Archive | November 2, 2020


Terror Attack Hits Vienna, One Reported Dead and Seven Injured

One person is so far pronounced dead and seven are injured in what CNN and other news outlets are reporting is a terrorist attack that took place in the city of Vienna. At least one person has been killed and several injured in a suspected “terror attack” involving multiple attackers in central Vienna, say Austrian […]

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Get Out The Popcorn, Because The Courts Are Already In The Show

I have noted repeatedly at that the 2020 election is going to be a virtual comedy show, and that one of the trends to watch for is going to be the involvement of the Supreme Court in the matter. Sure enough, the Texas Tribute reports that the Texas Supreme Court has had to get […]

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George Soros’ Former Financial Partner-In-Crime Openly Declares That The Future Is ‘Bleak’

For all the people who talk about George Soros as a sort of mad evil genius, and this is not to deny his many questionable activities (such as his ties to the Hungarian right wing), few of these same people ever mention Jim Rogers, and equally elderly man who was his long-time partner in his […]

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Migrant Hispanic Children NOT From Mexico Dumped By Border Authorities Into Mexico

One of the points I have noted at for a long time is how the migrants coming to the US are viewed in purely utilitarian terms. Some see them as a political football. Others as a source upon which to load up mountains of debt. Others as cheap under-market labor and consumers. Whatever the […]

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