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Armenia Just Lost The War As Azerbaijan Becomes A Turkish Territory And Russian Power Looms: Prepare For The Revival Of Russian-Turkish War

By Theodore Shoebat The crescent hovers above Baku, The bear ascend above the Caucasus, The children of Yank and Dixie argue Between a casino and and a hospice. A major Russian official, Vitaly Milonov, has declared that Azerbaijan “has become not a sovereign state of Azerbaijan, but a province of Turkey”. Azerbaijan has been presented as the […]

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President Loves The Pretty Colors

Something I noticed about Biden is his similarity to George W. Bush in his responses. During the Bush years, we had “Bushisms”, or funny things that the president would say, particular those which were, while assuming all were meant well, came out sounding strange, incoherent, bizarre, or funny. Biden is just as funny as Bush […]

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Deutsche Bank Wants People To Be Taxed For Working From Home

A lot of people are working from home now, and because of that, the market “landscape” has shifted. According to a report from Deutsche Bank and discussed by MarketWatch, the banking giant, whose known legal abuses and questionable dealings are many, has declared that she wants to see governments institute a “working from home” tax. […]

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Woman Murders Her Own Babies Amid Plans To Traffick Their Organs, Says They Would Be “Worth A Lot Of Money”

There are some crimes that are very terrible, and for years has documented them especially to note possible changes in different trends. One of the trends that we have followed, especially in other countries, is organ trafficking, which takes various forms from drug dealers to Islamic terrorists to even scientists working for institutes such […]

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Claim: Kids Are Regressing By Being At Home Due To COVID-19

Children going to school for most of the day throughout most of the year is a common cultural practice in western nations. But what happens when the schooling is forced to stop or is interrupted long-term, and what are the consequences? According to a report from CBS coming out of the UK, some children are […]

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Texas First State To Exceed Million COVID Cases

There are many good things to be first in. However, in what should not be a first but will be a likely trend for other places, Texas is the first state to exceed one million COVID cases. Texas has surpassed 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, Johns Hopkins University data shows. Why it matters: Texas is […]

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