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Biden’s Mind Short-Circuits Again On Television

One of the trends I warned would happen is that, assuming that Biden becomes president come January 2020 (because in fairness to the situation, a lot of things could change in a month), he will be like another George W. Bush with gaffes and strange things he will say. Apparently, Biden just committed another gaffe […]

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Investigation: Pentagon Employees Fired For Reporting Indecent Assault

One of the trends that has noted over the years is the incredible amount of indecent assault and abuse that takes place in the military. While we have tended to focus on the most unspoken aspect of this, which is the enormous amount of male-on-male violence, it is a problem for men and women […]

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UK Announces Largest Military Investment Since Cold War

While the UK was a part of the EU, it provided a ‘stabilizing element’ to the balance, particularly on the unchecked and unrestrained rise of German power as has been a consistent trend throughout history. With the UK gone, we have witnessed continual waves of popular nationalism as well as calls from the German government […]

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Did Trump Lose Georgia By His Own Actions?

It is true that things can be manipulated extensively. However, there also can be times when one manipulates too much and loses control over what he was trying to control. Some call it ‘losing control of the narrative’, others have different terms, but no matter what the term is, one cannot always control everything, and […]

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New And Deadler Strain Of COVID Discovered In Australia

With COVID still spreading around the world and talk of another wave incoming, it is going to be an important trend to watch and see if there will be more strains of this disease that emerge and if so, how deadly they are. According to the New Zealand Herald, a new change may be in […]

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