Archive | November 8, 2020


Biden Now Has To Look Down The Abyss Of The Economic State Of The Country

I said and will keep saying that based on the conditions of the economy, the loser of this election was actually the long-term winner, as it enables the other party to “pin the tail” on the “winner”, who will be blamed for the upcoming structural problems in the nation. Biden won the election, but now […]

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UK Military Commander: COVID Could Bring About A Third World War With Robots

This report was originally from the UK Sun, and while I often do not like to reference pieces from them, this one is with note, because as has pointed out, pandemics often precipitate major regional or even global conflicts in various forms. As such, it is with great interest that a UK military commander […]

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Biden Plans Storm Of Executive Orders To Undo Trump’s Actions

One of the trends warned about was the use of executive orders by Trump to accomplish his particular tasks as opposed to using the legislative process. We said this could start a dangerous precedent for the future with results that turn the presidential seat more into that of a despot. As the Washington Post […]

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