Archive | November 15, 2020

covid 19

Will Biden Put A Nationwide Lockdown On The US Over COVID?

As Biden now moves to take power over the country, questions remain about what he will do regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The question is, as the AP asks, will Biden restore nationwide COVID lockdowns such as existed earlier in 2020? or now, it’s a question the president-elect would prefer to avoid. In the week […]

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Biden Tax Returns Show Creating Cancer “Charity,” Spending Millions On Salaries And NOTHING On Research

Trump’s tax returns revealed a lot about him. The same can also be said about Joe Biden, for according to a story from the New York Post, Biden created a cancer research “charity” and then proceeded to spend millions of dollars on salaries after collecting donations but NOTHING on research. A cancer charity started by […]

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Trump Tweets “[Biden] Won Because The Election Was Rigged”

After much tweeting, silence, and more tweeting, it appears that Trump has gone a further step by saying, as is reported by Business Insider, that “[Biden] won because the election was rigged”. President Donald Trump on Sunday for the first time seemingly admitted that he lost the 2020 presidential election in an early morning tweetstorm, over […]

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