Archive | November 28, 2020

11282020b Trend In Motion As Apple Diversifies Production To Vietnam

I have written on that major corporations are looking to diversify away from China as a result of US-China tensions that are leading towards a “hot” war in the future. While there is only a “trade war” right now, trade wars historically lead to “hot” wars, and given China’s patterns of past behavior, it […]

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What Could Go Wrong As China Puts Its Own Domestically Made Nuclear Reactor Into Practice?

China may be a world manufacturing hub, but they are also know for serious manufacturing abuses, rampant corruption, and taking highly dangerous ‘shortcuts’ that result in people getting killed. I will not post them here, but I have written on them before, and a simple Google search for “Chinese factory accidents” reveals quickly the ugly […]

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Sixty-Five People Are Dying Every Hour From COVID

There is a lot of controversy about COVID. There certainly is a real illness component to it, and there is certainly a component that is using the disease for absolutely unashamed political manipulation of the worst type in order to re-align society. Both should be included because both are real and to lack in one […]

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