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King Salman Furious That MbS Meets In Secret With Netanyahu

For years Ted, Waild, and I have been warning that the House of Saud is similar to the infamous House of Ussher of Poe- that the Saud family is living on borrowed time, they know it, and there is a tremendous amount of fighting in the family as to how to stay alive and prevent […]

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Forget About COVID, Suicide Takes More Lives In Japan Than Does The Virus

A lot of people are talking about the COVID pandemic, and make no mistake, it must be clearly emphasized and done so over and over that the pandemic exists and one must take good safety precautions. But that said, it is equally important to keep all things in perspective, noting that not only may things […]

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Come January, Millions Of Americans May Lose Their Homes

Regardless of what one thinks or not about COVID, it is a direct fact that COVID has set or been used to set in motion serious economic trends that will cause long-term change, mostly for the worse, in the country and for the people. This is for the same reasons that I have said before, […]

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A Horrific Massacre In Ethiopia: Over Seven Hundred People Are Ambushed, Butchered With Knives, Strangled With Ropes And Burned

By Theodore Shoebat A horrendous massacre was committed in the town of Mai Kadra in northern Ethiopia’s Tigray region, where separatists are fighting the government in a war of power and domination. The massacre was done by a violent youth group that calls itself “Samri” and their militia allies, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) […]

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