Major Pollster Says That Trump Is Winning In Arizona, Michigan And Florida

By Theodore Shoebat

A major pollster, Robert Cahaly of The Trafalgar Group (who correctly predicted the 2016 election), just recently declared that Trump is winning in Arizona, Michigan and Florida. According to the New York Times:

In his last few polls of this election season, Mr. Cahaly has found Mr. Trump with two-to-three-point advantages in North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan and Florida, and wider leads elsewhere. That puts him far out of line with almost all major pollsters, whose surveys in those states are generally showing Mr. Biden with the edge. As different as things are this year, it’s hard to miss the echo of 2016, when Trafalgar occupied a similarly lonely position on the eve of Nov. 8.

Cahaly pointed out that when people are polled they, many times, will say that they are voting for the candidate they think is socially acceptable. As Cahaly said:

I just think people are not what they say they are, ever … We cannot eliminate the social desirability bias, we can only minimize it.”

Lets look at the crowd sizes for each candidate in each of these states…


— Trump:

Now lets look at Biden’s engagement in Arizona.

Here is a video in which the anchorwoman herself describes a Biden event as boring:

Here is another video that shows Biden and Harris in Phoenix, AR, and you can see Biden being low energy. And even though they don’t show the crowd (because its obviously embarrassing), you can hear by the applause that its a pathetic number:

Here is Harria in Phoenix where she is sharing a platform with singer Alicia Keyes, and you can tell that it is a dinky crowd:




Biden cannot even hear his cue after Obama calls his name in Michigan (plus you can tell this is a dead event):

Kamala Harris getting a very sad crowd in Michigan:





Its actually very difficult to find images of Biden’s crowds, because there is nothing to show.  But there is this mariachi band in Vegas: