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Will The Next Russian-Backed Conflict Start On A Strip Of Land In Moldova?

Some countries are big. Some can be small. Some are just for leverage between other powers. These “countries” are often used as geopolitical tools in manipulating particular ends for larger nations. Examples currently include Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Lugansk, Donetsk, Catalonia, Flanders, and Walonia. They are used by the US, Russia, Germany, and other powers alike […]

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Fed Prepares To DOUBLE Money Printing In 2021

I have been saying over and over and over at that the problem with the economy is the debt, and that the government has only one solution through her private bank (the Federal Reserve) which is printing money, and they WILL print for political reasons until the currency is worthless because of the debt. […]

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CRASH: 80% Of New York City Hotels Face Bankruptcy

I have said that there is going to be a huge day of reckoning, economically speaking, due to the effects of COVId-19. One of these is happening right now in New York, where the Big Apple is going rotten as 80% of hotels face bankruptcy, including iconic ones. Normally among most vibrant of global hotel […]

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Mary Trump: ‘Donald Will Not Run Again In 2024’

President Trump’s niece Mary Trump made news earlier this year with a book describing family problems and other issues in President Trump’s life, and according to a recent interview with her reported on by Mediaite, Trump will not run again in 2024 amid what are a series of serious health problems that he has due […]

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