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Radicalism And Revolutionary Politics Is Becoming More Widespread In Germany

By Theodore Shoebat “Men seek stranger sins or more startling obscenities as stimulants to their jaded sense.” — GK Chesterton There is indeed a horrid confusion in society about who to follow. Shall we follow the Left or the Right? Because of the destructive nature of the Left, many turn to the Right. But even […]

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German Government Tells Citizens To Brace For Four To Five Months Of Lockdowns

I have reported for a while now on the sayings of Niklas Frank, son of the former Nazi governor of Poland Hans Frank, that if Germany was to have a serious economic recession, the democracy, ‘tolerance’, and stability that the world associates with Germany would quickly turn into despotism and the nation would return to […]

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Mass Exodus From New York City Continues

One of the trends that I have noted is that for the time, major urban areas are seeing a sort of exodus. This does not mean they are disappearing, for long-term trends suggest that the opposite is taking place. Rather, what is forming are “megaregions” in the sense of mega urban centers with sprawl going […]

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Is The US Opening The Way For Turkey Into Syria?

Historically speaking, Syria has been dominated by many powers, and for about five centuries was under the control of her norther neighbor of Turkey under the Ottomans. In recent years, Syria has seen a US military presence owing to the wars in Iraq and Syria. However, as Al-Masdar news reports, an interesting change may be […]

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Is AI Approaching Human Intelligence Levels?

What is Artificial Intelligence? How does it work? Scientists cannot even understand how the process works, yet so much has been entrusted to it, from the completion of common tasks to the creation of computer scripts and major defense system maintenance. At this rate and given these trends, one can only ask, when will AI […]

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