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Russian Military Vessels Harass American Fishermen In American Waters

With Russia trying to rebuild the USSR and assert herself as a major global power again, this has come with some new attempts to bolster and assert herself. However, in Russian fashion, while she is excellent (better than the Americans and Anglos) at bluffing, she is poor at lying and because of this she can […]

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Justice Alito: COVID-19 Is A ‘Constitutional Stress Test’ That The US Is Failing

Justice Samuel Alito, a man who is long-regarded as one of the ‘conservative’ justices on the Supreme Court, according to a recent interview reported by ThomsonReuters said that the current COVID-19 pandemic has been a kind of ‘constitutional stress test’ to see how the integrity of the rights guaranteed in it would be able to […]

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Small Businesses Are Dying Amid Pandemic And Lack Of Funds

The effects of COVID-19 continue to linger and are not going away. Since the economy is consumer-driven, when people cannot earn money, they can’t spend, meaning they can’t consume, meaning businesses can’t make money, meaning they can’t pay their debts, meaning the whole economy suffers. It’s a circle of pain that is directly tied to […]

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Report: Trump Contemplating 2024 Run Amid Assuming 2020 Loss

Are elections becoming like Christmas, where decorations are up for sale by Halloween? With a loyal group of followers and his chances dwindling for success in the election, there are reports according to The Hill that Trump is secretly assuming a 2020 loss and preparing for a 2024 run. President Trump has reportedly told some […]

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Another Major Law Firm Drops Support Of Trump Election Lawsuits

Politico reports that another major law firm representing Trump’s election lawsuits has withdrawn their assistance and will not represent him. Late Thursday night, Columbus-based firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur notified a federal judge hearing a Trump-filed suit over the election tallies in Pennsylvania that the firm is seeking to pull out of the case. […]

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Trump Supporters Prepare To Descend On Washington For “Million MAGA March”

As tensions rise between Democrats and Republican supporters over the election results WWJ News Radio reports that pro-Trump supporters are planning a “Million MAGA March” in support of Trump. Supporters of President Donald Trump plan to descend on Washington DC Saturday by car and bus to support their candidate in the Million MAGA March. Articia […]

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