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American-Russian Professor Predicts Major US Collapse has said that the 2020s are going to be a decade of escalation leading to major global conflict, and unfortunately, the signs point that one of the processes we will witness is the continued decline of the American empire that will culminate in another world war. Peter Turchin, a professor at the University of […]

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Biden Appoints Cross-Dressing Sodomite To Department Of Defense Transition Team

As Biden continues to appoint people to his transition team, one of the people he has chosen is an open sodomite who also dresses like a woman. Biden taps transgender veteran to join Department of Defense transition team President-elect Joe Biden has chosen a transgender veteran to be part of the transition team at the […]

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Will The Tires Stop?

Many news sources, including the trucking reporter Freightwaves, have noted that some truckers are planning a nationwide strike for four days from November 26th to November 29th. Members of a truckers’ group calling itself StopTheTires2020 planned to shut down their trucks Wednesday to make a stand against President-elect Joe Biden’s “ban on fracking.” Oregon trucker […]

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Norway Makes It A Crime To Say Anything Critical About The Sodomites Or Their Behaviors

The concept of “free speech” in its true form is speech meant to lead to the truth. However, what has happened with “free speech” is that it has been used as a means for licentious speech, and eventually, whatever speech is politically or socially acceptable at the moment. For a while this worked because of […]

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Karl Rove Declares That Trump Will Not Prevail Over Biden

There are some people who still believe that Trump can win. While the official count has not been formally settled, former right-wing lobbyist and White House Deputy Chief of Staff under Bush, Karl Rove, said that Trump will not prevail over Biden. Still, enough voters wanted change. Mr. Biden maneuvered successfully to make the election […]

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Dead Man For Five Years In Rural Solidly-Red County In Georgia Votes For Biden

One of the points I have noted about this election is that in spite of the constant ‘line’ from the mainstream press about Biden winning legitimately, I have said it is like 2000 all over again, in that Biden- like Bush -cheated his way into the presidency, except what Bush did for four to five […]

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