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Former Michigan Governor Expects Michigan Will Certify Election Results For Biden Against “Bully” Trump

President Trump has presented a particular image of himself, as one who does not let other people mistreat him and speaks his opinions in a very direct and sometimes rude way. However, some people do not like this, and it is possibly this in combination with other factors- not to mention the concerns about the […]

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UK Now Giving “Freedom Passes” To People Who Certify As “COVID-Free”

There has been a very disturbing trend, really that has increased sharply since 2001, towards highly insidious forms of control from government, stemming from the September 11th attacks that has repeated as a pattern around the world. Now this is not to underemphasize the trend of COVID or its dangers, but one cannot separate the […]

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Israeli Scientists “Delete” Cancer With CRISPR…Or Is There Possibly More That Could Happen?

While many people thought that the future was (I speak of the 1960s to the early 2000s) travelling to the stars, it has been shown that the trend is to go into the human body’s microcosm instead. Genetic editing and the creation of “supermen” through gene therapy has become and is going to likely grow […]

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Trump Campaign Lawyers Say They Are “Thankful” For Having PA Case Dismissed

President Trump is in recent times a highly controversial figure, but the more this election recount ordeal continues, the more such controversy does not seem to help him. Now a report from Business Insider declares that some of Trump’s lawyers in Pennsylvania have expressed relief that his court case has been dismissed, further pushing the […]

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Joe Biden Does Has Another “Oh No” Moment, Yells At A Reporter Asking Him Questions

One of the trends I have said to watch for will be “oh no” moments with Biden, for assuming he becomes president- and all signs are currently seeming to point to confirming that which many have already spoken about -his past behavior and actions during the election suggest that Biden may be another George W. […]

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