Sixty-Five People Are Dying Every Hour From COVID

There is a lot of controversy about COVID. There certainly is a real illness component to it, and there is certainly a component that is using the disease for absolutely unashamed political manipulation of the worst type in order to re-align society. Both should be included because both are real and to lack in one is to fail to provide a balanced view.

Out of concern for the public good, and as a trend that is likely not going to go away, the death toll from COVID continues to rise with USA Today reporting now that sixty-five people per hour are dying from COVID in the US.

If COVID-19 continues to surge as it has been during the Thanksgiving season, the remainder of the holidays may be just as grim — if not more so.

At least, that’s what the United States’ leading infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci told USA TODAY last week in an interview in which he cautioned that Americans should “show our love and affection for people by keeping them safe.”

The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations continues to rise, hitting a record for the 17th straight day Thursday with more than 90,400 admissions, according to the COVID Tracking Project. That record number comes despite 30 states either not filing or filing partial reports due to the holiday.

Every minute, 114 Americans are testing positive for COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Every hour, 65 Americans are dying.

In vaccine news, AstraZeneca has hit a setback after a dosing error is causing the company to to reassess the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine’s efficacy, and plan for a new global clinical trial. (source)

There is a lot happening with COVID that is not fully understood. As has reported, it has spread to minks in Denmark, requiring their mass slaughter.

As for the future, one does not know what will come of COVID. All pandemics pass away, but the effects on society of COVID most likely will not, and that is a dangerous trend to consider, since pandemics traditionally cause economic and social upheavals that lead to war and revolutions throughout history.

But for the moment, while one does not want to just “blindly obey”, one also should take safety precautions because people have gotten sick and died from this illness, and considering the mutations being reported, one does not want to risk ignoring general safety to only end up as a guinea pig in an unfortunate experiment caused by one’s one refusal to wear a mask or take other basic precautions.

For now, COVID is here to stay, but it remains to be seen if her effects will intensify or decrease, and for how long this will endure.

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