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JPMorgan Becomes First Major Bank To Formally Declare That US First Quarter GDP Will Decline Because Of COVID

One of the trends that I have been repeating over and over that COVID and the economy are linked in that COVID is being used to take down the US and global economy, and eventually with that the currency by forcing problems to be exposed. One of the reasons the US “perpetual growth” model is […]

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Turkey And Azerbaijan Want To Unite And Become One Country. Now They Are Building A Railway System To Connect Turkey And Azerbaijan. Could This Railway Be Used To Transport Armenians To Their Deaths?

By Theodore Shoebat When Azerbaijani soldiers were fighting Armenian soldiers, they were wearing not only the Azerbaijani flag on their uniforms, but the Turkish flag as well. The language of the Azeris is Turkish, their culture is very Turkish, and they hold up high the Turkish flag. Their phrase regarding their relationship is “one nation, […]

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UN Approves Ban On Arctic Heavy Ship Oil

With concern about the environment coming from many people, especially in remote areas such as the Arctic, it is interesting to note that according to ThompsonReuters, the UN just approved a ban on heavy ship oil in the Arctic. The United Nations shipping agency on Friday approved a ban on the use of heavy fuel […]

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Mysterious New Microbes Are “Waking Up” As Arctic Ice Thaws

A premise of many horror films is the idea of ‘mysterious organisms’, either from space, unfrozen in ice, or created by scientists, are somehow aroused to life by accident or military researchers, at which point control is lost over them and they start killing people in horrible ways. This was the plot of the movie […]

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EU Puts More Sanctions Against Belarus

Belarus is known as “Europe’s last dictatorship”, but with a trend of rising nationalism and months of internal tension in that nation between she and Russia, the nation is being threatened with arguably the most political instability since the fall of the USSR and the rise of her strongman who still holds power, President Aleksandr […]

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Is There A Russian Interest Hiding In The Current Ethiopian Conflict With Tigray?

Right now as the world turns and people ponder over Biden and Trump, or while conflicts rage in other nations, there is a major one going on right now that, like the Nagorno-Karabakh situation in Armenia and Azerbaijan, few are discussing. This is a horrible conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia that is threatening […]

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