyle

    Umm, no. A lot of people DO care about these other atrocities, and the majority of these other murderers WILL be brought to justice, but the fact that the Mexican scumbag is actually getting off WHILE ALSO living here illegally is an injustice. Just because a murder or manslaughter case is covered/politicized by the MSM, that doesn’t negate its relevance regarding serious problems in this country – illegal immigration and open borders. It’s absolutely fair to use real life examples to highlight serious issues in a country. To throw out blanket statements regarding Americans not caring about other evil acts is careless and unfair on your part.

    • 1Bobby8

      What irks me the most about Theodore’s comments is not that he favors the verdict but that he blanketed everyone opposed to the verdict as “eugenists” who didn’t give a “damn” about Kate Steinlie…I believe his zeal got in the way of his reasoning.

  • richinnameonly

    To say NO ONE cares is an exaggeration or hyperbole. Most people care when someone is murdered, but yes, the circumstances can make a difference. And it’s certainly clear that the media and government play circumstances like a fiddle to further their agenda.

    • susan

      Yeah. Although technically, when you look at how much interest and outrage is drummed up against some of our fellow citizens when they commit heinous crimes. There’s next to nothing. Seriously. No outrage. He went on to list some of those crimes. The questions is…why DOESN’T it bother me as much when my neighbor does it? Why aren’t there protests and organizations formed to combat the evils in my own neighborhood? Probably because then I’d have to look at my own life in some way. Its too close to home. Too close to my own secrets. Too difficult to get out of bed and make a difference. Just try and fight the sodomites. Now, there’s a group that knows how to fight back. They shame other people when they should be ashamed themselves. I believe that’s the greater point Ted is making. And he’s correct. This is about fighting ALL evils. Jesus is very clear.

      For this purpose the Son of God appeared. That He might destroy the works of the Devil.
      ( 1John 3:8)
      If we claim to be followers of Christ and do not destroy the works of the devil or only focus on those that an illegal commits then who’s side are we really on? Lukewarmness gets vomited out of Jesus’ mouth.

      • Taurnil Oronar

        It’s not the lack of outrage of heinous crimes, many don’t know about them simply because they are not made known on a large enough scale.

        If the “national media” started reporting and hounding on the likes as Theodore listed I think things would be different. I can’t accept in totality his premise simply because not everyone spends their day trolling through crime reports from across the country.

        That is not to say his point is lost on the media playing fiddle to the principalities and powers, of that much I am certain.

        • susan

          I’ve noticed how things get shared on Facebook. Some things quickly go to a thousand. Then on up and up. Others just sit their flat. There’s a lack of outrage. It’s true. But the question goes back to why? And i mean this for myself. Why am i less upset about a gang of rapist sodomites in a high school in my own nation? Or a couple down the street who starved their children? Is it true we care more for our pets than our fellow man? Is our love waxing cold due to lawlessness? And i mean all the laws. Both the natural and spiritual. Who ever dreamed i could be so comfortable in Sodom?

          • Taurnil Oronar

            I don’t do facebook or tweet so wouldn’t know about that area. From my view those two fall mainly under the gossip column not that our media has anything to crow about.

          • susan

            “From my view those two fall mainly under the gossip column…”

            I’m not sure i understand. I guess I’ve come to believe it’s not the media’s job to do my job. We have a problem with sin.

          • Taurnil Oronar

            It’s one thing to say it’s not the media’s job to do your job and I very much agree.

            Of course sin is the root of it, has been since Adam.

            I would just like the media calling themselves or regard themselves as “news” outlets to do so straight, flat out “news” without the spin and especially this; without the “news” equivalent of gerrymandering.

        • richinnameonly

          Agree. The media does a lot to shape our reactions and we can’t be outraged over what we don’t know about.

      • richinnameonly

        Of the crimes that Theo listed, I’ve heard about only one, the “Man murders 3 year old girl”. There’s been plenty of outrage about that because it’s been on the news quite a bit around here.
        People in my neighborhood are always forming groups to make the neighborhood better or safer.
        The murder in SF was not only the loss of an innocent life, but also a political football just begging to be tossed around to attract attention, grow outrage and increase sympathy for the Steinle family.
        The media and government play a big part in what they want our level of knowledge and outrage to be. I get outraged about that!

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Theo, please clean up your speech. Peace in Christ. Praying for you daily. Godspeed.

  • jmaggief

    I don’t think Theodore Shoebat cares about anybody.

    • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

      You should have stopped at; “I don’t think”, because that’s a fact. If you had come out displaying any facts and engaged in a rational debate with him, made some argument to rebut his comments, I would have no reason for saying that, but as it was you engaged in a petty ‘ad hominem’ attack because you simply don’t think but are all emotion.

  • 1Bobby8

    Yes, and he was a repeated felony…The defense changed the story multiple time also…I never heard of a gun going off by its self, have you?