Archive | November 20, 2020


Hundreds Of Fishermen Contract Mysterious Disease In Senegal

With the COVID pandemic spreading around the world, people are, generally speaking, more concerned than ever about the spread of illness. NDTV reports that concern has been heightened in the west African nation of Senegal, where five hundred fishermen have contracted an unknown illness. More than five hundred fishermen in Senegal have contracted a mysterious […]

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Bill Gates Declares That Most Business Travel Will Disappear

Love him or hate him, Bill Gates has become very famous in recent times for his statements on COVID and his connections to the vaccine industry as well as major international groups. But love him or hate him, think he is wise or an evil genius or just a fool, Gates made recent statements to […]

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Mnuchin Refuses To Extend Emergency Lending Programs

With the cracks showing forth in the US economy, largely exposed by the effects of COVID but not the virus itself (for the problems were already long existing in the system), the Wall Street Journal has reported that with much to the dismay of investors, businesses, and even the common man, he is refusing to […]

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