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Viruses, Militarization, And 2021 Thoughts

As 2020 leaves and 2021 comes into full focus, many things await for this new year. There are many hopes and dreams, but also a lot of concerns about what may come to pass, given that, as a theme I have fully emphasized, nothing has really changed in terms of fundamentals but only become worse. […]

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Two-Thirds Of Americans Embrace A Veritable Telescreen

In the famous dystopian science fiction novel 1984, there is something called a ‘telescreen’, which broadcasts as well as monitors all people everywhere they go. Once thought to be only in books, and as well as a warning about the future and what could happen. However, it seems that few have paid attention, as a […]

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Round Two Of Trump Bucks Continues

Printing money as a form of economic stimulus without fixing the underlying problems latent that caused them is like a Pringles commercial. Instead of “once you pop you just don’t stop,” it becomes “once you print you just don’t stop,” and the reason is because by adding money to the system, it speeds up the […]

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Russian Orthodox Church Defrocks Major Voice Against Sodomy On Charges Of “Blasphemy”

The Russian Orthodox Church has a sodomy problem in its ranks. I have detailed this on where priests, bishops, and even entire seminaries (such as the one in Kazan) are filled with homosexuals who sodomize each other and nothing is done to stop it. But unlike the Catholic Church, where the scandal is open […]

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FAA Approves Drone Flights At Night

Drones are going to be a major trend to watch for the future, since they will fundamentally transform how people interact with each other as well as the potential for surveillance and abuse like never before seen. Noting this, it is of interest that Reuters reports that the FAA has approved that at night, drones […]

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German Military Officer Caught Disguising Himself As Terrorist Refugee, And Lesson From Trading Places

For a long time, violence from migrants to Europe has been discussed. Many of the stories from horrible things that people have experienced are true and cannot be discounted. However, as with all things, it is important to present balance, and to note that it is not all migrants, and that the migrants are seemingly […]

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Church And The Post-COVID Future

According to an article from Christianity Today, the trend for the future of churches is going to be ‘microchurches’, caused in large part by the seeming collapse of religious institutions that has been exposed by COVID, where people leave church and are not returning. For the past four years, the Greens have been active with […]

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Claim: COVID Infections Cause Insanity In Some Patients

One of the interesting aspects of COVID is that we can see its effects in real time on people to see how the virus alters short and long-term behavior. For example, it is known that people who get Lyme Disease can be cured, but it is also a well-established fact that “long-term Lyme” is real […]

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Chinese Propagandist With Ties To Steve Bannon Now Harassing Chinese Dissidents In The US And Canada

By Theodore Shoebat A Chinese propagandist (and supposedly the face of the Chinese dissident movement) Guo Wengui, has been allegedly sending his followers to go harass other Chinese dissidents on both American and Canadian soil: —Followers of Guo Wengui have been harassing Chinese dissidents in the US and Canada. —Guo Wengui is a famous Chinese […]

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Bundeswehr Declares Move To ‘Modernize’

The German military, or Bundeswehr, is in the top ten most powerful armies in the world. Likewise, Germany has owing to her vast wealth stores, heavy technology and industrial sectors, and efficiency that characterizes her history, the ability remilitarize very fast if she wanted to. She essentially has all the equipment, tools, and parts, but […]

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Oil And Gas Exploration Opens In Namibia

Right now there is a global war on for resources in oil, gas, and rare earth minerals, the first two that power the industrial machines of war, and the latter that powers the computers of war. All of this is about orientation towards a third and major global conflict, and bears a strong semblance to […]

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Boko Haram Murders Eleven Christians, Burns A Church On Christmas Eve

While people around the world were celebrating Christmas, the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram killed at least eleven Christians and burned down a church in a terrorist attack at the BBC reports from Nigeria. Several people are dead in northeast Nigeria after Boko Haram militants raided a mostly Christian village and burnt down a church […]

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