Ukrainian Extremists Arrested In Plot To Mass Poison Hungarian Minority In Ukraine

With nationalism on the rise throughout Europe, it is not just affecting immigrant communities, but “native European” ones as well that are a part of ancient cultural conflicts. has profiled this trend in South Tyrol, Transnistria, Flanders, and Catalonia among some places, and now adds an additional area- Zakarpatskaya -a region in Ukraine on the border with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary that has a large and historical Hungarian minority, and is seeing trouble after what appears to have been a plot by Ukrainian nationalists to poison the water and kill the Hungarian residents of that area that was broken up by police.

According to a Facebook page called Police Control Ukraine, a group of young people wanted to poison Beregszász’s drinking water network with cyanide. According to the website, the SZBU managed to crack their secret Telegram channel, in which they wrote that they wanted to clean up Transcarpathia from the separatists and Beregszás from the Hungarians. According to the entry, there were five of them, two of them captured, three of them looking for them. Packages containing the seized port were sent to Uzhgorod and Kiev. (source)

It is of note that the Zakarpatskaya region dates back to the late 9th century as a Hungarian settled area and remained uch for over a thousand years until the rise of the USSR. Thus it truly is, in the historic as well as ethnic and cultural sense, a part of the ancient Hungarian homeland. Now while it is true the boundaries of nations change, something as old as this is not to be crassly overlooked, just as much as, for example, Kaliningrad, original name Konigsberg, should not be forgotten as an ancient German homeland for seven centuries until the Soviet takeover of the region. It is also not like many of the Germanic minorities, which are distributed throughout Europe and not necessarily connected to their native “German” land, but is and has been a physical part of Hungary for much of its history.

Currently, Ukraine and Hungary have been locked in a series of legal battles over attempts at asserting Ukrainian identity and to the detriment of other minorities, which Ukraine intended to be Russians (in order to reduce Russian influence in the nation) but also has ended up affecting the Hungarians.

The trends in Zakarpatiya will be something to watch as the area is a flashpoint in eastern Europe and could contribute to the further balkanization of Ukraine, such as what is happening right now in Donetsk and Lugansk, that would further rip her apart and set up the conditions for war on the continent.

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