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Turkey’s Aspiration To Create Its Own NATO

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey’s foreign policy has less to do with dealing with the things foreign and more to do with making foreign things Turkish. The goal of Turkey, as we have been saying on this website for over a decade now, is the revival of the Ottoman Empire as part of the ideology of […]

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The New Weapons Of War Are Coming As The US Military Develops Weaponized Laser Beams

In the original “Austin Powers” film, the character Dr. Evil asked for “sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads” in order to kill Austin Powers. While this scene is ridiculous and funny, the concept of using “laser beams” as a weapon is not new. However, with the rise in technology of robotics and […]

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Supreme Court Declares: ‘Churches In New York Do Not Need To Follow Cuomo’s Anti-Covid Restrictions’

The Supreme Court just decided that churches and other houses of religion do not need to abide by Cuomo’s anti-covid restrictions. As we read in the New York Times: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo accused the U.S. Supreme Court of political partisanship on Thursday after the justices narrowly rejected his coronavirus-based restrictions on religious services. He […]

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As Americans Lose Their Jobs, Robots Take Their Place

I have consistently warned at about the rise of robotics taking the place of human beings in the workplace. Having noted the economic impact of COVID, which includes long-term job loss and fundamental economic changes to distribution systems, supply chains, and even priorities as it concerns purchasing, part of this trend will be the […]

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Update: Coptic Monk Placed On Death Row After Forced Confession, Mysterious Silence From The Coptic Orthodox Church

In August 2018, reported on the curious case of a murder in Egypt involving a Coptic bishop and two monks. You can read our full story here, but after looking at the case, this was not a simple case of anti-Christian violence, or even outright corruption from the Egyptian government, but seems to have […]

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