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THIRD TIME IN MONTH: Greek Orthodox Priest Shot In France

For the third time in the month, and now reported on by AFP via Yahoo! News, another priest, this time a Greek Orthodox priest, was shot at a church in Lyon, France by an assailant who is yet to be identified. An Orthodox priest was shot and injured on Saturday at a church in the […]

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Biden’s Black And Hispanic Blocs Are Slipping Away

The Black and Hispanic bloc have consistently polled out in Democrat favor at 95/5 and 70/30 for decades. However, this election, this base seems to be slipping as amid widespread conversation on the Internet about Biden’s past as well as his current statements, Bloomberg reports there is very low turnout among the two blocs as […]

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Oregon May Decriminalize ‘Hard Drugs’

The decriminalization of drugs is a major long-term trend in the US that will have a great impact on many people and society. Oregon recently made an interesting move that could set a trend for other states as according to the AP, they may move to legalize hard drugs. In what would be a first […]

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MIchael Moore Warns Again- Trump Is Ahead

If one paid attention to the media blitz in the final countdown to the election, one would think that Biden was ahead. But not so fast, for as has pointed out, this is likely not true, but a deception based on manipulated poll numbers and perceptions. Michael Moore, the famed liberal filmmaker and Democrat […]

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The Bidens Are In Serious Trouble

This past October has yielded quite the number of surprises. Robert Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, has found himself in a lot of trouble following an incident with a laptop in which confirmed evidence, unconfirmed evidence, and unconfirmed statements made by various anonymous sources have created a picture of a man that is quite […]

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Azeri Troops Close In On Major Armenian Position In Nagorno-Karabakh

The fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh seems to be reaching a crucial point as according to TRT News, Azeri troops are closing in on a major Armenian position. Azerbaijani troops appear a few kilometres away from the strategic town of Shusha in occupied Karabakh region. In a statement, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence said the clashes took […]

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Scientists Admit That CRISPR Genetic Editing May Cause Horrible Accidents

There was an old computer game I played as a child called Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. In the game, Indiana Jones confronts his age-old enemy, the National Socialists, in the quest to find Atlantis and uncover its secrets. At the end of the game, you are faced with a final challenge to […]

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The US And Russia Fight To Court The German Shepherd, But Neither Wants To Be Bitten

Russia recently declared that Germany, along with China, is going to become a superpower. The story, which you can read here and was reported on by Reuters, puts forth an interesting proposition- what is the future of the world power balance?  We know that “nothing lasts forever” in this world, for good or for bad. […]

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Prepare For The Great Christmas Slaughter

I have noted a major, major trend to follow for this year is the economic fallout from COVID-19, which will be felt strongest this Christmas due to the importance of the retail market and could absolutely destroy many businesses. Zero Hedge reported on this, saying that the disconnect between economic reality and hopes for the […]

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Azerbaijan Accuses Armenia Of Atrocities After Twenty-One Civilians Are Killed

With chaos and murder on both sides, the horrible conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues. A few days after a brutal murder of Armenians by Azeri fighters, now the BBC reports that Armenian fighters attacked and killed twenty-one Azeri civilians. Azerbaijan has accused the Armenian military of killing at least 21 civilians in a missile […]

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Man Screams ‘Allahu Akbar’ Over And Over As He Beheads Man In A Church, Stabs Two More To Death

With the trends of violence and nationalism rising again in Europe, one also has seen an increase in Islamic terrorist activities in recent times. In another example of such a case, the BBC reports that a man beheaded one person in a church and stabbed two others to death while screaming “Allahu Akbar” over and […]

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Jihad Explodes In Southern Africa As ISIS Besieges Mozambique And Her Neighbors Move To Fight

There are many things happening in the world right now, but in the southernmost regions of Africa, in the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique that borders with Zimbabwe, has heavy natural resources and as well has seen tremendous Chinese investment into her, suddenly the Islamic terrorist group ISIS has traveled to her and is waging […]

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One Quarter Of European Airports Face Fiscal Insolvency

As one who has family who worked in the transportation industry, it is a very rare thing for an airport to go bankrupt, as they are considered extensions of government power and authority. Airports do not just ‘go bankrupt’, but rather are reorganized under different funding structures so to keep them viable, because it is […]

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