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Major Chinese Official Posts DeepFaked Photo Of Australian Soldier Violently Butchering Afghan Child, When Gets Caught China Refuses To Apologize

China has a trend of being unable to lie nor bluff, but doing things in her attempts to do either of the two that inevitably backfire on her and make her look like a cruel, savage nation and causes people to not want to associate with her, which furthers her own isolation until eventually she […]

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Trump Suggests In First Post-Election Interview That The FBI ‘Rigged’ The Election

Following the election and the squabble that ensued, it is pretty clear that Biden is going to be officially designated as president. However, as the Daily Beast reports, Trump is not going out of office without plenty to say, including in his first post-election interview where he alluded to that Biden won by the FBI […]

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President Biden Fractures His Foot

According to the AP, President Biden may literally start off his administration on the wrong foot as a report has come that he has fractured his foot. President-elect Joe Biden fractured his right foot while playing with one of his dogs, an injury discovered in a scan Sunday and that will likely require him to […]

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Can A Bar Be A Church?

The COVID pandemic has created many unfortunate situations for business so that people who work hard have been forced into bankruptcy or closing their business to try and save what they have left. It has already been reported, for example, that one-third of small businesses in New Jersey have closed because of pandemic-related economic consequences. […]

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Tigray Falls To Ethiopian Security Forces has been watching the conflict in Tigray in northern Ethiopia on the Egyptian-Eritrean-Sudanese border region noting that while it cannot be definitively proven, that it may be a conflict instigated by outside political actors because of Ethiopia’s history in African geopolitics and in particular with the wars between Russia and NATO. According to the […]

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