Archive | November 26, 2020


Thanksgiving 2020 Is Almost 10% More Expensive Than In 2019, And Being Thankful Now And In The Future

Turkey is tasty and cranberries delicious, but higher prices are not. If you believe that things seem more expensive this Thanksgiving than last year, you would be correct, for according to a price analysis conducted by AdvisorSmith, the price of Thanksgiving foods from 2019 to 2020 has increased by 9.8%, or almost 10% over a […]

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He Said “Lock Her Up” But Never Did, Now Will Trump Go To Jail?

“Lock Her Up” was a de facto Trump supporter chant along with “Build The Wall” for his 2016 presidential campaign. However, Trump as he is now seen has been an utter failure in so far as it concerns his ability to follow through on his promises. It does not matter if what he says one likes […]

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