Archive | November 17, 2020


Saudi Minister Declares That Nuclear Action In The Name Of Self-Defense Against Iran Is Still An “Option”

Saudi Arabia and Iran have been rivals going back to the days before Islam, so their mutual dislike of each other is not something new. What has changed are the weapons available to inflict more damage to a fuller capacity. With the advent of the nuclear age after World War II, there has been a […]

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Obama Declares That The Internet “The Single Biggest Threat To Our Democracy”

Like Trump, Obama is no stranger to controversy. During his famous rise to power in 2008, he was arguably the first President who made mass use of social media to propel his campaign. Now twelve years later, VOX reports that Obama has now changed his position, noting from the that the Internet has created a […]

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Could Trump Still Win The Election?

So far, things are not looking good for President Trump. He has not conceded the election (and it is likely he never will), but according to Trump’s tweets, the attitudes of fellow Republicans, and the words of many world leaders, it looks like Biden is going to be President. However, as the saying goes, “it […]

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Kissinger Declares Unless Changes Happen “…The World Will Slide Into A Catastrophe Comparable To World War I”

The famed US diplomat and geopolitical strategist Henry Kissinger, love him or hate him, is a man who throughout his career has had a very good ‘feel’ for American politics and the state of global affairs. He understands conflict, the nature of countries, and while no man is absolutely perfect, is a respected voice that […]

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